The 4 Hour AI Workweek


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2024 Challenge: Triple your Results, in Half the Time, with AI

Let’s see if we can read your mind and help you:

1. You don’t care about AI fluff, you care about results.

This is the starting point for your transformation journey in 2024:

2. You feel overwhelmed by AI developments but you want the edge.
You heard already about all these tools, prompts, workflows, prompt engineering bla bla bla

It sounds amazing, sure… but where to even start?
You just end up bookmarking the content and never applying it. NEVER seeing the benefits.

I know you did this already a few times.

3. What you REALLY want is freedom, time, leverage.

Because we talked with dozens of high-performers, knowledge workers, freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, corporate managers and 9-5 hard workers.

And here’s what we found out: it’s not necessarily the money that helps them sleep at night. It’s controlling their time.

To have the freedom to spend time: with your family, to build your business, to take care of your health, to enjoy life.

In simple words:

“AI skills to pay the bills”.

Practical applications of AI for productivity, marketing, sales, branding, automation, copywriting and more.

Skills that every high-performer will benefit from in 2024.

Skills and implementation that will save you everyday betwen 1-4 hours, depending on the work you put in.

“Do I even need this? 

Will this make a difference?” 

They will pay you 47% more in 2024.
IF you do THIS 1 thing.
According to an Amazon study on 1,340 organizations.
Because Hiring AI-skilled talent is a priority among 73% of employers in 2024.
But three out of four can’t find the AI talent they need.
More than 90% of surveyed employers predict that they will use AI-related solutions in their organizations by 2028.
At this point embracing and starting to learn AI TODAY is the most viable option for your future.
So the answer is YES. They also want to pay you more, if you have the AI skills to pay the bills:
The survey also reveals employers are not solely focused on workers with technical skills such as coding.
Critical and creative thinking are even more in demand by employers.
Employers face a growing AI skills gap that can only be addressed through training & education.
The study also found that this interest in AI transcends generations.
For example, about two-thirds of workers over the age of 55, a demographic usually thinking about retirement, say they would enroll in AI upskilling courses if employers offered them.
Nearly 80% don’t know what outside training might exist for them.
Nearly 80% of workers surveyed mentioned that they would be interested in developing AI skills to advance their careers.
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