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Get All Of My Training Programs For Just $999 This Black Friday

*this sale is ONLY live for today… no extensions. if you don’t see a link on this page, the sale is over. 

Offer Includes:

  • The AI Copywriting Accelerator – the most comprehensive and in-depth AI copywriting worth $2499
  • Lead Generation Mastery – the best methods to acquire clients for your service business in 2024 worth $499
  • DR Millionaire’s Playbook – bridging the gap between ‘old school’ direct response marketing and eCom/DTC worth $1499
  • Squeeze Them Dry – an ‘esoteric’ course on how to scale your service business without adding new clients worth $1997
  • A BONUS copy of every single email I have ever sent since starting this newsletter worth $197

Why Am I Running This Sale?

From The Desk Of Zarak:

I’ll keep this brief because the offer is simple. 

In 2024, I’m changing the way I run The Copy Council. 

As a result?

I am discontinuing all of my existing info products.

That includes:

  • Lead Gen Mastery
  • The AI Copy Accelerator
  • DR Millionaire’s Playbook
  • Squeeze Them Dry

Programs worth a collective $6,000.

Why am I discontinuing them?

Because next year The Copy Council is going in a different direction.

Don’t get me wrong:

Selling these offers is cool, and the customers are super happy… 

But it’s not that fun, and the value I provide in these courses is worth a lot more than what I charge. 

(plus – the offers only make real money on the initial launch)

Back to the question though: 

Why am I running this sale? 

  1. Because all of these courses are getting discontinued
  2. It’s Black Friday
  3. I want to give everyone a last chance to get in to them before they’re gone for good

Makes sense?


PS: One last thing. 

You might think that me discontinuing these products is some sort of ‘fake scarcity’ play. 

So let me make one thing clear: 

I’m a religious man.

And I swear to God, that I will not push ANY of these info-products ever again after this flash sale. 

This sale is only going to last for 24 hours after the initial email is sent. 

If you do not get in now, you missed your chance for a lifetime. 

Purchase Today To Get Access To $6,000+ Direct Response Alpha, Including

DR Millionaire Playbook:

  • Email copywriting for info-products, with swipes, templates, and how to find the hottest converting emails… 
  • Writing impactful, attention grabbing headlines and leads that literally force your customers to take out their wallets and give you their money (for long form sales letters, VSLs, landing pages)… 
  • Bullet points & fascinations – how to write widely profitable bullet points, with 47 exact templates used by elite direct response marketers of the shadow society
  • eCom email copywriting: the campaigns, copy, strategy, and deliverability tactics to print money in your own business or for clients
  • Step by step how to write shadow society direct response emails that drive thousands of CLICKS to your offers (these emails and their structures have sold 10s of millions online, and you get it all)
  • Conversion cinematography: The real secret sauce for 9 figure VSLs and video ads. When done correctly, these strategies alone have made me an extra 1m/month 
  • Unique mechanisms – how to put a unique and novel spin on ANY product so that you can stand out from the market and acquire customers who pay you more (even if you have the exact same product as someone else who sells for less)
  • The daily money printing exercise you can use to become a GREAT copywriter in just 60 days (less than 1 hour per day)… 
  • Step by step, how to overcome any objections that a potential buyer might have and write a high converting CLOSE. Do this wrong, and you’ll destroy an entire campaign… but get it right and you’ll have a money machine better than winning the lottery.
  • Split testing 101: How to test, what to test, and how to find new test ideas from the shadow society. This is the secret sauce no one talks about, and is the real difference between making 6 figures and 8 figures and beyond. 
  • 8 figure templates for YouTube ads, Facebook ads, advertorials, Hybrid eCom ‘Direct Response’ landing pages, emails, VSLs and more!
  • The 100k/day product launch strategy for eCommerce health brands… 
  • LIVE, line by line, breakdowns of winning long form marketing campaigns that have grossed 10M+… 
  • How to write upsells that get 30%+ take rates… 
  • Where to source the shadow society’s best scaling offers so you can study and swipe them.
  • Deliverability 101: How to stop hitting the spam folder (for email marketers) and DOUBLE your email sales
  • How to acquire eCom, info, and direct response clients as a freelancer or agency owner… 
  • 9 Figure Direct Response Marketing Secrets from some of the biggest names you’ve NEVER heard of (the GHOSTS behind your favorite direct marketing campaigns that print 3M/month)…
  • Step by step, how to beat any control and turn a business from in the red to in the green, no matter if it’s an email, advertorial, VSL, landing page, upsell, video ads, or a long form letter…
  • How to effectively swipe and run front and backend split tests for MAXIMUM profit (PLUS: how to come up with new ideas that will add thousands to your bottom line) 
  • Hybrid DR/eCom 101 – landing pages, emails, and the 6 figure product launch strategy for eCom brands (WITHOUT paid ads)… 
  • Long Form Copywriting –  learn the A – Z on writing long form VSLs/TSLs in ANY niche, straight from one of the best long form writers on the planet (whose words have grossed over 65M.)
  • Upsell profit printing – discover the simple structure behind 8 figure upsells and the exact template to swipe it.

The Two-Pronged Approach To Market Research – separate yourself from the competition by making calculated decisions like a PRO marketer. This is the difference between offers that scale, and offers that flop. 

AI Copy Accelerator:

  • The Efficiency Boosting Secrets Of AI Copywriting, So You Can Work With MORE Clients While Doing LESS Work (In Under 30 Days!)
  • No More Assuming – Find Out Your Customers DEEPEST & DARKEST Pain Points With ONE Powerful Prompt
  • How To Become An EXPERT On Any Niche In Under 300 Seconds
  • The 21 Done For You Prompts To Write HIGH CONVERTING Emails At Least 87% FASTER
  • Want To Become An ‘AI Prompt’ Expert? We’ll Show You How To Create Your Own Prompts For ANY Type Of Offer
  • The 3 Levels To Writing Money-Printing Emails With AI
  • Train Yourself To Write More RELATABLE, INTRIGUING, and PERSUASIVE Copy
  • WHY you shouldn’t fear AI: and how you can use it to grow your client base without increasing your expenses… 
  • HOW To Master Any Niche, Market or Product in Just 5 MINUTES
  • Copywriters going out of business? NOPE! Find out how AI allows my copywriter to make $10,000+ per MONTH 
  • HOW to use AI to become a better copywriter, and make more money for yourself and your clients…
  • The Truth About AI: Can it turn a novice copywriter into an A+ copywriter? We think YES! 
  • 3 Methods To Write Emails Using AI – From The Easiest To The Most Difficult 
  • How To Generate Ideas For Campaigns Using AI 
  • 21 Done-For-You Prompts To Write High Converting Emails FAST
  • How To Write Design Heavy eCom Style Emails With AI
  • The Best Format For Writing High Converting Plain Text Email Copy
  • How To Use AI Storytelling To Pull On Your Customers Heartstrings
  • All The Prompts You Need To Research Your Target Market In Under 5 Minutes
  • How To Write Subject Lines USING AI
  • 8 Figure AI Advertorial Mastery
  • The eCom Landing Page With AI
  • How To Use AI To Churn Out Social Media Content

Squeeze Them Dry:

  • Discover the secret to doubling your revenue WITHOUT doing more work
  • Have the freedom to wake up when you want… instead of living life based on client’s schedules
  • Unveil the surprisingly simple, yet astonishingly effective, method to keep your customers happy while earning more
  • Jet off to places like Marbella, Dubai, and California… while continuing to grow your business (because you don’t have to rely on NEW clients to constantly boost revenue)
  • Say goodbye to the constant hustle for new clients – Discover secrets to boosting your revenue WITHOUT adding to your client list
  • Find time for hobbies, and vacations GUILT-FREE… knowing that your team is able to handle the small amount of client requests and communication coming through on a weekly basis 
  • Say goodbye to the fear of losing clients and learn how to create a balanced, thriving client relationship that’s beneficial for both parties
  • Unveil the surprisingly simple, yet astonishingly effective, method to keep your customers happy while earning more.
  • Ever wondered how to extract more from your existing client base? We’ve got a step-by-step guide just for you.
  • Why being good to your customers can earn you MORE money TODAY! Our approach will flip your worldview upside down.
  • Why attracting new clients isn’t always the key to wealth… and what you should focus on instead.
  • Discover a sneaky trick to re-engage with old leads and convert them into paying customers!
  • How a ‘good enough’ service can turn into an income goldmine with the right strategy.
  • Why you should treat your clients like hot girls you’re trying to date 
  • Create a loyal, cult-like group of service clients who will never leave you, and love working with you 
  • 6 ways to get paid MORE by your clients while doing the SAME or LESS work
  • The BIG problem with modern day marketing agencies – and the solution that’s been right under your nose the entire time (simple)
  • Why “Squeezing Them Dry” ISN’T greedy, and 2 more limiting beliefs that are holding you back from running a successful marketing agency
  • A realistic path to making 50 – 100% MORE revenue each month without bringing ANY new clients onboard

Lead Generation Mastery:

  • Discover the proven method to sign three new clients for your service business in just 30 days without lifting a finger 
  • Learn how I closed the ‘eCom brand of the year’… by mailing a physical item to their headquarters (and how you can replicate the same thing at scale)
  • Get insider access to the tools and techniques used by top-performing agencies to automate their lead generation process
  • Experience the excitement of knowing that you can FINALLY take full control of your scale 
  • Overcome the challenges of a crowded market and stand out from the competition using fully automated VIDEO outreach 
  • How you could yield a 7100% return on your investment TODAY – if you follow my advice 
  • CRACK the code to predictable scale by using the email -> Instagram -> physical gift framework to generate leads on demand
  • Apply the lead gen mastery protocol to ANY business – SaaS, eCom, marketing agencies… even LOCAL businesses
  • Make technical implementation a BREEZE – you’ll learn step by step how to set up a cold outbound campaign that does the work FOR YOU, so you can sit back and relax while leads FLOOD your calendar 
  • Copy and paste our top performing email scripts for the FIVE main objections to your cold emails
  • The groundwork – choosing niche, offer, and outreach method. 
  • How to create an irresistible offer that will attract high-quality leads.
  • The different outreach channels available to you and which ones are best for your business.
  • How to craft effective cold email scripts, set up domains and automated outreach, connect your email accounts, warm up your accounts, and more
  • Setting up your calendar to ensure you’re managing your time effectively.
  • Example cold email scripts so you understand what works and what doesn’t.
  • Learn how to use Loom to automate highly personalized videos at SCALE. 
  • Discover how to effectively manage your inbox and handle different responses from prospects.
  • Use data analysis to optimize your lead generation efforts and generate even more leads.
  • Master Instagram outreach
  • Follow the Gift SOP and discover how to generate leads through more ‘traditional’ outreach methods.

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