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Introducing DTC Flow Foundations: The Ultimate Guide to Scaling Your DTC Brand

Are you a DTC brand entrepreneur, founder, CEO, or marketer looking for proven methods to scale your business and boost revenue? Look no further! DTC Flow Foundations is your comprehensive guide to mastering the essential email flows that will generate 10-20% of your revenue on autopilot.

Our team at Longplay has spent 4 years helping top DTC brands like Dr. Squatch, oVertone, Groove Life and Lights Lacquer scale their email marketing channels, generating a whopping $300M+ in email revenue. Now, we’re sharing our secret sauce with you through DTC Flow Foundations.

What You’ll Learn:

Inside this guide, you’ll discover the systems, methods, tactics, best practices, and strategies for building each of these foundational flows that every DTC e-commerce brand needs:

  1. Welcome Flow: Convert more email leads into customers & how to make your first touchpoint with subscribers more effective by learning:
    • The 9 ways a Welcome Flow can convert leads into customers
    • The types of content to include in your email flow depending on your industry & products you sell
    • Your audience’s mindset when they enter a welcome flow and explore ways to convert customers
    • How to set up an effective Welcome Flow with the right delays, triggers & filters for a great first customer experience
  2. Browse Abandonment Flow: Discover how to re-engage shoppers who’ve shown interest in your products but haven’t added them to their cart by learning:
    • The key elements that every browse abandonment email needs to convert shoppers
    • The difference between browse, cart & checkout abandonment, and learn strategies for re-engaging shoppers who have left your site without adding items to their cart.
    • The type of content that works well in browse abandonment emails, how to create compelling messages, and tips for personalization and segmentation
    • How to set up delays, triggers, and filters for an effective browse abandonment flow
  3. Add To Cart Flow: Uncover the art of getting customers to complete their purchase by addressing objections, offering incentives, and showcasing social proof by learning:
    • The importance of add to cart flow in capturing potential customers before they abandon their carts
    • The customer mindset of cart abandoners & strategies to encourage customers to complete their purchase
    • The essential components of effective Add To Cart emails & elements to A/B test
    • How to set up delays, triggers, and filters for an effective add to cart flow
  4. Abandoned Cart Flow: Find out how to win back customers who’ve left items in their cart, and turn them into sales by learning:
    • Common reasons customers abandon their cart & tactics for winning them back
    • How to create effective Abandoned Cart emails for your industry & brand
    • The most important elements of creating Abandoned Cart emails
    • How to set up delays, triggers, and filters for an effective Abandoned Cart flow
  5. Post-Purchase Nurture Flow: Learn how to build long-lasting relationships with your customers & turning them into raving fans by learning:
    • The 6 questions to ask before planning your post-purchase nurture strategy
    • Why your post-purchase nurture flow is one of the most important retention strategies for DTC brands
    • How to use your post-purchase nurture flow to retain customers and get more repeat purchases
    • How to set up delays, triggers, and filters for an effective post-purchase nurture flow.
  6. Replenishment Flow: Master the art of timely reminders that keep customers coming back for more of your consumable products by learning:
    • The 6 ways a Replenishment Flow can get customers to re-order more products
    • How to use your Replenishment flow to increase your repeat purchase rate and upsell more customers to subscription
    • Tactics & strategies for timely and effective product replenishment reminders
    • How to set up delays, triggers, and filters for an effective Replenishment flow.
  7. Cross-Sell Flow: Understand how to increase revenue by promoting complementary products to your customers by learning:
    • The 6 ways a Cross-Sell flow can convert customers to try new products
    • When & how to introduce customers to new products
    • Tactics & strategies for promoting complementary products to customers to increase repeat purchase rate
    • How to set up delays, triggers, and filters for an effective Cross-Sell flow.
  8. Winback Flow: Discover how to re-engage and reactivate dormant customers to boost your revenue by learning:
    • The role of a Winback Flow in growing your e-commerce business & the metrics to measure its success
    • The different types of winback offers to use
    • The importance of reactivating dormant customers to grow revenue and increase your customer lifetime value
    • Tactics & strategies for re-engaging and winning back inactive customers
    • How to set up delays, triggers, and filters for an effective Winback flow.

Each flow also includes an in-depth outline, explanations of the type of content that works well, step-by-step instructions on setting up the flow in Klaviyo, and real-life examples of emails that have brought success to DTC brands.

Why DTC Flow Foundations?

With our proven track record and wealth of experience, DTC Flow Foundations is your go-to resource for understanding and implementing the essential flows that will drive your DTC brand’s success. By leveraging our expertise, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase customer retention
  • Boost customer lifetime value
  • Maximize revenue from your email marketing efforts
  • Achieve sustainable growth for your brand

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to scale your DTC brand using proven strategies that have generated millions in email revenue for our clients. Get your hands on DTC Flow Foundations today and start transforming your email marketing game!

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