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F* The Algorithm! The workshop will show you why the industry’s most tired tactics aren’t growing your brand and how to create a sustainable strategy that supports your real business goals to drive a more powerful return on your investment!


Who You Are

A founder or marketer that *knows* there’s a more strategic and sustainable way to scale your brand online, and you’re ready to work smarter, not harder.

What You’ll Get

The very best (and last!) content and social media framework your brand will ever need: our proprietary system that’s delivered a 100% success rate.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to grow your brand faster by spending less time on social media marketing
  • How to protect your time and money from social media that doesn’t perform (and marketers that fail to deliver)
  • How to drive powerful growth with content that supports your unique business goals & differentiates you from the masses
  • How to delegate your social media marketing successfully today (or whenever you’re ready)

Katie Wight – F* The Algorithm Workshop Course Syllabus

The S3 Social System™

A time-tested proprietary formula for your most sustainable and powerful social media strategy EVER. The industry’s ONLY approach that aligns your content pillars to real business goals for a greater and more efficient return on investment!

Algorithm-Proof Growth Roadmap Used by the World’s Top Brands

Reclaim your power and ROI with this easy, straightforward guide to sustainable growth (that has a 100% success rate across hundreds of clients)!

World’s GREATEST Social Strategy Template

Pull together your strategy, growth roadmap, & measurement model with this tweaked-to-perfection playbook that’ll drive maximum efficiency, accelerated growth, and the smoothest collaboration up, down, and across your organization.

3 Secrets For Growing Faster by Spending Less Time on Social

These 3 shifts will have an immediate impact on your ROI, and you’ll know exactly how to drive powerful performance & build a happy community with less effort for years to come!

Measurement Model For Proven Performance

Easily measure success with our proprietary measurement tool that shows you — in just 15 minutes per month — what’s working and how to optimize what’s not.

Katie Wight – F* The Algorithm Workshop Exclusive Bonuses:

Q&A w/Founder Katie & Lead Social Strategists

Exclusive access to a live Q&A recording w/Strong Brand Social’s founder & creator of the S3 System.™Watch as she delivers personalized feedback for a wide variety of businesses and answers the most common questions that come up.

Instant, Lifetime Access to the Workshop

Watch (or listen!) on demand & share with your team so you’re all on the same page. Replay & resort back to the most powerful marketing workshop you will watch all year!

Private Podcast Link

Summer is busy. Like, really busy. We get it. That’s why we’re sharing an exclusive audio-only version of the workshop – listen in the car while you’re on the go, or at double speed while on a walk, working in the garden, or lounging in the pool. Literally, whenever fits your schedule best.


The original Strong Brand Social course taken by 15,000+ big-hearted brands, from pre-revenue startups to Fortune 500s to catapult quick, measurable brand growth.

Katie Wight – Strong Brand Social Express Course Syllabus

The Three Types of Content

If you want to guarantee long-term success – and learn exactly how to prioritize in the short-term – these are the three types of content you absolutely need to plan for.

The Nine Critical Elements of Success

Achieve world-class growth rates with the right audiences – with tons of examples so that you can stop guessing, for good!

The SBS Channel Guide

How to create a channel-specific strategy that gets the right message in the right place without wasting resources.

100 Creative Content Prompts For Product Businesses

Use these to grow, engage, and sell while saving HOURS of guesswork.

My Secret Social Weapon

The #1 overlooked lever for exceptional social media that drives invaluable community engagement and how to use it to create a community that sells for you.

The Paid Social Roadmap

What to expect from paid social for product businesses:

  • Exactly how I use social to drive crazy amounts of traffic
  • The two things I always do to grow an Instagram account faster
  • How to build a paid social budget that aligns with your business goals so that you can go forth and dominate

Secret Traffic-Driving Principle

This one thing drives better-than-benchmark click through rates on my social ads 100% of the time (the industry benchmark is 1% and our 2020 client average was 7.69%).

The Measurement Model

My agency’s dynamic, proprietary tool that will show you “if it’s working” and what success looks like on Instagram, Facebook, blog and paid social.

The New Boost

What I do INSTEAD of “Boosting” and how it’s increased engagement by 300-500% across all of my clients’ accounts – make this adjustment today to quit the frustration that comes from nobody seeing your content.

Katie Wight – Strong Brand Social Express Exclusive Bonuses:

The Zero Waste Social System Master Class

Exclusive access to Katie’s master class on how to use content pillars the right way to drive measurable growth, increase brand equity, and feel freaking awesome about all the time and energy you’re saving!

iOS Updates & Implications

The “Cliffs Notes” version of WTH happened, why the changes were made, how they affect you, and what you can do to adapt. Plus lots of campaign examples that work in this new landscape!

How to Optimize Your Blog Posts for More Organic Traffic

Learn how to diversify your traffic sources and efficiently boost organic website traffic with these 5 easy insider tips.

Non Profit and End-of-Year Giving Interview

Bonus interview with the gifted fundraising and marketing devotee, Jamie Ong-Goldring! Tune in as we examine how fundraising strategy intersects with modern marketing:

  • How to curate the donor journey to meet donors where they are
  • Messaging cadence and personalization
  • The effectiveness of Giving Days
  • And more!

Your Instructor

Katie Wight

Social media marketing’s voice of reason. Katie has designed thousands of high-performance digital strategies that leave space for joy in the journey of brand growth.


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