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What’s the secret?

Facebook and Instagram Ads (that actually work)

Here’s why social media ads work so well to fill your book with dream clients, practically on auto-pilot:

Facebook and Instagram ads are designed to convert. Engagement feels good, but it doesn’t pay the bills. Social ads are engaging and bring in revenue.

A small social media following does not mean you will only be advertising to a small group of people. FB and Insta ads reach thousands of people a day!

Social media ads are so easy to use, and they’re tailor-made for your tight budget. Once you know how they work, you’ll be running ads in your sleep.

Social ads can be your #1 marketing and referral tool. You don’t need to juggle a bunch of tools and apps. Bub-bye Tik Tok, nice knowing ya!

They work for both Facebook and Insta. Two platforms, one ad: you don’t have to do double the work to reach double the audience

In this course, you will…

  • Craft and hit Publish on your own Irresistible Offer, and get consistent bookings from your ads
  • Learn about all the best captions to use and videos to make to turn “browsers” to “bookers” 
  • Have the confidence to show up for your ideal audience in the way that only you can
  • Be part of a strong community of other beauty business owners building their empires along with you
  • Know exactly what caption, video, and offer to put in your ads to make sure they’re hitting every target you set
  • Have the power to generate income at will, anytime you want, using a bulletproof ad strategy

Here’s what you’ll work on in The Ad Lab

Module 1: Un-Confusing Ads

Your Comprehensive Crash Course On FB + IG Ads

Why they work, how they work, how to set goals for your ads, and seven crucial aspects of a profitable social media ad. Everything you need to know to build your own social media ad campaign and get familiar with advertising in the beauty industry.

Module 2: Irresistible Offer

Crafting Your Irresistible Offer

What’s your unique offer? How do you capture that and spread the news to your audience? In this module you’ll craft every detail of your profitable ad. You’ll learn how to stand out in the crowd with your unique offer, and what to say to get your appointment book buzzing with new clients.

Module 3: Instant Attractor Video

Creating Your Video Ad

From building the confidence to capture your unique personality on film, to planning, filming and editing your own profitable video ad. This module will light the fire under your butt to show up for your audience in the way only you can!

Module 4: Simple Ad Launch

Launching Your Ad Campaign

Module 4 is when we’re finally launching our video ad on Facebook and Instagram! You’ll choose your ideal target audience to show your post to, set your budget (no big spending required!) and optimize your post for maximum appointments booked.

Module 5: Real Results

Measuring Your Ad Success

Why put all the work into an ad without measuring the results and tweaking where needed? In this module, you’ll learn how to access and monitor all the metrics that matter, so that your ad spend is bringing in the revenue you expect, and how to make changes when needed.

Module 6: Tweaking, Testing, Scaling

Planning Your Yearly Promotional Calendar

In this final module, we’ll plan a year’s worth of ad content, and you’ll be given the complete toolkit of ad templates for suite and booth renters, and beauty pros at every stage of their career. Get your ad campaigns running on auto-pilot for now and forever!

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