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The Lazy Marketer Presents:

  • Discover the ultimate twist on the Conduit Method, where you not only intercept buyers – but also capture them for their full lifecycle
  • Discover 25 of the most ideal ‘Lifetime Buyer’ markets (and hundreds of sub-niches), as well as the smartest way to exploit untapped gaps & monetization strategies in each market.
  • Discover how to build your initial traffic base + capture an engaged, lifetime audience across every major channel (not just Google)
  • Discover advanced affiliate revenue strategies – including how to double your revenue without driving more traffic (or even additional referrals!)
  • Get an in-depth, insider tour of a Lifetime Buyer Conduit Site that generates over $900K+ a MONTHdirectly from the founder who built it

This Also Includes a Live Mastermind Session: Get access to an exclusive mastermind + Q&A session that covers everything in depth, and gives you a chance to get clarification on anything or just brainstorm with us!

Let’s take a look at what’s inside each Module, in detail…

What You Get:

Module #1: The Buyer Tribes Business Model

  • Why this is the ultimate twist on the Conduit Method: You can still start out by intercepting buyers on the verge of a purchase decision… but instead of losing them forever (after the sale), this is how you can capture these buyers for life
  • Discover profitable, “conduit-friendly” markets where your audience will always be interested in buying stuff – for years and even decades.
  • Understand the 3 main differences between a “regular” market vs. a niche filled with lifetime buyers.
  • Learn how to capture your visitors, turn them from passive browsers into raving fans, and keep them incentivized to buy from your site, over and over again. (Even if you have NO products and only promote affiliate offers)
  • Understand the inner workings of a Buyer Tribe business as we dig into several real-life examples – including how they started, how they get traffic, how they capture their audience, and how they monetize the same people month after month!

Module #2: Finding Lifetime Buyer Niches

  • Learn the 3 easiest ways to find lifetime buyer niches – they’re basically hiding in plain sight!
  • Dig into the 191-page mega-report that completely unmasks 25 of the most ideal Lifetime Buyer Markets (and, subsequently hundreds of their sub-niches).
  • For each market, we uncover:– The Market Snapshot: Understand the size & growth rate of the wider market.
    – Key Brands & Product Categories: We review the current market leaders & main types of products / niches.
    – The Audience: We profile the main customer segments, and highlight key communities.
    – Competitive Landscape: We pull apart 2-3 active affiliate publishers in the space, examining their traffic sources & revenue strategy
    – Monetization Options: We examine the key affiliate offers & revenue drivers across the publisher space in each market.
    – Strategic Gaps: We highlight several under-utilized opportunities in each market that other publishers are largely ignoring. (This is where the fortunes are made!)

Just a few examples include…

– A hidden “career angle” in a $22.9 billion consumer market that opens up a whole new world of super profitable offers. While everyone else is skimping by on 4% Amazon commissions, you can be cleaning up, earning $X00+ per sale from the exact same audience… (on page 10)

– A $48 billion luxury market that’s way bigger than most people realize, and chock full of buyers (the primary marketplace website has 5M monthly users!). Imagine earning commissions on sale prices anywhere from $5,000 – $200,000+… and these are collectors who typically buy new items at least once a year… (on page 91)

– A $23 billion recreational market that consists of every kind of purchase level, from $5 accessories to 6-figure equipment. But we think the smart play is to capture the endless traffic this market offers, and then focus on big-ticket rentals that pay a 20% commission on 4-figure AOVs. (Page 24)

And that’s truly just scratching the surface…

Module #3: Growing a Buyer Tribe

  • Discover how to build your initial traffic base + capture an engaged, lifetime audience across every major channel, including…
  • The SEO Foundation: Understand the key to generating profitable buyer traffic right from day one, and then scaling a smart content strategy around it to ramp volume.
  • The Meta Ecosystem (FB & IG): Understand how to exploit Zuckerberg’s empire, capitalizing on exactly how the organic algos work, how to start from zero, and the smart way to capture that traffic into your own assets.
  • Twitter / X: It doesn’t work for every market, but when it makes sense, Twitter can be an absolute powerhouse of traffic & virality. Discover the best way to build a following fast (from zero), while attracting your ideal audience.
  • Reddit: A special touch is definitely required, but once you understand how Reddit works, the organic reach into virtually any market is incredible – and the amount of traffic on tap is truly astounding. Discover our 3 best traffic strategies for tapping the internet’s ultimate traffic firehose (and surviving the process!)
  • YouTube (and to an extent, TikTok): Understand how to crack the #2 search engine, and discover why video is such a powerful channel to tap.
  • Mastering the Flywheel: Last, discover how to amplify these channels together with your own (website, email) to literally multiply your growth. A simple adjustment to the way you promote new content could see your social audiences grow 3-4X faster, with virtually no additional effort!

And much more…

Module #4: Advanced Revenue Strategies

  • Understand why “10X” thinking is usually misguided – and discover how multiplying revenues actually happens in the real world (and why it’s actually easier!)
  • Discover the ultimate revenue strategy for affiliates in particular, far and above anything else
  • Explore 3 practical, real-life examples of how to transform an otherwise “normal” website into a virtual ATM Machine through a few simple, straightforward strategies.
  • Discover the tools the pros use behind the scenes to create & automate these strategies with minimal cost & setup
  • Understand the reality of offering direct sponsorship to advertisers, how to sell it, and how to structure it the smart way (earning way more as a result!)
  • Explore how fortunes are made with Co-Branding & White Label offers, and when each approach makes the most sense.
  • Discover a massive affiliate revenue unlock that the big dogs use all the time to as much as double their incomes – just by adjusting their referral agreements with a clever, win-win twist!
  • And lastly, once you’re established, discover the ultimate growth & revenue strategy: Acquisitions & arbitrage. This is definitely not for newcomers, but this quick primer will paint a realistic picture of what’s involved, and how to get started when the time is right.

Strategy Session: Live Brainstorm & Consultation

  • Unlike our previous Masterclasses where we just do a live AMA, this time we’re doing something much more interactive…
  • In a few weeks (TBA), we’ll do live brainstorming sessions for each of these modules.
  • You’re welcome to attend, and collaborate in real time as we investigate, brainstorm and map out strategies in real time for each module above. And of course, there will still be a no-holds-barred Q&A period as well
  • If you can’t attend – no worries – we’ll record the sessions and make it all available afterwards.

Exclusive Interview: 8-Figure Affiliate Site Founder Shares All!

  • Join me and my good friend, as we discuss how he built a media brand from scratch, starting with just the Conduit Method as a primary strategy, and then expanding into a full-fledged media company with dozens of full time writers, journalists, publicists, etc.
  • Discover how he expertly taps into an otherwise “low value”, high-volume consumer market that aligns perfectly with a super profitable (but incredibly boring) product, earning as much as $1,000+ PER LEAD.
  • Furthermore, we discuss how to actually create a lifetime audience of avid fans who will begin to see your content as a “habit”, and why this is the key to escaping reliance on Google.

Bottom line: If nothing else, being able to deep-dive a real life, 8-figure affiliate business directly with the founder for more than an hour is worth WAY more than the small investment into this Masterclass…

Catching the Right Wave Can Change Everything…

If they’re honest (and if they’ve had enough to drink), most successful people will admit that while hard work & persistence are certainly a factor in their story…

…usually there was a pivotal moment that acted as a catalyst, forever changing their trajectory – setting everything else into motion.

Maybe it was building hundreds of AdSense scraper sites back in the early 2000’s.

Maybe it was being one of the first app developers on Shopify.

Maybe it was buying $500 worth of Bitcoin on a whim back in 2011 (now worth $83M).

Years ago, my “moment” was a random marketing experiment. I created a really basic shareware tool that promoted a related product, and uploaded it to, which took all of 20 minutes.

I completely forgot about it until weeks later, when my web host notified me about hitting my traffic limits. Curious, I logged into my affiliate dashboard… and my jaw dropped.

That stupid, 20-minute experiment ended up driving millions of downloads, and generated about $80K in affiliate revenue over the weeks to follow. This was the catalyst, and I doubled-down on the strategy… ultimately earning millions over the next few years as a result.

This then provided the foundation for going on to build real brands & businesses for nearly two decades now.

But I often wonder… what if I didn’t run that 20-minute experiment? What if I didn’t catch that initial wave?

Who knows.

What I do know is that my story isn’t the exception. Almost everyone I’ve met who’s “made it big” with something has had a similar catalyst or key decision that forever changed their trajectory.

For some – like me – it was basically random. But for others it was intentional; a calculated risk that paid off in spades.

As an entrepreneur, catching the right wave – even just once – can change everything. But you need to know where the waves are gonna be… and where to be positioned.

And that’s exactly what this Masterclass lays out in detail.

And there’s no reason this can’t be your wave to catch…

I hope to see you on the inside 😉

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