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So Damn Good As If You Wrote ‘Em Personally!

Can You Relate?

👉 You want a step-by-step system for creating blog posts 3 to 10 times faster with ChatGPT

👉 You know that consistency is key to win at the blogging game, however you don’t have the time or energy to invest hours every day writing content?

👉 You want to gain a competitive advantage in your niche and take full advantage of ChatGPT while most people have no clue about how to use it effectively

👉 You want to create content that stands out from the competition, gets shared virally, and makes a meaningful difference in the lives of your readers

👉 You’re looking for content that is infused with your personality and style…that even your mother may struggle to tell it wasn’t written by you personally

👉 You’d like a simple and proven process you can follow out of the box without having to bang your head against the wall to use ChatGPT effectively?

It’s Frustrating, Right?

You see everybody talking about ChatGPT, but you really don’t know how to use this tool to write meaningful content.

Why do I say meaningful content?

You might have tried ChatGPT in the past… but were never able to come up with something useful.

Something that you can publish right away.

Something that sounds like you.

Before showing you how it works:

I have to admit something:

I first thought that ChatGPT was a useless gimmick.

The reason is that I’ve seen almost everything over the past decade about writing and making money online.

So when I saw those screaming faces all over YouTube stating that ChatGPT will make you $500 per day with one single prompt…

My BS alarm went off:

I have nothing against those people.

It’s just that it looks like a get-rich-quick kinda thing.

But on the flip side, I know that AI is here to stay.

Because it’s not just about making a quick buck… It’s a technology used by top companies like:

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Tesla

So I decided to put my ego aside, roll up my sleeves, and dive deeper into it.

And what I found out was shocking.

You see, I love creating content. I’ve been doing it for over the last decade.

However, I can’t create as much as I want.

The reason? Many, actually.

But the strongest is that I have severe back pain. 8 years ago, I had surgery. My L5/S1 nerve has been so severely pinched that I still have back pains until today.

As a result, long sitting positions like in front of a desk, in a car, and on planes are only possible with a lumbar belt.

In fact, I’m writing this on a recliner because it takes pressure off my back.

Now, you may not have health issues like me but simply want to be able to share your ideas with the world quicker and more efficiently.

You don’t want to spend HOURS chained in front of a desk writing, writing, and…writing.

And this is exactly where ChatGPT is a game-changer.

The reason? A machine will always type faster than a human. Period.

And if you want to keep up with the craziness of content creation, then right now is the time to 10x your output.

The reason?

Most content writers are in DENIAL about ChatGPT

… And I was one of them!

Just look at my Medium account 6 months ago, and you’ll see my ChatGPT rants and how it will not replace writers, yada yada yada.

I completely changed my mind because I saw what kind of powerhouse ChatGPT really is when you know how to use it effectively.

By 10xing your output, you’ll be able to reach your target and monetize your expertise faster than if you had to do everything manually.

The problem is that most people use ChatGPT the wrong way.

The reason? Nobody’s telling you exactly how to use it to make things faster.

Sure, they share one prompt here and there. But does this really move the needle?

I first dabbled around with one-liner prompts… until my prompts became longer, and longer, and LONGER.

Today, my prompts are more than just “please write a 500-word article about TOPIC”

I found out that the more INFORMATION I gave ChatGPT, the better the outcome.

I found that the more INFORMATION I gave ChatGPT, the better the outcome.

(But don’t worry, I’ll give you a few of my exact fill-in-the-blank prompts you can use to 10x your content).”

It’s ALL about the prompt.

Don’t blame Uncle Sam (Altman) for the poor output you’re getting. Blame your prompts.

You might already have been looking for prompts.

Heck, you might have a collection of prompts you saved from various Youtube ChatGPT gurus or Twitter bros” But when it comes to actually crank out a blog post with them… all of them fall flat on their faces.

And let me tell you this: if you’re unsatisfied with how ChatGPT responds to your prompts, then it’s an easy fix…

You simply need to become better at prompting the beast.

You need to speak the same language as the robot.

And you won’t become better by simply “copying and pasting” prompts… If you really want to gain an unfair competitive advantage, you need to know the rules for creating prompts that write meaningful content.

After spending over 100 hours in ChatGPT and fine-tuning prompts, I discovered each great prompt obeys four rules.

Course Curriculum


This module will show you the best practices for using ChatGPT most effectively…along with exactly when to use which of the different GPT models for your content to get the best results.


Create jaw-dropping content people can’t resist reading with my unique Content Matrix™ approach…which gives you my unique formula for creating better prompts almost instantly based on the type of content you want to write.

This will help you teach ChatGPT your ideas, so that the content you’ll create will mirror your unique insights and expertise around ANY given topic…


This module will show you exactly how to fine-tune ChatGPT to your own unique writing style so that the output will sound like you (or even better!)


This module will show you exactly how to use AI to write any post in 3 minutes or less.


Can You Relate?

👉 You don’t know how to write engaging emails that will ethically make money (without being a jerk)

👉 You know that ‘money’s in the list, but you don’t really know how to write enough emails and stay consistent with it.

👉 You have the feeling that writing emails takes too much time and procrastinate on writing them… and would like to have a process that could help you write emails in 10 minutes (or less)

If the answer is “yes” to any of the above, read this page carefully.

Is This Crucial Email Mistake Costing You a Few Thousand Dollars in Lost Profits Each Month?

Many creators are building email lists… But few are mailing it regularly.

Others haven’t started their email list…because they don’t think they have the time to write engaging and profitable emails consistently.

Both are a mistake.

If you have no list, then you’re missing on a massive ROI that would make social media influencers boil in envy.

Because it’s a stone-cold fact…


How to write newsletters using AI in 10-minutes or less that your list is looking forward to read (and buy from you)

How To Write Profitable & Entertaining Emails

👉 How to create profitable emails that stand out, are fun to read, and generate income – no matter how ‘weak’ you think your writing is.

👉 The technique used by Cicero (perhaps the greatest orator of ancient Rome) you can use to write engaging emails that hold even with the most attention-deprived audiences captivated.

👉 The “2-punch” strategy to get your emails opened, read, and clicked (Most creators only focus on the second punch, that’s why their emails never get the open even though they have “great” subject lines.)

👉 The 5-Layer Subject Line Prompt: My copy-and-paste prompt that will help you create irresistible subject lines that boost your email open rates in just 15 seconds. (Works for literally ANY EMAIL in ANY NICHE.)

How To “Force” AI To Write Emails In Your Unique Voice…

👉 Why you should NEVER write AI without these 4 secret parameters: These prompts force AI to write entertaining emails that sounds like you (instead of a soulless bot).

👉 A total noob & beginner-friendly way to write with AI that requires nothing else than copying-and-pasting a few prompts, and filling in the blanks

👉 How to get AI to write your PERSONAL stories in your own voice… Something many experts say is impossible (because they haven’t invested the 100+ hours I have in creating unique prompts like this)

👉 How to use AI in “incognito mode“: A shocking way to create your emails with AI…and even your best friends would never know (that’s how personal these emails are going to be!)

👉 The exact questions you need to answer to let AI write personal emails in less than 47 seconds

Exactly How To Write Emails Fast…

👉 How to write emails in record time without sacrificing quality – essential for content creators who value wanting to be productive, profitable and don’t want to spend all their day in front of a keyboard!

👉 The 3-Step Email Skeleton to Profitable Emails: This is the easiest way I’ve found to churn out a lot of fast, fun emails that your audience loves to read!

👉 What your most valuable subscribers secretly crave in your emails – and how to speak their language for max profits.

👉 From Draft to Dazzle in 10 Minutes: Harness the power of AI to take your rough ideas to polished, persuasive emails faster than you can finish your coffee.

👉The #1 easiest way to write an email by simply “scrolling” on social media. (This technique will not only help you grow your audience on social media and build your list, but also grow your wallet!)

Plus A Whole Bunch Of Other Email Marketing Secrets To Help You Maximize Your Income Like:

👉  Turn Stories into Profits: Master the art of email storytelling with the help of AI. Weave compelling narratives that not only engage but also convert your readers into loyal customers.

👉 How to Profit from (Almost) Every Email: Discover how AI can turn each email into a potential profit-making machine & make offers to your list that people love to buy.

👉 How to create “infinite email ideas” with AI: Come up with over 700 emails ideas in just 30 minutes…that’s enough to last you for the next 2 years if you’re emailing daily.

👉 1 simple idea = 7 Unique Emails: Discover my “idea cloning” method to turn one idea in 7 total different & unique emails (This is perfect to write a bunch of email fast when you’re going on vacation or just want to take a few weeks off while keeping your list engaged & profitable.)

👉 How to annihilate spam complaints: The two short sentences to squeeze into your very first email that allow your emails to constantly hit your subscribers inbox and keep your spam levels fascinating low (even when sending MULTIPLE emails a day like I do!)

👉 A surprising simple automation you can set up in just 3 minutes on your iPhone (and iPad)to create your first email drafts automatically (this is especially useful if you want to stay consistent in producing high quality emails like clockwork!)

👉 And much more…

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