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What does it mean to be “productive”?

Productivity has gotten a bad rap. When you hear that word, you’re probably picturing someone hunched over their desk, grinding away endlessly at mind-numbing tasks from morning till night.

‍I don’t blame you! So much productivity content out there is just different ways of getting yourself to do things you hate doing. It’s become synonymous with hustle culture, never-ending busyness, and the opposite of what makes us come alive.

But I’m here to tell you: That is not what productivity is!

Productivity is NOT…

  • Boring chores and drudgery
  • Working harder and longer
  • Random hacks and silver bullets
  • Always staying busy and beating yourself up for wasting time
  • Ticking off all tasks on your to-do list

Productivity is…

  • Your ability to take a vision in your head and manifest it in the real world, to make your ideas happen
  • Working efficiently, which means minimizing waste (think wasted time, effort, energy, potential, imagination, ideas, or relationships)
  • A system that you can rely on and that gives you the confidence to handle anything life throws at you
  • Having the self-awareness to pause and recognize what’s going on so you never have to force yourself to do more than your body and mind allows
  • Creating the clarity and focus to work on the right priorities that create the life you want

What would having a system for productivity open up for you?

Whether you want to make a big vision happen, get your life together, or anything in between, with a system for productivity, you’ll be able to…

Make big promises to yourself and follow through, not because of perfect memory but because of your system, even if you have no idea yet how you’ll make it happen

Manage multiple projects and roles you play in your life simultaneously, without having to stretch your mental and physical capacity to the breaking point

Gain the sense of determination to make progress on multiple fronts of your life and work in parallel, without the burden of multitasking

Have more of what you want and less of what you don’t in life, pulling your ultimate vision for your future forward in time

Pillars of Productivity: The complete blueprint for modern, digital productivity

Think of your productivity system as a building you’re constructing. There are four pillars at the corners of that building that hold it all together.

Each pillar is a software program – an app – that fulfills a critical function in modern life: a digital calendar, a task manager (or digital to-do list), a digital notetaking app, and a read-later app.

You can offload all the information coming at you (e.g., from emails and many other sources) to those four pillars and resurface it right when you need it.

The Weekly Review ties it all together. It’s your ritual to finish every week with a sense of completion, finality and fulfillment, and start the new week with clarity and purpose, not based on wishful thinking but on thoughtful preparation.

These tools are so powerful, but no one ever really taught us how to use them effectively. That’s exactly what this course is designed to do

Join Pillars of Productivity

From conquering your email inbox to managing your time to taming your to-do list to effective notetaking and content consumption…

You’ll gain a set of powerful tools and habits so you can start every week with the focus you need to do your best work.

I finally created the course I wish existed when I started my career! I couldn’t be more excited to share everything I’ve learned from a decade of my own painstaking trial and error to hopefully save you some of the frustration I’ve experienced.

POP Self-Paced Course

Build your personalized system for productivity on your own time and at your own pace.

  • 8 lessons with comprehensive instructional videos including in-depth, hands-on demonstrations
  • Downloadable workbook with all action steps & checklists so you can easily put what you learn into practice immediately
  • Access to a vibrant online community where you can get your questions answered by peers and course staff
  • App recommendations and concrete guidelines to help you pick the right productivity tools
  • 7-day 100% money-back guarantee so you can try POP risk-free and decide if it’s right for you
  • Access for the lifetime of the course including future updates

Here’s what you’ll be learning and doing in Pillars of Productivity

This course is not about passive learning; it’s about active implementation! Every one of the eight lessons contains a hands-on instructional video alongside concrete action steps and recommendations for apps and other tools so you can apply what you learn immediately to your work and life.

We’ve also created a downloadable playbook that you can complete on your computer or print out on paper. It contains every single action step, checklist, and resource mentioned throughout the course all in one handy place.

1. Introduction

  • Get a full introduction to the four pillars of productivity and how they work together as part of an integrated workflow.
  • Start recognizing productivity as a customizable system, providing you with tools and methods to combat information overwhelm.
  • Discover the important distinction between the four main kinds of information in your digital life.
  • Learn Tiago’s three core guiding principles, both to succeed in this course as well as for your productivity in general.
  • Get introduced to the active learning approach of this course, involving video instructions, app recommendations, actionable checklists, a comprehensive playbook, community sharing, and additional resources.

2. Email: Getting to Inbox Zero

  • Make the crucial mindset shift that will free you from any guilt around your overflowing inbox.
  • Configure these seven settings in your email provider to streamline email processing once and for all.
  • Set up the four essential downstream systems so any incoming information can flow to the right place (instead of clogging up your inbox).
  • Master the practice of “email triage” that will get you to inbox zero consistently and in no time.
  • Start the habit of batch-processing your emails to free up the time and energy to do your best, most creative work OUTSIDE of your inbox.

3. Calendar: Managing Your Time

  • Find out why most people’s calendars are a mess and fail to create focus on the vital tasks that we strive for.
  • Start leveraging the full power of a digital calendar (you’ve been missing out if you’re still using a traditional paper calendar).
  • Get started with your digital calendar using our simple step-by-step setup guide.
  • Learn the four ground rules for getting the most out of your calendar.

4. Tasks: Taming Your To-Do List

  • Accept this one inevitable truth about your to-do list that will free you from guilt and shame.
  • Leverage the advantages of using a digital task manager over a paper to-do list.
  • Understand the concept of “open loops” that cause stress and anxiety and the solution that will create peace of mind.
  • Master the critical features of popular task management apps and make them work for you.
  • Try out new techniques for efficiently clearing your task inbox, ending to-do list overwhelm.

5.Notes: Taking Notes Effectively

  • Learn to differentiate between the two types of content that are coming at you so you immediately know how to handle each.
  • Discover the advantages of digital notetaking over traditional paper notes, allowing you to preserve and easily revisit the best out of the vast amount of knowledge you consume.
  • Find out how to efficiently capture and then organize your digital notes so you can always find the information that’s important to you right now.
  • Practice the fundamental features of your notetaking app, such as quickly capturing information from various sources and organizing it effectively to help you take action (we’ll provide a full demo).

6. Content: Using a Read-Later App

  • Rethink your habits so you can start consuming content intentionally rather than reactively.
  • Understand the benefits of a read-later app and why it should be an essential part of your productivity toolkit.
  • Get started with a read-later app following our step-by-step walkthrough and recommendations.
  • Discover Tiago’s best practices and guidelines for mindful content consumption to help you say goodbye to FOMO.
  • Learn how to decide what to consume at any given moment, creating a content filter in the form of a personalized checklist.

7. Weekly Review: Winning Every Week

  • Recognize the common misconception about Weekly Reviews that keep most people from developing this powerful habit.
  • Learn the four essential steps of a Weekly Review and a handy acronym to remember them, allowing you to process new information without having to make too many decisions.
  • Watch Tiago complete his own real-life Weekly Review following all the steps and rules of thumb he recommends.
  • Learn how to filter your to-do list and decide what you’ll be doing so you can start the upcoming week with clarity and a flexible gameplan to guide your actions.
  • Develop your own Weekly Review checklist, making it a tangible ritual that can be completed in a predictable time frame.

8. Next Steps

  • Recap what we’ve covered in the previous lessons to make sure you understand how everything works together.
  • Remind yourself of the crucial mindset shifts that will help you succeed on your quest for enhanced productivity.
  • Pick the concrete takeaways from this course that you’ll adopt for yourself going forward.
  • Identify your main productivity bottleneck right now and choose the appropriate tools and strategies to address it.
  • Choose from among our recommended steps to continue your learning journey

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