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Futures Trading Blueprint Course – New Year’s Sale

Thanks to overwhelming requests and much encouragement from all of you, I finally made a course! It has been incredibly well received by our founding students and has been a blast so far! We’ve built a small but excellent community inside the course, where I personally answer questions from all students.

The Blueprint is different from practically every other trading course.

It’s not for everyone, and not for total beginners. It’s not a magic bullet or “black box” of secrets.

The “secret” to trading success is that there ARE NO SECRETS.

It’s time in the seat, patience, psychology and risk management.

The Blueprint is a tool for you to use throughout your trading journey. It is designed to be the ONLY trading course you’ll ever need – not one of an ever-expanding library, each requiring a new purchase. Rather, the course itself continues to evolve and is updated at no charge

• The class size is small by design. It’s not advertised anywhere, and I don’t send a daily sales email like everyone else – I go months between offering it. I don’t want us to be the biggest group, I want us to be the best group, and one where I can support everyone. This has allowed us to build a small, focussed and productive community of traders from full-timers to novices alike.

• Everyone gets individual attention when they need it, and continued support.

• Students get their questions answered by ME, not a support person. There is a comments/discussion section inside the course where students can ask me questions and talk with me and each other, and I personally answer everyone’s questions. If it’s something multiple students need more help with, I make a new video lesson about it.

• There are no “black box” proprietary indicators or subscriptions required. You learn to read price action and use a few freely available indicators to help filter out the best setups

• It’s very information dense – there is NO filler of any kind. This means you may require a couple watches through to absorb everything, but key concepts can be quickly and easily reviewed, without sitting through an hour-long lecture to review a single concept. The lessons are pre-recorded video and can be watched at your own pace and at your convenience.

In a nut shell, I’ve tried to create the course I needed when I started trading nearly 15 years ago. Straight and to the point about what is important, what I’ve found works and doesn’t, what to learn, what to ignore, and what I feel is best to focus on in order to survive and have the best chance of becoming consistently profitable. It’s the theory, method and planning behind the trading you see on my channel, in one structured, organized, easy to reference course. Student feedback has been excellent. One phrase that has been repeatedly mentioned to me is it’s been the “missing link” in their trading.

The Blueprint course is best suited for people who:

a) Want to get serious about their trading (and are willing to put in the work)

b) Realize there’s no “holy grail” and are willing to abandon that concept, get off the carousel of going from course to course, method to method, trade room to trade room searching for it, and just Learn how to trade once and for all.

c) Want to become a self-sufficient trader, and be able to trade independently, without needing me or anyone else

Some concepts covered in the course:

My method and the way I approach trading the futures market.

A deep dive into how I pick my trades, find targets and stops.

How I deal with tight ranging markets, and more typical market behaviour.

How I determine when price is changing direction.

The filters I use to choose only the best trades, and to know when to exit early.

How I find and time entries, utilize technicals and read price action, and decide when to exit.

Risk management that actually makes it difficult to blow up, and easier to recover.

How to put yourself on a path to success as a trader

Course Modules so far:

The basics

The Fundamentals

Rethinking Risk management

Specific risk management principles to make sure you don’t blow up

What is a trade plan and how to make yours

Charting and research setup and principles

A different approach to setups

Core setups and triggers

Checklist to take only the best trades

Trade management and using technicals for discretionary exits

Additional lessons on reading price action, dealing with tight markets, how to tell when price stops going up/down, and more. I recently published a lesson on applying the principles we use to trade the ES to crude oil, for example, and will be adding more trading instuments.

It’s a fraction of the price of any course I’ve taken, and packed full of actionable information.

If you think this is a good fit for you, I’d be delighted to have you in the class and to hear your feedback so I can continue to evolve this into the best course possible.

Trading is extremely risky, and of course, no results can be guaranteed whatsoever. Every trader is responsible for every trade they take, win or lose. Demo trade until you are consistently profitable, go live with the smallest position size possible, and do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose.

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