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Finding Stories

The best storytellers in the world have the most stories to tell

That is why finding stories is even more important than being able to tell a story like a professional. (although they go hand in hand, as you will see).

Does it feel like no one wants to listen to you?

That is because the world is filled with people telling the wrong stories.

Become the person that has more stories to tell than time to tell them.

Learn Strategies, techniques, and tips to find your best stories

Enroll now and learn how to find the stories you need to engage, persuade and change your life

You have lots of stories, big and small. It is about sharing your Storyworthy moments that will connect with people, deepen your relationships, and move them to laughter or tears.

The right story told to the right person at the right time will achieve the result you desire

People want to hear your stories…

if you are telling the right stories in the right way.

Most people worry they aren’t interesting enough or exciting enough to collect and share relevant, engaging, persuasive, and emotionally charged stories.

In fact, when examined through the correct lens, every single person has amazing stories to share, big and small.

  • Become a metaphor machine
  • Have an example, anecdote, or comparison for just about anything
  • Provide meaningful, connective, and emotionally charged interactions
  • Win the hearts and minds of your audience, whether it is one-on-one or in a large auditorium

The problem is… every day that you are not collecting your best stories, you are losing them.

Days and weeks go by, and you forget the most crucial elements of your daily interaction.

What are you losing?

The opportunity for realizations or transformation that will have a major impact on your life, your family’s life, your customer’s life, and the lives of the people that will benefit from the lessons you uncover.

Inside the Course

  • Introduction
  • Module #1 Homework for Life
  • Module #2 First Last Best Worst
  • Module #3 Three Two One
  • Module #4 Where Oh Where
  • Module #5 Lost Found
  • Module #6 Outro

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