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About TimTalk 2.0 course?

“First TikTok video has 300k views in 6 hours”

Meet Dr. Salomon, he just started a TikTok account and got 300k views on the first video. Look how happy he is texting me.

“Made $11k from 1M views after implementing a funnel”

Meet ECOM WOLF, who jumped from making $1k to $11k from 1m views right after implementing one of the sales funnels.

“1.2m views after using one of your hooks”

Meet Chuk, who used to get 50 views on average, but, thanks to just one hook, got 1.2m views.

“One video made 300k views on my TikTok”

Meet another student who got his first viral video after watching the first two modules of the course.

What’s inside?

Proven frameworks and lifehacks I used to scale multiple TikTok accounts to 100k followers

Full course structure:

Module #1 TikTok Algorithm Explanation 🚨 

You can’t grow on the platform if you don’t understand it. Inside this module, I’m sharing proven tricks to get more views on TikTok.

Module #2 Your first 10,000 followers 🏁

Step-by-step framework on how to get your first views and followers.

Module #3 Perfect TikTok video structure 📹

It’s time to learn how to produce better content! Here we talk about tools, lightning, the shooting process, and more.

Module #4 Make your first $1000 💸

To make money on TikTok, you must set up a proper sales funnel. The main topic of this module is monetization – how to convert your viewers into buyers.

Module #5 TikTok vs. Reels📱

IG Reels and YouTube Shorts are the platforms you should reuse your content on, but there are a few differences you must know. We cover them all inside of this section!

Module #6 10-100k followers roadmap 📈

How to scale above 10k followers? What systems do you need to set up? Etc. I revealed our agency’s secret formula, which we used for Sephora and 80+ other brands.

And when you purchase today…

You’ll unlock 3 FREE bonuses!

140+ Viral TikTok Hooks ($99 of value)

We’ve gathered over 140 Viral TikTok Hooks for 8+ different niches (and of course general hooks too)

5 selling TikTok Scripts ($970 of value)

Use our five top-performing scripts to maximize your revenue from 1m views.

Notion Database ($240 of value)

All my PDFs and video lessons are in one place. This Notion doc only can be a course itself.

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