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Let me say it again…

You are just ONE SIMPLE PROCESS AWAY from escaping the mundane “average life” and becoming that person who achieves exceptional success and abundance.

  • Even if you feel “stuck” and undecided.
  • Even if you’re riddled with uncertainty.
  • Even if you believe it’s too late for change.

Imagine if…

  • I give you a detailed blueprint that has successfully guided my clients from feeling ‘lost in life’ to gaining a crystal clear understanding of their life’s purpose. In this course, you will master the 3 skills essential to turn your passion into reality: MARKETING, SALES and PUBLIC SPEAKING.
  • I eliminate all the factors that contributed to setbacks in your past. You now have a clear and straightforward path, and are free from the ‘mental exhaustion’ of trying to it all out on your own.
  • Self doubt and fear of taking action are now things of the past! You now possess the knowledge to craft your dream life.
  • You always feel inspired and every day is filled with new excitement. You are living your passion and it never feels like you’re “working” again!
  • You have harnessed the power of personal branding, setting yourself apart as an authority in your area of expertise. This strategic positioning makes you stand out, attracting higher-level opportunities that continually enrich your life.


  • IF YOU WANT TO LIVE AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFESTYLE… This repeatable process has allowed me live a life filled with adventures, travel the world doing what I love, build a network of powerful connections, and establish a loving family.
  • IF YOU WANT TO BE INCREDIBLY SUCCESSFUL IN ALL ASPECTS OF A PASSIONATE CAREER… Unlock the secrets that I’ve previously only shared “behind the scenes” in private. This knowledge has been instrumental in developing the life I’ve always wanted and it’s how I’ve become one of the most well-respected experts in my field over the past decade.
  • IF YOU WANT TO BECOME FAMOUS IN YOUR INDUSTRY AND BEYOND… Using this approach, I’ve built a following of 1.8 MILLION across my social media platforms. In a world where attention is currency, I will guide you on how to capture it and get noticed.
  • IF YOU WANT TO BE THE BEST AT WHAT YOU DO… No matter what inspires you in life, you will have to master marketing, sales and public speaking. These three skills were pivotal in building my 7-FIGURE brand, ‘JulienHimself,’ and I will share with you everything I know.

What’s inside…


  • FIND YOUR FIRE: Get access to my PASSION DISCOVERY TECHNIQUES that will unearth the activities that not only interest you, but also energize and inspire you!
  • YOUR CHARACTER & YOUR QUEST: Dive into a deep process of introspection to uncover your unique characteristics and align them with a life mission that resonates deeply with your personal identity and aspirations.
  • DEATH MEDITATION: Engage with the ancient practice of “Memento Mori” through a powerful guided meditation. This will strip away life’s superficialities and reveal a clear path to your most authentic self and desires.


  • SPINNING PLATES THEORY: This is the key to masterfully balance the 4 critical areas of life: health, wealth, relationships and happiness. This approach will ensure sustainability and prevent burnout.
  • GOAL MAPPING & YOUR NORTH STAR: How to identify your ideal life and bridge the gap with a detailed and actionable steps. Eliminate any “guesswork” and bring your desired future within reach.
  • WINNING HABITS: Unlock my personal workflow. These practices form the foundation of my success and will empower you to navigate life’s challenges with ease.


  • CAPTURING ATTENTION TACTICS: Understand the mechanics of how to grab and hold someone’s attention in a world of constant distractions. You will know how to craft a message that resonates and maintains interest.
  • LEVERAGING PSYCHOLOGICAL TRIGGERS: Explore the psychology of human nature and learn strategies that make you magnetic. Discover how to be unapologetically in a way that attracts and captivates.
  • NAVIGATING COGNITIVE BIASES: The breakdown of subconscious influences that shape our thoughts and actions. This is the key to persuasion and influence.


  • SUPERCHARGE YOUR PERSONALITY: Uncover the essence of your character and turn it into a superpower. Learn how to identify your unique traits, values, and life experiences and channel them into a compelling force.
  • THE ART OF STORYTELLING: How to create a relatable and inspiring personal narrative. Learn the techniques to shaping your experiences into powerful narratives, enhancing your ability to connect with others.
  • AUTHORITY BUILDING: Discover the secrets of projecting confidence and credibility. This module teaches you how to create authority and respect in the eyes of others by refining your communication skills.


  • EMPATHETIC SELLING SECRETS: Say goodbye to pushy tactics and hello to genuine connections. Learn why traditional sales techniques are outdated and how modern, empathetic approaches can skyrocket your success.
  • THE PSYCHOLOGY OF PERSUASION: How to read your people’s deepest needs and desires. You will unlock the power of psychological insights to transform mere conversations into powerful opportunities.
  • VALUE-BASED SELLING: These tools alone will help you create win-win situations and turn potential barriers into stepping stones to success.


  • FROM INTROVERT TO INFLUENCER: How to turn your contemplative and thoughtful nature into a dynamic force in public speaking. Discover the strategies to effectively communicate, connect, and influence.
  • POWERFUL COMMUNICATION HACKS: Elevate your personal and professional interactions with proven charisma techniques. This will make your conversations count and leave a lasting impression.
  • SELLING FROM THE STAGE: Conquer public speaking fears with proven techniques. You will learn how to use your energy, tone, and storytelling to create a magnetic pull towards what you’re offering.

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