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Here’s just a teaser:

  • A World of Creativity at Your Fingertips: Embark on a journey through a treasure trove of templates, from energizing daily planners to soul-soothing mindfulness journals. Each one is a canvas awaiting your unique touch, crafted to spark inspiration and elevate every moment.
  • Unleash Your Signature Style: Dive into customization with the freedom to infuse your essence into every template. 100% Editable elements invite you to brandish your brand or personal flair, making each product a standout masterpiece in the bustling marketplace.
  • Instant Marketplace Majesty: With our ready-to-customize files, the path from creation to commerce is a breeze. Pre-formatted for the most beloved publishing platforms in Powerpoint (which you can easily take over to Canva or wherever you prefer), we eliminate the tech headaches. Simply personalize, publish, and watch your empire expand.
  • First in Line for Innovation: As a valued creator, you’re granted VIP access to the cutting edge of template design. Be the first to explore and integrate the latest releases, ensuring your offerings remain fresh, trendy, and irresistible.
  • Unlocking the Secrets to Success with AI assistance: While a comprehensive guide isn’t part of the package (we don’t want to bore you with something you probably already know), you’ll receive an exclusive concise report with ingenious yet underexplored ideas.  These gems have been quietly generating $1-3K monthly, consistently. It’s your roadmap to unseen profits, guiding you to monetize your passion in ways most dare not dream. (AND I share with you how to use AI to maximize it).

Is this brand new or something you’ve never seen before?

Let’s be real: you likely HAVE heard of some of these ideas… but the question is, are you profiting from them?

Whether you know them or not, having this bundle of templates and ideas at your fingertips will save you DAYS of work to create them yourself.

Because we did it for you.

These are 100% brand new created by us. Yes, some I created last year but never actually released… and the rest have been done over the past few weeks.

How did this come about?

Hey, it’s Amber Jalink here. (Waving at you!)

The fact is, I have been creating journals and planners since 2008.

The reality is, I have actually been working online since 1997… yep, this May will be a crazy 27 years online – full time!!

And in 2008, it drove me insane to try to find a planner that worked for my schedule. Absolutely nothing worked on the market.

So I created my own… and from there to keep a long story short, many people have asked me for my templates (but they wanted changes to fit them), which then started me on creating the templates. And quite honestly, I have modified my own templates and created so many others, repeatedly – with whatever fits my life at the time… (dare I say hundreds of times just for myself!)

always have ideas, they are in endless supply of styles I love! (I have literally created a few thousand over the years).

(Heck, I have so many graph papers with drawings of variations in a pile near my desk that my husband started teasing me about them!)

And while yes, I do publish my own books and planners (under a pseudonym usually), I still love designing and selling templates to help YOU with YOUR busines…

and YOU can profit from them without the hassles of designing from scratch.

What if the key to unlocking your entrepreneurial success was as simple as leveraging the right tools, specifically designed for creators like you?

Yes, in just a short time, you can become the esteemed creator of a FRESH, DIGITAL ASSET…

SALES MAGNET, attracting NEW CUSTOMERS and REVENUE for you, for years to come!

AND… Launch UNLIMITED Cash-Generating Digital Gemsanytime you wish!

Many who find it challenging to design new journals and planners face hurdles for a variety of reasons…
Do any of these resonate with you?

  • Generating fresh ideas can feel like an ENDLESS JOURNEY…
  • Creating unique content demands SIGNIFICANT EFFORT…
  • Navigating the nuances of market trends requires DEEP INSIGHT…
  • Consistency in creativity is often ELUSIVE…

Have you felt the frustration of potential locked behind complex processes and wished for a simpler path to success?

If any of these challenges strike a chord, then you understand exactly what I’m saying, and you’re probably nodding your head in agreement:

Crafting unique journals and planners is not that difficult… but can get boring and tedious. (Unless you tap into a tried-and-true niche that people really want!)

Sure, anyone can produce generic content – but what’s crucial is ENGAGING CONTENT – meaning, CONTENT THAT MEETS THE DEMANDS OF YOUR CUSTOMERS!!

With these already done-for-you templates and our special SHORT report on some content ideas you may not have thought of, you’ll master the art of crafting HIGH-DEMAND JOURNALS AND PLANNERS — in just a few minutes of work!

(AND you can use AI tools to assist you… I even give you some prompts to help you).

Isn’t it about time you accelerated your profits with this ultimate template pack that could unlock endless earnings for you?

You can achieve this with these templates AND in less than 30 minutes!

Can you picture a world where your creative work does more than just sit on a digital shelf, but actively generates income while you sleep?

Think about it, what’s there to lose (except wasted time)? 

Give these templates a real shot, and you’ll quickly realize that you CAN create your own revenue-generating products in a short time….

AND on repeat, because the ideas that come to your mind from this bundle, is going to make your brain go wild.

When you realize how much time you just saved, take a moment to celebrate; you’ve just discovered a NEW REVENUE STREAM like no other.

By leveraging these easy to use templates, you transform them into PROFIT for yourself and your loved ones.

Isn’t it time to transform your ‘someday’ dream into ‘starting today’s reality’, without the technical overwhelm?

THIS IS WITHIN YOUR REACH, we believe ANYONE CAN DO IT! And NOW is the perfect time to get started, OR to expand on your already existing digital assets!

Here’s what you get in this bundle

  • 30 Journal and Planner Templates in Powerpoint format, ready for your customization. (Usual cost $102 minimum based on my bundles, $300 ($10 each) at Fiverr… or your time)
  • 30 images you can start with for your covers. Just add text! You have full rights to these images, because we created them. Use them any way you wish, even as social media images to promote your products! (Usual cost at Fiverr: $5 each minimum = $150… or your time!)
  • 250 Product List! A list of 250 products you can sell on Etsy for even more money making ideas. (You can also sell these on Amazon or Inspiredfun, or any other marketplace) Value: $7
  • PLUS you’ll get my special SHORT REPORT on a fun niche that only a few people know about… and it brings in anywhere from $717 – $5,893 every month!  You’ll learn EXACTLY how to get fantastic results using AI prompts to churn these books out.  In fact, I’ve even included your first product! You will probably want to either reorder it or reword it, but you CAN use it as-is if you wish.  (This concept sells on average 11-18 books PER DAY on Amazon!)

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