Quantum Magick: Reconfiguring the Field, A Powerful Companion to Mind Magic Methods


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Merlin Starlight – Quantum Magick Reconfiguring the Field A Powerful Companion to Mind Magic Methods (The Mind Magic System, Book 2)

Quantum Magick is a powerful companion to the previous book, Mind Magic Methods. It is intended for those who have read or listened to that previous book, as it expands and extends the magickal system it provided.


Introducing the 6th Method of Mind Magic!

While Mind Magic Methods gave you 5 key methodologies for working powerful magick, Quantum Magick adds a 6th method to the Mind Magic “power grid.”

Q: Why add a 6th method?

A: To develop a form of magick that was always successful.

The new methodology is closely patterned after the “collapse of the wave function” from quantum physics (which occurs when consciousness observes reality). It is designed to correspond to the actual function of the Quantum Observer Effect and other key scientific concepts.

Consistent with other methods of Mind Magic, the new method provides you with great flexibility and enhances your ability to work powerful magick using only your mind and your hands! Nothing else is required.


Enhance Your Success Rate with Magick!

The 6th method of Mind Magic was developed through a series of magickal tests which were carefully recorded and tracked. All of these tests proved to be 100% successful, blasting away any previous cap on magick success rates! In Quantum Magick, learn the powerful new method and the key principles for bringing your success rate with magick up to 100%!


What’s in the AUDIO Book?

In Quantum Magick, you will learn:

  • A clear understanding of how to bring your magickal success rate up to 100%
  • 6 brief lessons in the science behind powerful magick (with simplified explanations)
  • Key principles of the Quantum Observer Effect (the scientific core of magick)
  • How to work the new magick method (step-by-step with illustrations)
  • How to combine the new 6th method with the other 5 methods of Mind Magic
  • 3 full example magickal sessions based on the new method (taken from actual magick tests)
  • How and when to follow-up on your magick, including simple and powerful instructions
  • A bonus chapter on the laws of the Universe
  • Plus 4 appendices, including an updated Mind Magic Palette, a meditation for focus and concentration, a manifestation process using Mind Magic, and more!


Reconfiguring the Field

Any given reality is composed of a complex arrangement of energy fields. These are “probability fields” that contain many possible versions of that reality. Learn to deconfigure any reality into many possibilities and then reconfigure that “field” into a single observed reality—the one You choose! This is ultimately the core of the Quantum Observer Effect—and it’s powerful! Merlin’s clear explanations of the science behind magick are unsurpassed. His step-by-step guidance in how to work this powerful magick is direct and easy to understand. Be prepared for your perception of reality to change yet again! And get ready to make some serious changes to your reality with powerful magick!


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