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Start writing online. Build your audience. Launch digital products. Never make less than $100,000+ per year again.

Most “writing courses” only focus on 1 individual skill (and leave you to fill in the rest of the puzzle)…

Full Stack Writer gives you the full roadmap for how to acquire, combine, and monetize the highest-leverage skills in today’s digital writing world.

Quiz: Is Full Stack Writer for you?

1. Are you brand new to writing online and need a crash-course on how to clarify your niche, attract readers, nurture customers, and launch digital products? This is everything you could possibly need to know to be successful in the Creator Economy.

2. Have you been spending months (or years) building an audience, but haven’t made any money? We show you how you can start making $1k, $5k, even $10k per month with 1,000 followers or less.

3. Does your career feel uncertain due to the AI Revolution? Instead of being afraid of AI, we show you how to turn this powerful technology into your personal Digital Writing & Research Assistant (your new best friend!).

If any of these sound familiar… then Full Stack Writer was made for you!

Your Full Stack Writer Instructors

Created by the founders of Ship 30 for 30, Premium Ghostwriting Academy, Typeshare, Write With AI, and more!

Dickie Bush

Former Wall Street trader at Blackrock turned Digital Writer & Digital Entrepreneur. Creator of Ship 30 for 30—the fastest-growing cohort-based writing program on the Internet.

Nicolas Cole

Author of the best-selling book, The Art & Business of Online Writing. Founder of the first ghostwriting agency for Silicon Valley founders & executives.

A few data points to show, when it comes to writing online, we know what we’re talking about!

  • Over 100,000 email subscribers.Over 600,000 combined social media followers.
  • 2 paid newsletters making 6 figures in annual recurring revenue.
  • 2 writing programs (Ship 30 & PGA) to multi-7-figures in revenue.
  • 1 SaaS writing platform making 6 figures in annual recurring revenue.

No more fragmented information…
Finally, a roadmap from $0 to $1,000,000 you can follow.

All beginner writers & creators face the same 7 problems:

  • Imposter Syndrome: The fear of putting yourself out there.
  • Niche Wandering: Feeling lost trying to find your target audience.
  • Audience Building Tunnel Vision: Prioritizing follower growth at all costs (causing burnout!)
  • Intangible Offer Creation: The mistake of selling products/services—not outcomes.
  • Sales Email Phobia: The anxiety of pitching your email list on something that costs money.
  • AI Overwhelm: Choosing to be afraid of AI, instead of becoming its best friend.
  • Freelancer Scarcity: The faulty belief that “you can’t charge a premium as a writer.”

And in Full Stack Writer, we show you how to demolish all of these—one by one.


Find Your 1st Topic—Dominate Your 1st Niche

The biggest mistake writers make?

Trying to “find their niche.”

We don’t believe in finding your forever niche. We believe in picking your 1st topic, dominating your 1st niche, and building the skill of “niching down” so that you can continue to grow, change what you write about, and hop around to different niches over the course of your life.

If we gave up our Digital Writing niche today, and decided to jump to a completely different niche (say… Real Estate), we know we would be successful.


Because once you build the skill of dominating a niche, you can dominate ANY niche.

And we wrote the book on how to niche down.

(Literally: Cole is one of the original co-founders & co-authors of Category Pirates, the leading authority on Category Design and niching down—and has been paid millions of dollars from companies to help them Name & Claim their niche.)

Build Your Library—Attract Your Audience.

The second biggest mistake writers make?

Trying to “build an audience.”

No, no, no!

You don’t “build an audience.” You build a valuable library of content, in a niche, that solves 1 person’s problems. And THEN… as your library grows, the Internet goes out and finds all the other people just like them.

This is our roadmap for building a valuable, timeless, niche library that guarantees you will attract the audience you desire.

(Note: This is the EXACT playbook we use ourselves… as well as the playbook we have given to thousands of other creators. Many of whom have gone on to build giant audiences, launch products, and hit 6 or 7 figures in revenue.)

Create Your Irresistible Offer—Make Money Forever

The third biggest mistake writers make?

Well, it’s all of these things combined:

  • Not understanding how to create a Tangible Offer.
  • Not understanding how to frame that Offer on a landing page.
  • Not understanding how to educate (not sell) potential customers on that Offer via email.


They think their product (or service) will just sell itself!

And, as a result, they end up leaving hundreds of thousands… even millions of dollars on the table.

What a shame.

(Proof It Works: Unlike other writers who try to sell products or courses, we have built multiple 6 figure and multiple 7 figure writing products, each with a different business model: paid newsletters, SaaS, cohort-based program, high-ticket group coaching program, etc.

Offer Creation isn’t luck. It’s a skill. And we want you to become an Offer Creation Wizard, too.)

How Full Stack Writer Works

Full Stack Writer is a bundle of 8 Mini-Courses, each containing both text & video lessons, which are hosted in our 7-Figure Writer Skool group.

And as soon as you join, you will get instant LIFETIME access to all of them.

Here’s a quick rundown of everything you will find inside each Mini-Course (and how they help you make 6 & 7 figures as a writer):

✅ [Mini-Course #1] Viral Writing ($150 Value)

Inside our Viral Writing Mini-Course, you’ll find everything you need to know to get started writing online…

Including how to test different niches, how to spot “winning” topics, how to format your content for reader engagement, and how to write about ANY topic to maximize virality (without “dumbing” the content down or alienating your target readers).

  • A Proven 30-Day Content Strategy & Posting Schedule
  • Our Framework For Finding Your 1st Niche In Record Time
  • A Crash Course On How To Write Viral Content On X, LinkedIn, & Medium
  • And dozens of other frameworks, templates, and resources to help you start writing online & build an audience of loyal readers.

✅ [Mini-Course #2] Newsletter Writing ($150 Value)

Inside our Newsletter Writing Mini-Course, you’ll unlock our framework for ideating, naming, and launching your first newsletter.

But that’s not it!

You’ll also get access to our proven templates—which you can use to accelerate the writing process, impress readers, and differentiate your newsletter from “everyone else.”

  • A Crash Course On Free vs. Paid Newsletters
  • Our “Viral Loop” Strategy To Build Your Email List On Autopilot
  • And 4 Newsletter Templates Anyone Can Use To Engage And Captivate Readers

✅ [Mini-Course #3] Offer Creation ($750 Value)


With our Offer Creation Mini-Course, you’ll master the subtle art of framing “what you do” as the vehicle to unlock some sort of tangible benefit for the customer.

This is a masterclass in how to position yourself, and your products & services, in a way that stops customers dead in their tracks, immediately understand what you’re proposing, and allow you to charge a premium.

    • How To Choose & Name Your Superniche Digital Product
    • Implementing Our Irresistible Offer Script For Your Digital Product Or Service
    • The Single Biggest Pricing Mistake You Should Avoid (And How To Charge A Premium)
    • And dozens of other frameworks, templates, and resources to help you charge more, makes sales with ease, and 10x your writing income.

✅ [Mini-Course #4] Landing Page Copywriting ($500 Value)

In our Landing Page Copywriting Mini-Course, you’ll get our entire framework & template for writing landing pages that convert customers on autopilot.

(Spoiler: We used our framework & template to write this landing page right here! Which we’re happily going to give to you.)

You’ll also get instant access to:

      • A Crash Course On Educational Copywriting
      • Our 7-Figure, 10-Step Landing Page Template
      • 3 Tips To Keep Your Refund Rate To A Minimum
      • Plus dozens of other frameworks, checklists, and strategies to help you create a landing page that makes people excited to buy your products & services.

✅ [Mini-Course #5] Sales Email Marketing ($500 Value)

Inside our Sales Email Marketing Mini-Course, you’ll get access to our never-before-released 7-Day Countdown Sequence that we run before every cohort of Ship 30 for 30.

These 7 emails (along with templates you can use for your own products & services) have generated over $3,000,000 in Ship 30 for 30 sales—and we reuse them over and over again (because they’re THAT good).

In addition to that, we’ll also walk you through:

  • Why Email Marketing Is Critical In Every Digital Writer’s Business
  • How To Write Irresistible Subject Lines To Get Your Audience To Open Your Emails
  • The Single Biggest Mistake Keeping Most Digital Writers & Creators Broke (And How To Avoid It)

✅ [Mini-Course #6] AI Prompt Writing ($300 Value)

In our AI Prompt Writing Mini-Course, we’ll give you a step-by-step walkthrough of how we write prompts (for ChatGPT, but also Bard & Claude) that 10x your efficiencies as Digital Writers & Digital Entrepreneurs—along with some of our favorites from our Write With AI archives, including:

  • 2-Year Test: Turn ChatGPT Into Your Personal Idea Generation Coach.
  • How To Train ChatGPT To Write Targeted Sales Copy To Make An Irresistible Offer With The 5 Stages Of Customer Awareness
  • Pinpoint Writing With AI: How To Go From Idea To Newsletter In 11 Minutes

✅ [Mini-Course #7] Ghostwriting ($1,300 Value)

Lastly, in our Ghostwriting Mini-Course, you’ll get a complete crash course on Ghostwriting As A Career, along with our “Free Work Pitch” strategy for finding & pitching your very first ghostwriting client.

This is the exact approach Cole used to build the first ghostwriting agency—scaling to 23 full-time employees, 80+ concurrent clients, and over $2,000,000 in annual revenue.

In addition to that, we’ll also walk you through:

  • The Biggest Difference Between Freelance Writing & Ghostwriting
  • A 5-Step Framework For Ghostwriting Anything For Anyone
  • The 3 Most Lucrative Ghostwriting Services You Can Offer

✅ [Mini-Course #8] 7 Figure Writer Roadmap ($350 Value)

Lastly, we’ll share with you our stories hitting 6 and then 7 figures in revenue as Digital Writers—what we learned, what we would do differently if we were starting over again, and the exact order we would recommend you take in order to fast-track your success (without making all the mitakes we did!).

Total Full Stack Writer Value

  1. [Mini-Course #1] Viral Writing ($150 Value)
  2. [Mini-Course #2] Newsletter Writing ($150 Value)
  3. [Mini-Course #3] Offer Creation ($750 Value)
  4. [Mini-Course #4] Landing Page Copywriting ($500 Value)
  5. [Mini-Course #5] Sales Email Marketing ($500 Value)
  6. [Mini-Course #6] AI Prompt Writing ($300 Value)
  7. [Mini-Course #7] Ghostwriting ($1,300 Value)
  8. [Mini-Course #8] 7 Figure Writer Roadmap ($350 Value)

Ready To Become A Full Stack Writer?

…And Never Make Less Than $100,000 Per Year As A Writer—Ever Again

As you’ve probably seen already, Full Stack Writer covers a LOT of ground.

(We really mean it when we say it has everything you need to make 6 or even 7 figures from your writing in 2024!)

And we’re confident we could easily turn everything we’re including in this product into a $50,000+ training program.

But that would create a high barrier to entry for most people—and hold us back from achieving our mission of empowering 1,000,000 people to start writing and monetizing their writing online.

So instead, we decided to price it at a FRACTION of what the product is worth.

However, we only want to reward people who take ACTION.

So… everyone who takes action during these 5 days, is going to get an MBA-level education in Digital Writing for just $350.

And everyone who doesn’t is going to miss out on the deal of a lifetime.

Now, the question is…

In which of these 2 groups do you want to be?

Are you going to continue waiting for the “right time” to start building your writing business—and let another year go by?

Or are you going to take action, bet on yourself, and make some real progress in 2024?

We hope it’s the latter.


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