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How do you create information products that instantly separate you from the competition?

Almost everyone wants to put together an info-product that’s extremely exciting, so why are so many books, videos and presentations putting us soundly to sleep?

Information itself can be extremely boring. It’s just a compilation of things stacked up together. Sure you can put in some nice layouts, great fonts, maybe even insert a ton of lah-dee-dah. But ultimately, the information is just bits and bobs put together. These bits and bobs don’t make for an utterly memorable info-product, do they? Every great product depends on a system.

Without a system in place, an information product can go round and round the mulberry bush, driving you—and your clients absolutely bonkers

First, let’s consider your situation. You sit there faced with this huge amount of information. All the information you’ve accumulated over the years piles up in your head. And it’s normal to feel that you somehow need to get all that into your info-product. Then you spin around madly trying to fashion it somehow into a polished product. You’re not sure which parts to keep, which parts to slash. As a result, you either front-load the product with too much, or put in too little.

And we haven’t reached the second part yet—the part where the client must read that mountain of information. Heh, heh, no wonder it feels so draining to put an info-product together.

Introducing The Info-Products Home Study Course

An info-product is not just information put together, it’s actually a very precise assembly of elements, which when put together, make clients love your product. Learn what makes products boring—and the system of how to avoid falling into the same trap. Create products that customers adore and keep coming back for more.

The course is based on the very same elements:

1) What makes a boring information product?
2) What makes an entertaining information product?

In this course, you learn why many information products seem to start out with a lot of promise but then lose steam. You will also learn how you can methodically construct an information product that allows the client to slip-slide through the content.

Most importantly, you’ll get the precise framework to master how to create the boundaries for your information product. That way you won’t have too little or too much information. You get to validate for yourself—yes, a litmus test of sorts that tells you exactly where to start, where to go, and oui, where to stop. The key is to create info-products that clients will use, profit from and come back time and time again.

Here’s why this course is so important today—more than ever before

Just fifteen years ago, you could easily slip under the radar and run a business without writing a book, creating a video or audio. And presentations? Who needed them? Today’s world is completely different. The noise factor is so high that unless you are able to powerfully get your point across, you’re likely to be drowned in the chatter. Furthermore, the knowledge you get within this course isn’t just restricted to a book or ebook.

The great thing about this course is the knowledge obtained can be used across different media. Whether you’re called upon to do a five-minute speech or a three-day seminar, you can use this method. If you’re likely to make videos or create podcasts, indeed, once again, you can use the system taught in this course. What an utter relief to be able to construct it all at high speed, isn’t it? Who wants to spend days, weeks and months putting together an info-product and not really knowing whether it hits the mark? This robust system definitely makes life a lot simpler for you and your clients.

You will learn:

  • How to create powerful information products that clients love. Instead of doing what everyone else is doing madly chasing after new clients, you’ll find that your existing clients will keep coming back for more.
  • How to put together the information in a way that doesn’t involve pulling of hair and head-banging. A simple, intuitive system that enables you to produce info-products consistently and without the frustration that inevitably arises out of a creative process.
  • Learn what causes boring information products and how to have a litmus test that provides you and your clients the assurance of knowing you’re creating a truly consumable product.
  • Why a lack of order and consistency leads to a lack of consumption. Also, how to make sure that you have the roller coaster in place to ensure that the client is slip sliding right through your product.
  • How to know the boundaries of your product: When to add more information and at what point do you leave it out. And more importantly, what are you going to do with all the information that you could not put into the info-product!
  • Why the system needs to be scalable. Scalability means you can use the system to create something as small as a booklet, just as easily you can use it to create a massive book as well. If you use it for a 20-minute presentation, you can just as easily use it for a three-day workshop.
  • The media benchmark: Will the system stand the pressure across media? Can you just as easily use it for a book, audio, or video without losing impact? Most systems don’t have this flexibility. You are taught to write a book differently from creating an audio, or for that matter video. This is a nuisance as it takes time and energy. Learn how to use a system that straddles any media and does an astounding job of it too!

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