Video Creation By Using Artificial Intelligence


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About the course

You will learn how to create videos that will that capture attention from the first seconds and leave an unforgettable impression.
We’ll teach you how to use the latest innovations in the world of artificial intelligence to create videos that stand out from the crowd.
You will can create realistic deepfakes and stylized videos.

This course will do

*The course does not require any special knowledge or skills, it is available to any person with minimal computer knowledge.
The main thing is to have a Google account 🙂


learn how to use artificial intelligence (AI) to create personalized videos that better match the interests and needs of the target audience.


will learn how to create more complex and impressive animations and visual effects using artificial intelligence (AI). This can include creating realistic object movements, special effects, and more.


will learn how to use artificial intelligence to create personalized animations that can be tailored to specific users or audiences.

To bloggers

learn how to use artificial intelligence to create more interactive and engaging videos, this helps attract more subscribers and viewers.

Video makers

learn to create creative animated videos using artificial intelligence (AI).

For beginners in AI

learn how to process videos and images using neural networks. This can include enhancing image quality, changing styles and filters, and creating special effects.

Course program

The course includes 5 video lectures + 5 text files of lectures + access to a closed telegram channel for discussion and questions

Languages of courses: English, Ukrainian, Russian

Lesson 1

Google colab, Warpfussion and artificial intelligence models

In the first lesson, we will get acquainted with the Google Colab environment, thanks to which we will be able to generate video clips on any computer and on any operating system.We will also install and configure Warpfussion, the shell that makes such great videos.

Lesson 2

In-depth study of Warpfussion, analysis of settings, intricacies of prompts. Video generation

In the second lesson, we will generate a full-fledged clip, analyze the settings of Warpfussion, learn the intricacies of prompts (for example, how to make a video of two different characters).

Lesson 3

Introduction to LoRa. Creating characters with the appearance of other people

In the third lesson, we will learn how to make videos with the appearance of other people, popular movie stars, politicians, models. We will explore LoRa, extensions to neural network models that can be used to do subtle video stylization.

Lesson 4

Neural network training. Creating your own styles and characters (LoRa)

In the fourth lesson, we will learn how to train a neural network to create our own styles and characters.

Lesson 5

Different characters in one video

In this tutorial we will create several characters following one after another (just like in my videos)

Videos which you will learn to make:

We do not use any mobile applications in our work. All generation is based on AI stable diffusion models. The videos you learn to make can be any length and size. They will not be time limited. You can set any style for your videos (based on your prompts and AI models). You will be able to apply the appearance of various characters for your videos (celebrities, actors, singers, politicians, etc.).
You can also teach the AI your own portraits and styles.

About the author

The teacher of the course is Yury Yeltsov

3D illustrator, animator and AI artist with more than 15 years of experience in these fields.

In recent years, he specializes in creating viral videos with movie stars, famous DJs, presidents and politicians 🙂

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