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The Scriptwriting Struggle: Been There, Done That

You know the feeling all too well.

You’re sitting there, staring at a blank screen, and the cursor just keeps blinking back at you. It’s like every good idea you’ve ever had has decided to go on holiday.

Trust me, I’ve been there. That overwhelming sense of ‘where do I even begin?’ can be a real creativity killer.

And it’s not just about starting. It’s the endless decisions that wear you down. Every word, every sentence feels like a massive decision. “Should I say this or that?” “Is this too long?”

It’s exhausting, isn’t it? You end up second-guessing yourself so much that the joy of creating becomes clouded by doubt and indecision.

Wasn’t YouTube Supposed To Be Fun?

Let’s talk about the videos themselves.

You pour your heart and soul into them, but then you check the analytics – retention isn’t where you want it to be.

It’s gutting to see viewers drop off halfway through a video you’ve spent hours, maybe days, crafting. It makes you question if it’s all worth it.

And that constant questioning chips away at your confidence.

You start to wonder, “Am I even cut out for this?” 

I’ve had those moments of self-doubt, questioning my writing abilities, believing past scripts that went well were just…luck. It’s a cycle that can really knock you off your game.

Not to mention the time that goes into it. If I don’t really know what I’m doing, why am I putting so many hours into this?

It’s not just about the time lost; it’s the frustration that it’s not being used effectively. It’s a drain on your energy and your creative spirit.

I’ve lived through all of this – the frustration, the doubt, the endless rewrites. It’s a tough gig, and it can really test your passion for content creation.

But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way? There’s a light at the end of this bloody gloomy tunnel.

I believe that being a good scriptwriter isn’t just a case of needing to muscle through creative blocks every time you want to sit down and write. In fact, it’s closer to the opposite:

The Best Scriptwriters Have Created Systems To Prevent This

And it’s not that the best of the best live in a constant state of inspiration – they just have a manual they’re following each time they sit down to write.

That’s where this Playbook steps in – to transform the way you write for YouTube. 

Whether you’re a budding YouTuber or a seasoned scriptwriter, the struggle with the scriptwriting process is real. But what if it could be… simpler?

This Playbook isn’t just a collection of tips and tricks. It’s a comprehensive journey through the art and science of writing an engaging YouTube video script.

Here are the headlines:

Systems Trump Chaos: Gone are the days of staring blankly at your screen, wondering where to start. My systemized approach breaks down the scriptwriting process into clear, manageable steps, ensuring you never feel lost again.

Quality AND Quantity: Enhance the quality of your scripts while speeding up your writing process. More engaging content, less time fretting over words.

Theoretical Meets Practical: Every great strategy is rooted in solid theory. We delve into the principles that underpin almost any successful YouTube video and specific examples that show these principles in action, giving you a deep understanding of how to craft more compelling content

Action Speaks Louder Than Concepts: You’ll learn frameworks, not just concepts. These are practical, actionable techniques that you can apply to your scripts immediately, to boost your content’s engagement and retention.

But From The Forge (Eventually) Emerges The YouTube Scriptwriter’s Playbook

So when I say “figured out”, what do I actually mean?

Well, as James Clear says, “you do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

And I realised that, ultimately, the hardest part of scriptwriting wasn’t understanding the nuts and bolts of how stories worked or how to capture people’s attention. It was forcing myself to begin this process from scratch, staring at a blank page, every time I wanted to write a script.

So the big epiphany I had that lit the spark for the YTSP was that there were things I could do that would make creativity and crafting a compelling, engaging script effortless every time.

And it wasn’t about working harder. It wasn’t about routinely unlocking some hyper-focused state where I had a thousand good ideas at my fingertips every time I sat down to write.

It was about creating systems that did this work for me.

And that’s what I’m going to share with you. But more on that later.

Okay, But Who Am I?

Hey! 👋 I’m George Blackman, and my journey to becoming a YouTube scriptwriting expert took a bunch of commitment, study and analysis – and a bit of serendipity. Here’s a little about me and how I became a go-to person for YouTube scriptwriting:

I went from working in a call centre three years ago to writing scripts for Ali Abdaal, who at the time had 3m subscribers.

From over 100+ candidates, I got one of four writer positions.

The videos I wrote averaged over 1m views each.

I went on to write for creators like Mike ShakeNoah Kagan and Creator Booth, and to work with the team of writers behind creators like Thomas Frank.

I’ve worked with real estate agents, laser eye surgeons and even child prodigy violinists to kickstart/optimise how they write their videos, and to create a sales funnel for their businesses.

I’ve been featured in Business Insider and interviewed on Creator Science.

I’ve spent months studying dozens of retention graphs across 40+ niches and shared all my findings for free.

And while I’m still learning, I do feel confident saying that I’ve spent more time thinking about scriptwriting on YouTube than almost anyone else.

Not sure how many cool points that gets me, though.

So, How Do I Actually Level Up My Scriptwriting?

Good question. Inside the YouTube Scriptwriter’s Playbook, I’ll give you all of the things I personally use every time I sit down to write a YouTube video script.

1. Overcome Decision Fatigue Through Systemized Process and Checklists

Say goodbye to the overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start. I’ll share systemised processes and comprehensive checklists to guide you through each step of creating a banger script, to simplify the decision-making on your plate and boost your efficiency.

2. Enhance Your Script Quality for Better Viewer Retention

I’ll share all of the insights I’ve gained from my thousands of hours of scriptwriting in the form of proven principles you can apply to your scriptwriting. You’ll get practical frameworks you can follow to ensure that your scripts aren’t just “good”, but that they’re optimised for viewer retention so you can keep your audience engaged from start to finish.

3. Systemise Tailoring Scripts to Different Styles and Audiences

I’ll give you a bunch of customisable script templates and audience analysis tools for you to add into your arsenal. These are designed to be adaptable to your style and to your audience. The aim here is for you to be able to consistently capture the unique voice you’re writing in, while ensuring your scripts resonate with the people watching.

4. Apply Everything Practically – And Learn From Practical Application

As with anything in life, becoming an elite-level scriptwriter isn’t just about theory, it’s about putting what you learn into practise and iterating as you go. You’ll get access to a bunch of hands-on exercises and real world case studies from successful YouTubers to give you an inside look at what works and why – and sharing heaps of practical tools you can apply to your own scripts.

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