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A Masterclass.

7 Modules that will highlight your entire journey to become an Authority. It doesn’t matter if you have 0 followers or thousands, this will teach you how to be the go-to person in your niche.

You will never:

Have to Send a cold outreach Dm or email ever again to scale

Have to Pray your prospect doesn’t go to your competition

Here’s how the course works:

Module 1

  • How The Ecosystem Works
  • How This Masterclass Works
  • The Mindset You Need To Win
  • Your Content Writing System

Module 2

  • High-Income Skills
  • Niche Selection Masterclass
  • Your First Client
  • Positioning
  • Understanding Twitter’s X’s Algorithm
  • Setting You Up For Success
  • Auditing Your Time

Module 3

  • Content Creation
  • The Infinite Content Creation Framework
  • Chat GPT
  • Engagement
  • Series Based Content
  • Story Based Content
  • Long Form Content – Business, Takes, Opinions, Stories
  • Video Breakdowns – Long Form And Short Form
  • Auto Dms
  • Question Based Content
  • Promotional Content
  • Mindmaps
  • Value Tweets
  • Threads

Module 4

  • Overview Of This Pillar
  • Your Content Strategy Overview
  • Your Content Strategy Interview
  • Core Elements Of A Profile
  • Content Pillars

Module 5

  • Overview Of This Pillar
  • Content Strategies
  • Lead Generation
  • DMs
  • Competence Content
  • Email List And Newsletter
  • Managing Your Pipeline

Module 6

  • Overview Of This Pillar
  • Content Strategies
  • Custom Funnels
  • Analitycs
  • Optimization
  • Creating Assets
  • Collaborating With Other Accounts
  • Specialized Content Styles
  • Storytelling
  • Spaces
  • Authenticity And Genuiness

Module 7

  • Twitter Ads
  • Tools

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