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ChatGPT Discord Bot Starter Kit

This ChatGPT Discord Bot Starter Kit allow you to host a version of OpenAI chatbot on your own discord server!


Then back to $100

If you’ve been looking to run Chat GPT locally on your own forum or server, this is one useful way to do it! Adding it to discord allows you to make custom commands, interact, and much more

  • Backend: NodeJS, Discord API, OpenAI API
  • Frontend: Discord

This template is a simple starter kit made ready for you to immediately start using the chatbot on your sever. It includes:

  • Instant ChatGPT interaction with any OpenAI models
  • History Tracking and responding (set your own parameters)
  • Keyword and tagging options to request ChatGPT whenever needed
  • Instant notification when ChatGPT is preparing responses, and responding.
  • Premade prompt engineer example for use

I wrote this to let people get started with their own projects for simple testing and use of Chat GPT chatbot functionality. If this benefits you, I hope you enjoy this project and use it well! Below are some screenshots:

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