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How to Succeed as an Independent Marketing Consultant

Bob Bly
P.S. “Why on Earth would you spend your time creating an instruction manual on how to make money as a marketing consultant, and then sell it for a measly few bucks to your competitors?” a bewildered colleague asked me the other day.
The reason, I told him, is that the demand for marketing advice so outweighs the supply, that there’s no danger of me ever hurting my own marketing consulting business by showing you how to go into business and compete against me.
If it were otherwise, I would not share with you my secrets for turning your marketing expertise into a thriving consulting business, for fearing of shrinking my own market.
After all, I have a family to feed!
With such huge need for marketing consultants, there’s more than enough work to go around for you and me … and, with the boom in Internet marketing, will be for decades to come.
But I urge you to hurry.
Every day you delay is another day you’re stuck doing what you’re doing now … and not earning a thousand dollars a day or more doing what you love … solving marketing problems for eager, appreciative clients!
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P.P.S. Order now and get a valuable FREE Bonus Gift – my 52-page Special Report, 17 Hidden Secrets of Business Success (list price: $29).In it, you will discover:

  • 5 ways to charge more for your product or service than any of your competitors … and make buyers happy to pay it. Page 43.
    ​What Donald Trump can teach you about increasing response rates to your next direct marketing campaign. Page 22.
  • ​The most common mistake made when creating guarantees … and how to avoid it. Page 1.
  • ​Easy way to virtually assure your prospect can afford your product or service before you quote your price to her. Page 11.
  • ​How to close more sales by telling prospects NOT to buy from you. Page 9.
  • ​What you need to know about creating a business card that sells. Can save you hundreds of dollars in printing and design fees. Page 31.
  • ​And more….
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