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2024 Triumph Blueprint: How to FINALLY Unleash Success, Hit Your Lofty Goals, & Transform Ambition into Achievement

As you look to the future and all you hope to achieve in 2024…. Allow me to reminisce a little. 

This time of year, Kenneth and I would be reflecting back on the preceding months, setting new goals, and looking forward to the new year. 

Now that he’s gone, there’s a lot of rethinking, rewiring and restrategizing required across the board.

We used to think that the brain becomes ‘fixed’ as we grow older. It turns out that the brain changes, it absorbs new information – a process known as neuroplasticity.

Throughout your life, your brain creates a comprehensive neural map of detailed information for every area of your life. 

When you are faced with change and challenges, your brain makes sense of the new information, redrawing the map to reflect your new reality. 

It can take time to get clear on your goals, (re)invent your life and ease into a different future. 

Navigating these peaks and troughs is necessary if you want to succeed, in life or in business.

This is why it’s important to rewire your brain, revise strategies and regularly reassess your progress…

Learning to let go of past successes and failures…

So you can set new goals and look at things from a completely new perspective…

With the advantage of experience and knowledge gained along the way, of course.

Let me tell you a weird story that holds the key to unlocking your HIGHEST values goals in 2024 – even if you’ve constantly missed them over the past few years.

Once you grasp this… You have the exact secret to bridge the gap between your life now and the life of your dreams. So here goes…

Around this time last year, I was scouring the internet for our quarterly activity calendar when I came across the National Amateur Body-Builders Association’s very first-ever championship to be held in Malaysia.

No… Kenneth and I weren’t exactly body-building enthusiasts – although he did dabble with bodybuilding in his younger days.

We’re suckers for novel experiences. It’s that or binge-watching Netflix during the weekend.

So… we decided to attend this bodybuilding event. 

It was held at a weird, crappy and dilapidated hotel, but the crowd was small and extremely enthusiastic. 

Then, we witnessed something bizarre. 

You see, there were several categories of bodybuilders, separated by height. 

In Category A, there were the standard 5-6 competitors, all posing with their ripped bodies. 

However, in Category B, for competitors with a height of 5‘10 inches and above, there was only a SINGLE participant. 

That’s right… I don’t know if it was poorly marketed or taller people just aren’t interested in body-building, but there was only ONE signup. 

Needless to say, he won the category – free protein powder, cash prizes and all. 

What’s the point? As Kenneth used to say,


Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how good you are. All it takes is the right time, right place and right circumstances.

The question is… How do you get positioned for these kinds of lucky breaks?

After all, that lucky solo competitor was fit. He put in the work. He just didn’t get the opportunity to be compared to his peers. 

Which leads to…


In order to capitalize on the opportunity, you need the right skills, ability and knowledge.

After all, there’s a graveyard filled with the broken dreams of copywriters who got lucky but couldn’t deliver due to lack of talent – squandering their big break in the process. Many of have got caught in this web.

And that’s why Kenneth came with a system to crush every break that came his way – the very same one you’re about to get access to. 

Which leads to this:


You see, success generally doesn’t happen overnight. 

Kenneth’s “overnight success” took place over many years of relentless focus on the right products, frameworks, and relationship – and REFUSING to deviate from them – no matter how dull pr difficult the path seemed. 

To be frank…

Between influencers…ChatGPT and AI-generated content… Elon’s Twitter… social unrest, dissent, and wars across the globe… there’s a lot of chatter online. 

While those online discussions are interesting, working the plan is an adequate substitute for missing out on the next hot topic. When we set goals, we achieved them. And because of that, we consistently make sales every month. Here’s a screenshot…

Don’t you agree it’s time FOR YOU to focus as well? To get off the hamster wheel and make 2024 FAR MORE profitable than 2023.   

We’re giving you the very same Planning Strategies that WYODC uses so you can breakthrough to success in 2024.

Here’s how you can get your hands on them. You have 3 options:

Inevitably Incredible 2023 Basic ($1898 $41)

Component 1 – The Inevitability Formula ($899)

It’s one thing to create goals, it’s another to create a system so you can adhere to the process to fulfill those goals. 

That’s when Kenneth’s patented formula comes in. It gives you the tools to remain consistent no matter what life throws at you. It helps you ensure you’re always prepared.

It’ll give you the magic injection of discipline you need so you can hit your targets and start living the life of your dreams. 

And here’s the 2nd part of the package that perfectly complements your efforts to make 2024 an amazing year… Let me introduce… 

Component 2 – ASPIRE/EMPIRE formula ($999) 

Not to be confused with the Empire Mastermind (also renamed Inner Sanctum) 

This goal-setting formula I developed a couple of years ago has taken the world by storm. 

In fact, Inner Sanctum and Holy Grail rockstar Sean Sin proclaimed it “one of the best goal-setting formulas in the world”. 

I actually taught it to some of the sharpest business minds in Sydney during James Shramko’s SuperFast Summit – to great acclaim. 

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