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Newsflash: Google’s Not Your Friend

👉 Scott never intended to be famous, but a clever journalist ousted him as the guy behind Viral Nova, one of the largest sites back in the day.

Viral Nova’s traffic soared from no traffic to 100 million monthly visitors per month in 8 months. But one day (tell me if that sounds familiar), Facebook decided to cut his reach in half.

That is the context behind his famous quote “Running a business on FB is like opening a McDonald’s on an active volcano.”

This is not too far from what Google did to publishers, only 14 years later. So whether you are relying on Google or organic Facebook for traffic, it’s all the same thing: It’s risky.

The volcano can explode at any moment, in other words, the algorithm can cut you from traffic at any moment.

Here’s 3 reasons why you want to pivot right away…

🤯 Go to sleep rich,
wake up poor

Building a website and just hoping Google would send you traffic is no longer a viable strategy. Why? Because they’ve been increasingly hostile to publishers that played by their rules
for years.

Thousands of bloggers & niche site owners went to sleep rich and woke up poor due to an algorithm update.  With email newsletters, you own your traffic.

😠 You need to change everything, every time

A lot of niche sites are pure spam and deserve to be blown to bits. But if you are a legitimate publisher, it will drive you nuts having to change your website from head to toe every time Google decides it is so. If you started this publishing journey in order to be free…

Google is still your boss unless you own your platform.

😵 It’s never ending

If there’s 3 things you can count in life, it’s death, taxes and google updates. The risk, the content updates you’ll have to do will NEVER end.

Scott’s been building newsletters the same way for 14 years. Google has released 7 major updates…last year alone. And it will never ever stop. You’ll always be anxious for your site…unless you own your platform.


Million Dollar Newsletter Formula™

Scott is in my opinion the GOAT (Greatest of all time) when it comes to building non-business newsletters. I don’t know of anyone else who has such a consistent track record. And his method consists of 4 basic quadrants. Here they are:


Get their emails by running ads, or use your own organic traffic. Emails are the best asset you can own online because there’s no algorithm arbitrarily limiting your reach


Run cheap, extremely simple ads on Facebook. You’ll be stunned how something so stupid simple can bring in so much like clockwork. In fact, Scott’s ads still beat agency ads years later. Start with as little as $10 a day.


Most users will never see your site again, but with their emails you can have them click over and over again. Make money with display ads on your site (Yes, you can use content that Google has snubbed) or add affiliate links, your own products, etc.


When starting, just put back the amount you make to make use of the compounding effect. Once the money snowballs, eat the bulk and reinvest a small part.

Never Worry About Traffic Ever Again

If you want THE biggest reason to use Scott’s formula…it’s that you will never, ever worry about traffic ever again. How come one can make such bold promises? Well imagine if you had a machine, and when you put in $1 you would get $3-4 back…how much money would you put in it?

Exactly. As much as you can. That machine is the Million Dollar Newsletter Formula™. Once things are set up, all you need is to keep cheap ads running and it keeps generating money. If Google said it would introduce the biggest update, you won’t care. Now that’s peace of mind.

It’s One Of THE Most Algorithm-Proof Model

A newsletter is one of THE most algorithmic-proof models online. In fact Scott didn’t change his methods for the last 14 years. But wait. Didn’t Scott say not to build on top of an Active volcano like Facebook? Yep. And his formula uses Facebook? Yep. Isn’t that contradictory? Nopes.

Think of it this way: platforms like Facebook have two faces – the organic side, which is often hostile to publishers, and the paid ads side, which rolls out the red carpet.

Take Google, it’s tough on publishers organically, but flip the coin, and it’s a breeze for those who invest in ads. Same with Facebook – It killed organic reach (like it did for Scott’s site), but for those who invest in ads, it’s a goldmine that gets easier by the day.

You probably already have a taste of algorithms making your life harder. The nutty thing is that every algorithm update on the paid side has always been to make advertisers’ lifes EASIER.

Because if you’re not happy, you’ll stop spending. So it is in THEIR best interest to give you that sweet traffic.

It only gets better. Say tomorrow Facebook evaporates. The way Scott’s formula is set up…you don’t need to scramble your whole operation OR start changing your site like you do with a Google update. Nopes. Just fire a new ad on a new platform and you are done.

Don’t let the word “ads” scare you either. Scott’s Stupid simple ads are, well… stupid simple and they work like magic. It’s the most basic ad you’ve ever seen…and it works frikkin wonders. In fact, I’ve 3xed my subscribers just from watching one of his videos.

It’s Uses The 8TH Wonder Of The World

All financial gurus agree that one of the safest and easiest ways to build wealth is to simply leverage compound interest. Whatever small amount you have can snowball to a behemoth.

Get this: Scott’s method is based on just that. Whatever you make from your newsletter, keep reinvesting and it will snowball every month until you have a powerful money-making system.

Even better: You can start investing in ads with little as $10 a day. And between me and you, it’s a much better ROI than a trip to Starbucks!

What if you have a lot more to invest in ads? Well, Scott’s Million Dollar Newsletter Formula™️ is a “You get what you put in” system. The more money you put in, and the longer your outlook, the more money you will make. It’s a thing of beauty.

And get this: We are ONLY talking about ad revenue here. Add more instantaneous forms of monetization like affiliate articles (that DON’T NEED to be SEOed!) to the mix, your own products, and you can hit much higher revenue numbers with very little subscriber numbers. As always, your mileage may vary.

It Makes content FUN and EASY again

Let’s face it. Creating content isn’t fun anymore. It used to be, until Google started forcing you to publish the way they wanted you to. With Scott’s formula, your content is whatever you want it to be. This is important because you no longer need to play by anyone’s rules!  This makes content FUN again since you can finally publish what you want, the way you want it, just like old times.

Just imagine…

No need to add FAQs, no need to waste time making SEO checks, or making sure your content is siloed correctly. Heck, you don’t even need to use page optimizers and can keep your words intact.

That makes content FUN again. And because there’s no Google being a helicopter parent, content is also EASY. There’s 3 main ways with Scott’s formula:

USE other people’s content: You can leverage other people’s content. In fact Scott made millions with just that. Details inside the playbook.

USE AI: Don’t want to write? Prompt it. But this time, there’s no Google watching you. So duplicate content or thin content isn’t an issue.

WRITE your heart out: Like to write? You can write as long or as short as you want. Heck, you can even curse like a sailor with no fear: Again, Google’s not watching and you don’t care.

Do you REALLY get how great this is? You could copy-paste any competitor’s site, plaster your ads in there and still get ad revenue because Google’s not there to tell you anything.

Should you do this? No. That’s immoral and illegal. But it’s a good illustration to show you what’s possible when not being shackled by Google.

What’s Inside The Million Dollar Newsletter Playbook?

✅ UNLIMITED CONTENT (Really) by fairly using others content

✅ How to create newsletter content blazingly fast

✅ 5 questions to stupid simple Facebook ads that work like crazy

✅ The exact template of Scott’s 6 successful newsletters

✅ Track your numbers with this handy spreadsheet

✅ What to do if you already have a niche site

✅ Breakdown of 7 websites and how to tack on a newsletter to them

✅ Breakdown of 2 Stupid simple ads that made millions

✅ 100 subject lines that work like crazy

✅ 2 words that drive subscribers to your newsletter

✅ The exact calculator Scott used for his newsletters

✅ What not to do in your welcome email

✅ Selling your newsletters for the maximum amount

✅How to write a welcome email that will make them stick around

✅ REVEALED: REAL numbers from a new newsletter

✅ Psychological tricks to that reduces unsubscribes from the get-go

✅7 straightforward steps to million dollar newsletters

✅ Exactly what makes a successful newsletter

✅ 4 questions that determines your newsletter success

✅ How to tack on a newsletter to an existing niche site

✅ Million dollar sign up forms

✅ $500,000 Facebook ad tip

✅ 8 Golden rules of naming your newsletters

✅ What’s the best countries to target for high RPM

✅ The single place you want your ads to appear on

✅ Tried and true ad layouts for the most RPMs

✅ Stop wasting your money on like campaigns, do this instead

✅ 6 Prompts for rapid fire content that keeps subscribers

✅ The one emoji that make ads work like gangbusters


🛑 This course is NOT for everybody. It’s only for action takers that are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. If you are the kind of person that buys information and then does nothing and complains about it, or if you don’t have at least $10 per day to start to invest, please do us a favor and skip buying this course.

📉Your niche site is dead. If your hard work for the last few years just got decimated by a Google update. FRIKKIN GOOD NEWS: You don’t need to mess around with SEO or change anything about your website. This model allows you to skip Google and get ad revenue on the content you already have, all by driving traffic to it from email.

📊You’re worried about the future of niche sites and AI. There’s good reason to be. Because the endgame of many of the platforms is to scrape your content for free, and then give you the boot. Even worse: Like you see in the screenshot, browsers are starting to do this. An email newsletter is a part of the web that AI doesn’t have access to. So you won’t need to fear scraping, especially if you make your site invisible to search engines completely.

🔗You’d like to uncouple for Google. What if your traffic isn’t tanking in any way? Well, first of all, good for you! But if you, like many other smart publishers, see the writing on the wall and want to decouple for Google as fast as possible… an email newsletter is the best way to do this. In fact, once you have the numbers, you can survive months without external traffic.

📈You want to diversify your portfolio. If you are already successful but want another asset in another category that is not dependent on organic traffic, this playbook will help you set it up. Use a VA to manage everything and you are set.

👶Newbie who to earn online. If you are not expecting something basic like “How do I install WordPress”, this playbook is absolutely for you. Most newbies are overwhelmed and confused. This has just 7 steps you need to do and you will be well on your way having a successful newsletter you can earn from.

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