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This program is a must if you aspire to be a great healer for the benefit of humanity, yourself and your loved ones.

In this Masterclass Sri Avinash will introduce you to his unique and life-changing healing method. He will take you through a journey to becoming a great healer with the essential healing tools and understanding needed to heal yourself and heal the world.

This healer training will take you beyond the theories and techniques of healing. Using his inner power and divine gift, Master Sri Avinash will directly infuse into you the source of all healing power to awaken the innate ancient healer in you.


Master Sri Avinash lays the foundations for all healing work with a firm understanding of how our being is composed of energy and how we can use this energy to heal ourselves and others.

1.1 The origin of healing energy

1.2 How does energy healing actually work

From healing with divine energies to the Gaze of Perfection to the secrets of chakra healing—all of Master Sri Avinash’s most treasured healing techniques are revealed here in depth.

2.1 How to heal using Divine Love

2.2 How to heal using Divine Light

2.3 How to heal using Divine Peace

2.4 How to heal using Chi energy

2.5 The art of infusing divine energies

2.6 The Gaze of Perfection healing method

2.7 When to heal with open eyes and closed eyes

2.8 The secrets to chakra healing – Part 1

2.9 The secrets to chakra healing – Part 2

2.10 Using the power of intention to heal

2.11 How and why to use a crystal to perform healing

2.12 Q&A – What is the best way to progress through this Masterclass?

2.13 Q&A – Should I see or feel the energy when healing?

Take your healing to mastery level with the essential healing techniques that Master Sri Avinash uses to do his miraculous and life-changing healing.

3.1 Individual healing—how to do it right

3.2 Group healing—how to successfully heal a large crowd

3.3 Distance healing—heal anyone, anywhere

3.4 Q&A – Is it okay to heal your family without their knowledge?

Ever dreamed of removing a lifetime of physical pains within minutes? This is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to successfully heal all sorts of physical conditions the way the Master does.

4.1 The best approach for healing physical conditions

4.2 Healing for the nervous system

4.3 Healing for lower back pain and bulging discs

4.4 Healing for neck pain

4.5 Healing for cancer

Imagine you had access to all the knowledge gained by the Master over his years of experience. Look no further! He shares his priceless trade secrets to accelerate your Healer journey right here.

5.1 How much human anatomy and physiology you actually need to know

5.2 The importance of conserving energy so you don’t burn out

5.3 The risk of being too creative when healing

5.4 The way to absorb the Master’s power and wisdom

Through in-depth guidance and demonstration that you can actually feel, learn how a Master restores peace and happiness to heal mental conditions.

6.1 The best approach for healing mental conditions

6.2 Healing for depression

6.3 Healing for anxiety

6.4 Q&A – What are the best energies to heal emotional and psychological trauma?

For those times when you need to effect some major changes to heal another, these insights on the best techniques to get the job done will be invaluable.

7.1 The best approach and techniques for energetic surgeries

Imagine seeing the person in front of you totally light and free, their spirit bright and soaring. You can do this! Learn how to remove lifetimes of pain and trauma through deep soul healing.

8.1 Healing for the soul—the Master’s method

Learn how to cultivate a powerful connection to the Source as well as to all great Masters of the past and present to take your healing to the next level. 

9.1 Cultivating a connection with the Source to support your healing

9.2 The art of invoking the Source for successful healing

9.3 Invoking great Masters of the past and present to take your healing to the next level

These rare and precious transmissions are designed specifically for healers to give them a divine boost to heal others and themselves.

10.1 Awakening the Great Ancient Healer Transmission

10.2 The Ultimate Deep Cleanse and Recharge Transmission for Healers

What does it take to make you a great healer? And what is holding you back from achieving your full healing potential? All this and more is illuminated to inspire you to achieve your healing dreams.

11.2 The ultimate mindset of a great healer

11.2 Why your healing is not working

11.4 Q&A – How can I truly gain confidence as a healer?

11.5 Q&A – How do I train the ‘faith muscle’?

You need healing too! Learn some of the best self-healing techniques to deeply cleanse and replenish your being after healing.

12.1 The importance of meditation and self-cleansing

12.2 Self-healing techniques

12.3 Correct breathing for healing

12.4 The Sri Avinash Chakra Healing Method

12.5 Q&A – How do I heal myself? Do I imagine myself in front of me?

Your health and longevity as a healer are so important. Avoid some of the common mistakes people make when healing with these tips straight from the Master’s wealth of experience.

13.1 How to avoid physical injuries when you heal others

13.2 How to avoid burnout and getting sick as a healer

14. Why You Need To Stay Fit and Healthy as a Healer

Did you know that how fit you are directly impacts your ability to heal and your longevity as a healer? Learn more in this chapter about how to keep yourself in top condition to heal for decades.

14.1 Your lifestyle can make or break you as a healer

14.2 The importance of connecting with nature and grounding for all healers

From handling clients to knowing your local laws and regulations, there is so much that you can learn here to ensure your healing career soars forward trouble-free.

15.1 How to get started as a healer

15.2 The need to collect testimonials

15.3 How to handle clients

15.4 Local laws, regulations and insurance—what you need to do to cover yourself

15.5 Q&A – Should my healing sessions be by donation or for a set fee?


What makes this program unique, besides being guided by a true Master Healer, is the practical and direct approach to learning the method of healing, cutting through the unnecessary tons of theories that may not be beneficial.

Master Sri Avinash will teach through demonstration, transmitting to you the actual experience of these divine healing qualities so that you can know experientially what this healing power is and what it can potentially achieve.

You will be infused with divine love, divine light, divine peace and chi (life-force energy). Master Sri Avinash will also infuse into your being the spirit of great healers and spiritual Masters to give you inner strength and faith in your healing ability, and massively accelerate your journey forward towards fulfilling your dream to become a great healer.

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