Monkflow – The #1 eCom Email Calendar Kit (2023) + Email Bible Bundle


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The #1 eCom Email Calendar Kit (2023)

Skip all the hard work – get the ready-made plug & play 2023 campaign calendar for eCommerce stores.

  • 180+ copy & paste email examples
  • 14 additional resources for sending tips
  • Built specifically for eCommerce stores

With this email checklist that $100M+ brands use, you will:

  • drastically boost your store’s profitability
  • be able to spend more on ads and grow faster
  • become the 1% store in your exact niche

We’ve sent over 600m emails.

Tested over 200+ different setups.

Generated more than $25m+ in revenue from email.

Now, we’ve put all of our knowledge into this checklist…

… so you won’t have to test anymore.

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