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#1 A.I. Artificial Intelligence

By now… we all know what artificial intelligence is thanks to ChatGPT

Gpt4, the engine that runs ChatGPT, has consumed over 175 million points of data. It has read every book in existence, every blog post, transcribed every YouTube video, basically if it’s anywhere on the web ChatGPT has it.
On top of that it’s taking the information that it’s gathered from all those sources and learning from it.
Gpt4 is making itself smarter every day and Gpt5 will be out anytime now with an estimated billion parameters.
It’s just waiting for computing power to catch up.
People are writing books in 3 days, creating engaging stories and even writing songs, although ChatGPT has never heard one.
What will happen when it has 1000X more knowledge and power?

#2 RPA Robotic Process Automation

Number two is robotic process automation, or RPA. These are not physical robots, but rather soft robots that can do anything a human can do only a thousand times faster and almost without error on a computer.

It is the technology that puts artificial intelligence’s decisions into action. It has already been proven that one RPA robot can replace 1,000 workers in some companies

#3 No-Code & Low Code Software

The third leg on the stool is no-code software development. There are certain no-code platforms that make building software as easy as laying out a landing page where software development has become commoditized.

When you realize that you can pull in API data from artificial intelligence platforms like OpenAI, drag in robots to take action on that data through RPA platforms, and run it all with simple software applications, your earning potential becomes limitless.

#4 Tech Enabled Outsourcing

Last but not least, technology-enabled outsourcing. Upon putting these tools into motion, I hand them over to outsourcers.

Often, I can get a 1 to 100X return on investment from a single outsourcer, meaning I can get the output of 100 humans doing the same task.

All of this is done with SaaS software you own, so your talent pool is unlimited.

You can do it from anywhere in the world.

Here’s How The Event Will Stack Up

1. Understand how the tools work together.
2. Which tools you really need and which ones are rubbish.
3. How to prompt and program the tools for best results.
4. The best uses for automations in your own business.
5. The newest and most profitable new business models created by AI, RPA, and No-Code.

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