Master My Speed-Blogging AI Strategy To Build Your Affiliate Marketing Empire With This Expert Coaching Course


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By the end of this course you will learn how I:

  • Find unsaturated niches with lots of product potential and low competition so I can quickly rank a site in search engines with just AI content
  • Clone my way into each niche idea to build multiple passive income streams at once
  • Use my private SPEED BLOG strategy to create high-quality, unique site content using free AI tools in as little time as possible
  • Quickly edit AI created content so it absolutely delivers real value to my target audience
  • Use AI to do keyword research
  • Use AI to drive traffic to my sites (no need to rely only on search traffic!)
  • Lock in my audience by way of an email list so I’ll have traffic no matter what happens with AI & search engines in the future
  • Format AI prompts so the results are optimized for search engines and include my own style and tone
  • Use AI for advanced tasks like gaining a competitive edge over other bloggers, for coding, and for data analysis

You may already be using AI.

You may already be using some WordPress/AI tools.

You may even think you’re following a great AI strategy.

Take this course and you’ll learn to blog with AI in ways you never knew existed.

WHY I CREATED THIS COURSE speed is of the essence banner

We are in the middle of a PERFECT STORM.

The number of AI tools in the marketplace has increased.

AI usage has increased.

AI makes it easier than ever for affiliate marketers to enter the arena.

However, ease of entry also increases the competition.

And no one knows quite where this AI world is headed.

Will it change Google?

Will it make it harder to get traffic?

Will it go away?

Will governments attempt to control its use?

Now is the time to use it to generate traffic, reach your target audience, and tie that audience into repeat traffic, an email list, and/or a social media

following so you can reach them at any time no matter what changes may come in the future.


Master the use of AI & speed blog your way to affiliate income from multiple low-competition niches.

Follow me as I show you every step of my personal strategy with step-by-step instructions so you can build your own affiliate marketing empire.

You’ll learn skills you can apply even to your existing sites:

  • How to use AI to write code for your website posts
  • Templates for using AI to perform in-depth keyword research
  • Instructions for using AI to design a customized content plan that perfectly suits each niche for enhanced traffic and engagement
  • How to use AI to create content about your own life so you have unique additions to add to each site
  • 100 speed-writing prompt templates for to generate truly unique content for any niche

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