Just One Simple Letter Away From The End Of All Your Financial Worries…And I Can Show You How To Write It


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Will You Allow Me To Show You?

I’m writing today to alert you to an exciting and realistic alternative to the gloom which is all around us today – an escape route.  It’s an alternative that can quickly see you banking more than enough money to see yourself, and your family, right through this current cost of living crisis and then into uncharted financial success when all this is over.

Let Me Be Clear Here…

I’m talking about writing just one letter, and you could be financially secure for ever.

No more stress, no more being ‘rudely awakened’ by an alarm clock each morning, no more commuting to a job you don’t like or being told what to do by a boss that doesn’t value you. And no more worrying about money.

And what’s more, there’s no need to wait you can get started immediately. You can do this at any time – next week if it suits you. Tomorrow even, if that fits in with your plans.

But Isn’t That Impossible?

Sounds like a mad, crazy, implausible idea doesn’t it? Particularly if you’ve become accustomed to working hard for every-last dime, or bought into the idea that you never get anything for nothing in life?

No, It Isn’t!

Well, let me tell you that it isn’t mad, it isn’t crazy, and it isn’t implausible. The plain truth is that I’ve written dozens of letters like this. But you probably only need to write one. The first two letters I wrote hauled in around $200k each (and about half of that was clear profit).

However, the third letter changed my life forever, it generated over $1m in less than 12 months (and I didn’t have anyone to show me how to do it – with practice, I just figured it out for myself).

I wrote that letter way back in 2001 in a single afternoon … and it wasn’t even for a product I’d created. Someone else had made it… I just thought I’d put together a letter to introduce people to it!

I think we can agree that the idea worked!

Coming right up to date, the most recent letter, (which I wrote just last month), has already brought in over $50,000 in the first fourteen days and it’s only been read by less than a thousand people.

I fully expect that one to bring in $200,000+ over the next six months. You see, once you have your letter written, it just keeps paying and paying and paying!

You Write The Letter Once And Then Get Paid Again And Again And Again.

Now you might not be like me… You might be quite content to write just one letter and leave it at that. Certainly, if your letter has all the right ingredients (and I’ll tell you what those are in a moment) you can often just sit back and live off the proceeds.

That letter which brought in over $1 million… Well the money didn’t come in all at once. It took an entire year and only about half of it was profit. But that’s still over $500,000 profit for the year… You can solve a few ‘problems’ with that kind of money hitting your bank account. Right?

In fact, that’s enough money for most people to live very comfortably on – to retire even. Wouldn’t you agree?

In fact, an ‘average’ letter pulling in $500,000 profit over, say, 10 years it would still net you a handy $50,000 a year.

Even a comparative failure, netting just $50,000 profit over 10 years wouldn’t be time wasted. And there’s nothing to stop you trying again.

That’s the great thing about this… Even when you fall short of the target, what you’re left with is still well worth having. And even if you fail altogether (that can happen, but rarely) you’ve only lost a little time, but you’ve gained a wealth of experience. I personally know several people whose first letter missed the target but were able to retire in luxury off the next one.

You Don’t Need To Be A Writer!

This is something most people have trouble getting their head around, and I can understand why. You see, very few professional writers make any meaningful money from their writing. Most of them would starve if they relied on their income from writing.

So how the heck can you solve all your financial problems from just one letter, when even clever ‘professional writers’ can’t make money writing books?

By Knowing What To Write And What To Write About!

That’s where the professionals make their big mistake. They invest all their skills, effort and enthusiasm into writing stuff which very few people want to read, or in fields where there is massive competition or where the rewards for a success are comparatively small. For example, very few people make ‘big money’ writing books.

This Is Different Though…Very Different.

Yes, we’re only writing a humble letter, but the subject will be something which the recipients are intensely interested in. We make sure of that – in advance.  And at the end of the letter, we’re going to ask them to send us some money!  Maybe we’re not skilled and trained writers, but we don’t need to be, to say what we need to say. And when we get it right (and more often than not we do)… The rewards are huge.

I failed English at high school, yet my most successful letter brought in over $114.35 a word! There can’t be many writers in any field that can say that, and remember, I’m not a writer! I couldn’t craft a novel to save my life.

Why Did I Make So Much Money?

Because I knew what to write and what to write about… not because I know how to write. And here’s the exciting thing… I don’t need to teach you how to write (you already know how to use a pen)… But I can teach you what to write, and what to write about. Because of that …

You Could Be Just One Letter Away From An End To Your Financial Worries.

Here’s the secret to making ‘retirement money’ from a single letter….

Once you’ve written a letter that makes money, there’s almost no limit to how many people will read it. And the more people that read it, the more money you’ll make. Put your letter in front of a hundred people, and if that works, put it in front of a thousand. If that makes money, show it to ten thousand, and if that’s still working, get it out in front of a hundred thousand or more.

Some of my most lucrative letters have been read by millions of people. And the great thing is that once you have a letter that works, the more people who read it, the more money you make. Some letters continue to make money for a decade or more… For example, imagine you sit down and write a letter tomorrow, and in ten year’s time it could still be depositing $10,000, $100,000 or even more in your bank account each year.

Can You Imagine That?

Just a few hours putting your letter together, and then nothing more to do other than keep monitoring results to see how your letter is performing. Every now and then, you get some more people to read your letter and wait for the money to come in. Nothing more to do.

Even today, 21 years after I wrote my first ever letter like this, I find that tremendously exciting. If the mere thought of it doesn’t give you a buzz of excitement too, then perhaps this isn’t for you.

But if it does, I think you should, at the very least, grab the risk-free opportunity you’re about to be given with BOTH HANDS… And discover how to make this extremely enjoyable way to make money from home a real option for you and transform the way you live your life forever.

Introducing ‘One Letter From Retirement’ …

For the first time, I’m releasing details of my proven ‘letter writing formula’ and now you can learn how to do this for yourself in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

I’ve just finished creating something I’m calling ‘One Letter From Retirement’. It’s arguably the most potent and powerful insider dossier you’ll ever have the opportunity to get your hands on.

As you will see when you read it for yourself, there’s absolutely no doubt that you can do this too. What’s more, you can do it alone, from home and without any capital or previous experience.

As you will recall, when I wrote my very first letter (that pulled in over $100k of profit) I’d never done anything like it before.

Was It A Fluke? Well, Yes… And No!

It was a fluke, because I was lucky that I stumbled across some (but not all) of the key ingredients by accident on my first attempt. But it wasn’t a fluke because once I’d refined and honed the formula, (and there is one) I was then able to repeat the success over and over, and over again, with each letter I have written since.

It’s those ingredients and that formula, that you can discover in the comfort and privacy of your own home with the brand new ‘One Letter From Retirement’ system which I am releasing today for the very first time.

It can be your golden ticket to bypassing the doom and gloom everyone is consumed by at the moment – your fast track to financial security and enjoy a comfortable retirement. It could even be the very first step on the road to a multi-million dollar fortune if that’s your goal.

Here are some of the insider secrets you’ll discover with ‘One Letter From Retirement’…

Exactly what to write about to pull in the most money in the shortest time. Pick the wrong subject and the most brilliant letter won’t make you much money.

How to find a large hungry audience with cash who will respond to your letter by sending you their money for a decade or more.

The 4 big mistakes that will ‘kill’ your letter dead – no matter how well it’s written… most people who try this fail, if they make just one of these errors.

The 7 things you must know before you begin to write you letter. Hardly anyone thinks about this, but it’s vital.

The 12 key elements of a red-hot letter. Even top writers can often miss on or more of these. Get all twelve and it’s hard to fail.

22 simple changes which will supercharge the reaction to any letter. combine them all and you could ramp up response by over 3,000%

Why you shouldn’t even think about grammar while you are writing your letter (and why it doesn’t matter a bit what grade you got in English or if you failed the class completely like I did!)

Powerful yet simple psychological tricks you can use to grab your reader’s attention… and not let go until they’ve sent you, their money.

A proven ‘killer headline formula’ that will hook-in your readers in 2 seconds often less.

11 letter headline themes and formats you can copy and adapt for any product or service.

127 headlines that pulled in a million dollars… or even more.

How adding just one extra letter to a headline tripled the cash being raked in. This one idea could set you up for life.

5 boilerplate openings you could adapt for any letter.

The right way to ask for money. Get this wrong and the finest letter will fail.

How to use the most powerful word in any letter. This one word is solely responsible for dozens of million-dollar fortunes.

How to collect testimonials and then use them in your letter to persuade even more people to respond.

How one extra sentence at the end of your letter can boost response (and profits!) by over 30%. You’ll be shown EXACTLY what to say at this crucial time.

Is your letter any good? How to tell before you send it!

Plus, when you request your copy of ‘One Letter From Retirement’ today, I’m also going to include copies of some of my own personally written successful letters. In fact, I’m also going to include copies of the letters that enabled me to bank my first $2m in sales… And I’m also going to give you a detailed analysis of each letter paragraph by paragraph, so you’ll be able to see exactly what the letter says and discover how it works.

Plus, as another extra bonus when you request your copy of ‘One Letter From Retirement’ today… You’re also going to receive an additional special report with my compliments that will literally blow you mind when you realise exactly how easy it can be to get your letter distributed by other people (for free) so you don’t even have to worry about having to do this yourself.

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