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How AI Influencers Earn Over $10,000 a Month

One of our most popular topics in the AINAUTEN Newsletter is always AI business models. Specifically: how to easily and quickly build an income with the help of AI tools. No extensive prior knowledge. No hefty investments.
And the most exciting topic currently? AI Influencers.
These are Instagram or TikTok profiles that showcase individuals who aren’t real but are entirely created using artificial intelligence.
This trend is growing bigger by the day, and many AI influencers are already earning significant sums – or rather, those behind the scenes who created them.
The best part: creating an AI influencer isn’t that difficult.

This AI model already earns over $10,000 a month!

Several Instagram accounts are already making good money. A European example is Aitana Lopez. A 25-year-old influencer with over 233,000 followers on Instagram in just a few months.
But, she’s not real.
Aitana earns money just like any other Instagram model. She promotes a dietary supplement company or yoga brands. In addition, she posts images on the not-so-family-friendly platform Fanvue, similar to OnlyFans.
For a promotional post, she can earn up to €1,000, say the creators behind Aitana – three friends from Barcelona.
Currently, they’re making up to €10,000 a month, and that’s just after a few months.
Creating the profiles is relatively simple. Post 1-2 lifestyle images created with AI daily, and perhaps 1-2 short videos per week. And there you have it, an AI influencer!

Creating an AI Influencer Is This Easy

The beauty of this business model is that it’s not that hard to implement if you know the right tools and methods.
Due to the high interest from the AInauten community, we’ve created a small online workshop. The workshop shows you step-by-step how almost anyone can create their own AI influencer nearly for free.
You can learn it all in under 60 minutes!
Here’s what you’ll learn:
– How to generate real-looking people with AI and make them do anything.
– How to ensure the face and appearance remain consistent.
– How to even create videos of your influencer.
– What a potential marketing strategy to make money might look like.
In short: In an hour, you’ll learn all the tools and methods step-by-step to create an influencer profile just like Aitana’s.
We’ll also cover how to create videos. It’s something Aitana hasn’t heavily utilized yet, but it has huge potential.
If you’re interested, click the button below for instant access to the workshop.
We’re also running a Special for the next 100 orders.
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