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What Is Vibing?

Vibing is a man’s ability to direct the vibe of the situation in a direction conducive to his out come with a woman.

But Remember: You Cannot Change A Vibe You Are Not Inside Of

In order to change the vibe you need to first, tune into the vibe a woman is in and sync up with it.

What Are Vibe Threads

Have you ever noticed how conversations have threads or conversation topics that seem to move your conversation with a woman in a certain direction?

In theory, one might think, if you could control the conversational thread, you could steward the interaction with a woman in the direction of your choice, right?

Alas, wrong…

Conversation is only one part of vibing. A large chunk of vibing with women is devoid of anything resembling a conversation.

Let’s look at a small list…

  • Dancing
  • Looking at each other
  • Smiling Laughing at something funny
  • Holding hands
  • Hugging
  • Making out

All of these things count as important parts of vibing. But there’s nothing conversational about them.

This is why a lot of guys who obsess over controlling the conversational thread struggle with women in bars. Most of the time it has little to do with their age or looks. They always complain that it’s too noisy to have conversations with women.

My advice to these guys: Tune into and sync up with the girl’s vibe thread. Once you’re in her vibe thread, feel free to change it.

Here’s A Sneak Peek At What You’ll Learn Inside The Natural Vibing Audio Course…

How To Initiate Sexual Vibing With A Female Stranger Without Depending On Memorized Pickup Lines

Guys always want the perfect pickup line.

You know why?

Because it eases their fear and gives them the illusion of control over the situation (But that’s all it is: an illusion).

Vibes in the real world are dynamic. They are always changing.

If all you’ve got going for you is your pickup line… then it’s only gonna initiate vibing if it happens to sync up with the woman’s vibe.

Let me share a quick story with you that relates to this…

Several months back I was out at a club with a buddy of mine. He sports rock star good looks. On most nights, he does quite well with women.

But not on this night. We all have our flubups.

He took a tragic crack at approaching a group of female bodies flaying around to the music with a canned opener.

Inevitably, the girls ignored him. Instead of adjusting his game, he just kept trying to get his line out. But the girls kept pretending he didn’t exist. They culled him from their reality.

He got more and more frustrated.

Did they have A.D.D.? Did they find him ugly as sin? Anything is possible.

But I’d put my money on it, these things weren’t the culprits.


His canned line didn’t sync up with the girl’s vibe.

Does this mean that canned lines won’t work on every girl in every situation?

Not necessarily. Let me share another story with you…

I was out a few nights ago with a buddy of mine. We came up with some wacky pickup line to try on women (I’ve been doing this long enough where I don’t need a pickup line for approaching a woman. But now and then, I use them because they’re a lot of fun).

My buddy has got a good four inches on me. Plus, he’s got me beat in the “conventional” good looks department.

Through the course of the night we each used this wacky line five or six times. The exact same words flew out of our traps.

Yet we reaped a completely different reaction.

Every time he used the line, the girls either walked away or got angry and picked a fight with him.

On the other hand, every time I used the line, the girls were laughing, giggling, and putting their horny little paws all over me.

Hmm. What’s going on here? How could a memorized line work six times in a row for me and not for my friend?


When it comes to the initiating sexual vibes the words coming out of your mouth are irrelevant.

It wasn’t the pickup line or my minty fresh breath that was getting the great reactions from the girls.

It was something else… something far more power… I was using a set of behavioral patterns I stumbled onto that all ladies men use.

I call The 7 Fundamentals To Approaching & Vibing With Women.

These are 7 patterns of behavior and communication that allow you to tune into and sync up with a woman’s vibe and give power to change the vibe thread to something that leads the interaction in the direction of your intended outcome with her.

Here’s Just A Sliver Of What You’ll Learn About Initiating Sexual Vibes With Women

  • How to turn on a switch in your brain that will mutate fear of approaching women into wit, charm, and confidence.
  • A mind game ladies men play that gives them a disproportionate advantage with women over regular guys (Start using this and in no time you’ll find yourself vibing with girls you currently think are out of your league.)
  • Secrets to pushing past your comfort threshold for approaching women
  • The Seven Fundamental broken down into excruciating detail.
  • How to use secret body language and facial expressions that intensify your Prizability and sexual vibe by 300%
  • How to use the fourfold meta-frame to amplify the sexual vibe between you and a woman.
  • Secret psychology to using your eyes to both build Prizability and initiate the sexual vibe with women (Not using your eyes properly will kill the vibe faster than insecticide kills bugs. So many slaughter their chances with women through not know how to properly use their eyes.)

  • Boot camp style exercises to cure you of pickup line dependence and tattoo the 7 fundamentals on your brain.
  • Step-by-step instructions on initiating the vibe in every major possible scenario you’d spot a woman you’d like to meet (After you listen to this section, you’ll have knowledge to initiate a vibe with women in 97% of all situations.)

  • How to vibe with women when you’re with a wingman (This may seem obvious. But it’s actually a subtle art. (Doing it wrong is worse than having halitosis breath around women.)

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