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Experiencing challenges like this?

  • Feel sluggish? Fatigued? Brain Fog?
  • ​Feel like you are past your prime?
  • Other health protocols / diets not cutting it?
  • Numb, unfulfilled, unmotivated or ​depressed?
  • Flow state impossible to find?
  • Lack the energy to focus on work?
  • Other cleanses have been too hard or confusing?

Detoxification Masterclass Agenda

Week 1: Fundamentals of Healing

  • Find some of the most healing water on Earth right in your backyard.
  • Learn the #1 dangerous mistake everybody makes when working on their health.
  • The right and wrong way to release toxins.

Week 2: Essentials Continuted

  • Superhuman strength & horniness by doing nothing.
  • Removing harmful toxins from the home, bedroom & bathroom.
  • How to handle even the most difficult people & have clean, clear boundaries.
  • ​How to have one epic & cathartic bowel movement every single day.
  • ​Working on the “emotional gland” for emotional stability & mental resilience.

Week 3: Gut Healing, Diet, Digestion

  • What is the best diet in the world?
  • ​Removing debilitating and brain-fog causing plant chemicals from your diet
  • Superhuman digestion & maximum serotonin in the gut. (no farts, gas, or sleepiness after eating)
  • Assist your body to cannibalize the bad stuff. (autophagy)

Week 4: Detox Starts in the Morning

  • Morning routine that can reverse the worst of moods & energy levels.
  • 3rd Eye activation & awakening
  • The detox vacuum that grabs onto all unwanted toxic substances.
  • ​The #1 missing piece in all health protocols.
  • ​How to clean your energy and aura?

Week 5: The Best Supplements in the World

  • Take more minerals in 1 smoothie than others have in 1 month.
  • Eviscerating Parasites & bad bugs
  • ​Remove Heavy Metals from the brain
  • ​Most exotic, high quality & rare superfoods and herbs on planet Earth delivered to your door.

Week 6: Making Your Home a Sanctuary

  • Restorative & rejuvenative hibernation & sleep.
  • ​Waking up clear & ready for flow state within minutes.
  • #1 enemy to restful sleep & deep REM
  • ​Repairing the body and healing brain during sleep
  • Creating a healing sanctuary

Week 7: Electromagnetic

  • Don’t sleep near dirty electricity and electrosmog
  • Avoiding cancer causing Earth lines and not sleeping on them.
  • Breathing in herbs & magnesium for maximum absorption and flow state.
  • ​Sweating out 75% of toxins with painlessly w/ ease.
  • ​Maximizing focus & creativity in your home

Week 8: Bonus Modules

  • ​What are hallucinogens & plant medicines and should we be taking them?
  • Herbs that get sprayed directly into your brain through nasal passageway
  • Godlike unbreakable flow state
  • ​Keep your teeth forever – no more cavities.
  • ​Deep esoteric spirituality and concepts

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