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YouTube Affiliate Masterclass

Go from complete beginner to six figure income creating YouTube videos about your favorite products.

For the first time ever..

I’m sharing a behind-the-scenes look at my 7 figure YouTube affiliate business. This course shows exactly how I do everything with FULL transparency.

No experience? No problem, seriously! I’ll show you how to record, edit, and publish YouTube videos with absolutely zero experience needed.

Plus, you can even make videos without showing your face.

Course curriculum

YouTube Affiliate Masterclass

  • How to Join Private Group

  • What Is Affiliate Marketing?


  • On-Camera vs. Faceless Affiliate Videos


  • Why YouTube Is the Best Platform for Affiliate Marketing


  • YouTube Affiliate Marketing Business Model Overview

  • Legal & Taxes FAQ

  • Types of Affiliate Programs (My Personal Suggestions)

  • Picking a YouTube Channel Topic

  • What Kind of Videos to Make (Video Titles & Buyer Cycle)

  • Risks of YouTube Affiliate Marketing

  • Video Camera Setup Overview

  • Beginner Camera Setup

  • Intermediate Camera Setup

  • Advanced Camera Setup

  • Camera Gear [Resource Sheet]

  • How to Create Your YouTube Channel & Name

  • How to Customize Your YouTube Channel

  • How to Join Affiliate Programs

  • How to Join Course Affiliate Program

  • Camera Video Recording Settings

  • YouTube Video Tips Before Recording

  • How To Make a Faceless Video

  • Watch These Example Videos First

  • Faceless Video Example (Physical Product)

  • Faceless Video Example (Digital Product)

  • How to Edit Your Videos for Free (Smartphone or Computer)

  • How to Transfer Your Video From Smartphone to Computer

  • How to Upload Your Video to Your YouTube Channel

  • How to Make a Custom Thumbnail

  • Successful Thumbnail Examples [Resource Sheet]

  • Best Video Title Format for Affiliate Marketing

  • Successful Title Examples [Resource Sheet]

  • Best Video Description Format for Affiliate Marketing

  • How to Add Custom Tags to Your Video

  • Bonus Trick to Make Your Video Perform Better

  • How to Increase Affiliate Commissions After Publishing Video

  • Mindset & Expectation Management

  • Behind the Scenes: One of My Personal Channels

  • Successful Video Examples [Resource Sheet]

  • FAQ: How to Have Credibility in Videos if You’re a Beginner?

  • FAQ: What Niche Should You Start With?

  • FAQ: What if My Niche Is Competitive?

  • FAQ: What Are Affiliate Networks?

  • FAQ: Do I Need Separate Amazon Affiliate Accounts?


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