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Tired of not knowing how to master Instagram?

Sick of algorithm changes, slow growth, low engagement, and struggling to create content that sells you or your business?

And are you over watching other profile’s audience count skyrocket past yours, without knowing why you can’t do the same?

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone…

Creating a fan-base, business, or the life of an influencer using Instagram is HARD. And with around one billion people accounts on the app at current count, it’s not getting any easier to stand out, succeed, or sell on the platform.

But what if you could be handed the “Keys To The Kingdom”, so to speak? What if you could have someone who has built an insanely engaged audience on Instagram and turned it into a $225,000+ per year business share all their secrets with you? What if “making it” on Instagram became a whole lot easier?

Well, “what-ifs” are about to become a thing of the past.


Hi, my name is Sorelle Amore.

I’m a YouTuber, entrepreneur, creator, and artist. But what’s most relevant to this course is that over the last few years, I’ve built a loyal audience of highly engaged people on Instagram. People who are deeply invested in who I am, what I do, and what I have to say.

Sure, there are a ton of people on the platform who have a bigger audience than me, but a valuable IG account isn’t measured just by audience numbers – despite what some people would have you believe. It’s all about engagement, which is a metric that shows what percentage of your audience finds your content desirable.

High engagement is KING (or Queen) when it comes to creating an Instagram account that dominates the algorithm and the newsfeed, and is one of the critical things you need to lock down if you ever want to truly succeed on the platform.

And when it comes to stellar engagement, most of the “gurus” and celebrities out there can’t even begin to come close to what I’ve achieved on Instagram.

Regardless of whether it’s Kim Kardashian, Gary Vee, Kylie Jenner, Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey, Justin Bieber, Tony Robbins, or just about any other celebrity or business figure on the planet you can think of, chances are my engagement is much higher. In most cases, many times higher.

Whereas the average level of engagement on an Instagram account today only hovers around the 2.5% mark, my content is engaged at on average by 11% of my audience – more than 4x the average of the platform, and at least more than double that of almost every celebrity and business leader on Earth.

None of this is by accident. It’s all because I’ve mastered the art of impeccable content, intentional messaging, and an invincible strategy to creating a powerful business and brand using Instagram.

All of this (and much more) is what you’re going to learn in the #Blessed Instagram University.



In 44 detailed video modules, you’ll learn every tactic, secret, and philosophy I’ve used to create a business empire on Instagram. Including:

  • Setting up for success: Everything you need to know before embarking on a successful Instagram campaign. Covering the most effective ways to set up a beautiful profile, all the way to ensuring your audience gets an accurate representation of you from the moment they lay eyes on you for the first time.
  • Your identity: So who are you, exactly? Creating a well-crafted message and figuring out your brand is essential to success. I’ll show you exactly how to get this right to ensure everything you put out is polished and perfect.
  • Compelling content: Without enthralling content, your days on Instagram are numbered. Using my guidelines in the course, you’ll understand what types of content will bring the best chance of success, regardless of your industry or who you are.
  • Hacking the algorithm: When is the best time to post? How many hashtags should you use? What kinds of content work better than others? You’ll learn exactly how to make the Instagram algorithm work for you, instead of being at its mercy.
  • Attracting an audience: Big numbers on Instagram are good, but the right audience who loves you is better. I’ll share all my secrets to bringing in a dedicated fan-base, without all the fuss.
  • The Instagram bank: Wanna turn your Instagram into a business? Or monetise your existing audience? I’ll show you how I made almost a quarter-million dollars via IG in the last 12 months, and the best channels for bringing in revenue using the platform in the best ways possible.
  • DO’s and DONT’s: From hashtag spam, and well-known “hacks” for gaming the system, I’ll show you what actually works, and what will send you to an early Instagram grave.

And MUCH more…


Thinking about taking the dive into mastering Instagram with the #Blessed Instagram University? Here’s just a tiny taste of the kinds of people this has been designed for:

  • Business owners using a person as the face of the business who want to increase their exposure and boost sales using social media
  • Freelancers or other online creatives who use Instagram as a promotional tool
  • Digital nomads and internet entrepreneurs who use Instagram as a means for sales, or growing their enterprise
  • Aspiring influencers who want to grow a large and dedicated Instagram audience
  • Photographers and videographers wanting to maximise the reach of their creative content on the world’s #1 visual media platform
  • Models, musicians, actors, artists, designers, and existing influencers who heavily rely on Instagram as a means for exposure and to attract paid work
  • People who want to travel for a living, and use Instagram as a tool to connect with hotels, airlines, and companies related to this industry
  • Those who want to build a large audience and earn an income with brand deals, sponsorships, or paid partnerships
  • Individuals who want to earn an income as quickly and effectively as possible on Instagram
  • Absolutely ANYONE who is using Instagram for personal, or professional promotion

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