Trauma Informed Healing through Yoga and Energy Protection


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What you’ll learn

  • Learn ways to manage stress with yoga
  • Trauma informed ways to support physical and mental health
  • Learn different types of yoga and how they support you in your healing journey
  • Help healing from trauma


This course is for those searching to heal from trauma , physical and mental health issues. This course focuses on teaching simple trauma informed yoga poses that can be utilized by those who are experiencing various health issues. This course sets out to create a beginner’s format that allows those new to yoga to learn postures that will support them without straining or draining them.

We combine the yoga sessions with trauma informed tips and mentoring to help you overcome past issues and move forward with more confidence, clarity and inner peace. The course aims to make yoga more accessible for those with various needs. By combining trauma informed coaching with yoga , you can focus on your personal healing and this can assist in manifesting desires and achieving goals. Your healing impacts your energy levels and ability to perform on a daily basis.

This course aims to assist you in jumpstarting your healing journey and aims to allow you to create more peace , energy and joy in your life. I hope you will find this course rewarding and helpful . The aim is to teach you how to utilize yoga to increase your overall wellness. I look forward to instructing you and supporting in your journey!!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for those who are looking for ways to support their mental and physical health needs in a trauma informed environment. Great for those who need help managing stress or dealing with addiction or grief. This course is for those who are interested in utilizing yoga to facilitate energy healing and bringing more peace and joy into their lives. This course aims to teach beginner yoga basics that can be adapted for those struggling with mental or physical health issues.
  • This course is for people who are interested in trying yoga and learning how it can help with trauma healing.
  • This course is ideal for those with a history of trauma or mental health issues , those with disabilities or chronic pain and neurodivergent individuals.

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