Make Money on YouTube Without Showing Your Face or Recording ANY Videos


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Start YouTube Automation With ChatGPT & Monetize It Fast

Did you know YouTube has 2.1 billion monthly active users based all around the world?

Did you know YouTube paid out over $50 billion to it’s creators last year?

A lot of people are making over $10.000 each month without showing their face or recording any videos.

In Just 2 Hours You Will Learn How To Start Your Own YouTube Automation Business!

What Is YouTube Automation?

YouTube automation (faceless or cash cow) is a process that involves creating and managing a YouTube channel without physically appearing in the videos.

How Do I Make Money With YouTube Automation?

YouTube Ad Revenue (views), sponsored videos, affiliate marketing, brand deals and many more!

What Do I Need To Get Started?

A computer and Internet access.

You can create the videos yourself, hire freelancers to do them for you or use AI to generate them.

You Can Work From Anywhere In The World On Your Own Terms!

What You’ll Learn

  • How to create, grow, and monetize a YouTube Channel without ever recording a single video yourself
  • How to pick the right niche for your Channel
  • Use AI to auto generate scripts and videos
  • How to find music to use (free and paid)
  • Find people to do this for you
  • Create perfect YouTube thumbnails and titles to get more clicks

and more…

Course Content

Chapter 1 – Find a Niche

1. What Should Your Channel Be About

2. What Types of Videos are Successful

3. How To Find a Niche That Actually Works

4. Consistency is Key

Chapter 2 – How to Make Money on YouTube

5. YouTube Ad Revenue Monetization

6. Membership, Supers, Join

7. Sponsors

8. Affiliate Marketing

Chapter 3 – Creating Your YouTube Channel From Scratch

9. How To Start a YouTube Channel

10. YouTube Channel Art & Profile Icon

11. Channel Description & Links

12. Customizing Your YouTube Channel Layout

13. Settings

Chapter 4 – Make YouTube videos Without Showing Your Face

14. Fair Use and Copyright Issues

15. Proven Successful Channel Ideas Part 1

16. Proven Successful Channel Ideas Part 2

17. Proven Successful Channel Ideas Part 3

18. How to Write Successful Scripts

19. Use AI To Auto Generate YouTube Video Scripts

20. How to Generate Successful Voice Overs

21. Getting Footage, Graphics, Music and Sound Effects for your Videos

22. Improve Your Videos with Transitions, Effects and More

23. Use AI to Auto Generate YouTube Videos

24. Hiring People to Do it For You

25. CTA, Watch Time & Ideal Video Length

26. Putting All Together

Chapter 5 – How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast in 2023

27. Must Have Tools to Grow Your YouTube Channel

28. How to Write a Perfect YouTube Title That Gets Clicks

29. YouTube Descriptions That Get More Subscribers

30. YouTube Tags That Will Boost Your Video

31. How To Make Clickable YouTube Thumbnails

32. Increase Views with Cards and End Screens

33. Tools You Can Use to Enhance your Images and Videos

34. How to Get More Views and Subscribers on YouTube in 2023

Chapter 6 – Course Updates

35. Generate YouTube Shorts in Seconds with This AI Tool

36. Create Unlimited Voice Overs for Free

37. Create Viral YouTube Shorts Automatically from Other Videos with AI

38. Best ChatGPT Prompts for YouTubers

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