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Learn programmatic SEO with practical, real-world, examples.

Practical Programmatic is a complete course that teaches you everything you need to get started building programmatic SEO projects – with code, no-code, or AI content.

Chances are, you’re using WordPress for your blog.

Lucky for you, we have case studies on exactly how to create programmatic SEO sections in a WordPress site – whether it’s a new site or adding to your existing blog.

You’ll learn what the best WordPress plugins are for creating a lot of posts at scale (which is awesome for your topical relevancy, btw) and ways to enhance your layout and internal links with blocks.

But, but, I’m not using WordPress…

That’s cool. We have basic examples of how to whip up a programmatic site using Webflow and Wix too and you can learn the techniques to apply to your own CMS too.

Low code? No code? No problem!

Spinning up a WordPress site is mostly no, or low, code – but there are some examples of how you can use a sprinkle of code here and there to make things easier.

Totally optional, but you’ll soon learn that with ChatGPT and other tools now available, it’s easier than ever to get creative!

Everything is explained as we’re building the case studies together.

Take the bits you want to apply to your own thing, ignore the bits you don’t – that’s the best way to learn this stuff, IMO.

But isn’t WordPress slow with lots of posts?!

It can be, yes.

But there are ways to make it work – even at ridiculous scale (I’m talking 20k+ posts!).

For example:

  • Keep your clusters tight! Not every programmatic SEO site needs to be thousands of pages. With the right data, you can get hyper-focused and create a lot less pages while maintaining the super high quality that will give you that sweet, sweet, topical authority.
  • To make cash, you need to cache. Caching plugins for WordPress are very good these days. Personally, I use Cloudflare and their Cache Everything option alongside WP Rocket but you can use whatever floats your boat.
  • Stop installing all the plugins! Do you really need to install that plugin to add one block to the editor that you know is only gonna be used on one post? Probably not 😉

We’ll cover all of this and more inside the courses but, rest assured, you can build some b-e-a-utiful programmatic SEO sites in WordPress.

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