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Tantric massage is a meditative touch experience that seeks to put us in touch with the power of our sexual energy in a context disassociated from the sex we know. It was born from the tantric philosophy and interpretation of Osho, who created a series of therapeutic processes and practices based on an ancient tantric text called Vijnana Bhairava, and has been developed by many therapists around the world.

This work seeks to sensitize the autonomic nervous system so that the cycle of our sexual response can be healthier, free of the influence of past experiences and expectations that, most of the time, end up being frustrating. The idea is to transform the experience with sexual energy into a meditative practice, with less presence of mind and more presence of body.

The therapeutic context that the practice of tantric massage presents allows you to have a new experience with your sexual energy, because it dismantles all the expectations, blockages, compulsions, and neuroses that the sexual experience normally activates in our body. Many of us are insecure about our bodies, or have been victims of traumas that have hindered the manifestation of our sexuality to some degree.


Tonifies the intravaginal and clitoral musculature.

Awakens the consciousness of Bioelectricity.

Assists in the healing of sexual dysfunctions.

Multiple orgasms

It inserts all the muscle groups of the body into the orgasmic reflex mechanism, amplifying pleasure.

Dissolves emotional blocks that inhibit the flow of energy.

Increases the time and quality of erection.

Changes the paradigms of sexuality.

Increases levels of endorphin, serotonin and oxytocin.

Awakens sensory regions asleep or conditioned by the repetition of masturbatory processes, expanding the possibilities of pleasure.

Orgasms all over the body

Enjoy more orgasms in the encounter (non-ejaculatory and ejaculatory)

Heals sexual traumas

Dissolves sexual blockages

Removes limiting beliefs about sex

Fear relief

Removes the sexual energy storage blockage and with this you will have more health, disposition, willpower, etc.

Unblocking of sexual energy

Infinite and unlimited sexual energy

Once a week is enough.

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