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Ugly Video Produces $461K in Sales

How did this ugly video sell over $461K in 30 days?
I know it seems crazy and that’s because it is crazy.
This is just one of thousands of goofy everyday products that are creating millionaires overnight using TikTok Shops.
Kaitlyn pitches everything from supplements to curling irons with tiny videos shot from home and there are thousands of “influencers” just like here looking to promote your products too.
Anyone with any amount of experience or no amount of experience can create massive amounts of sales using TikTok Shops.
Be ready to be amazed at this massive opportunity staring you in the face while it’s still very early.
See how TikTok Shops have exploded since they launched in July this year and have seen 6700 times growth in just 5 months
According to our software, this very unremarkable video shot on a phone continues to produce sales that are extraordinary.
It’s not just this video, but hundreds of similar amateur videos just like this that are actually promotions for a product cleverly disguised as content.
Anyone can do this and TikTok Shops is the platform that makes it possible for every day people to get rich with videos shot on a phone.
Don’t Want To Read? Video Reveals All!
Have you heard about TikTok Shops?

It’s completely disrupting the entire e-commerce landscape!
You can test a product idea with hardly any money, and with the right strategy it can produce hundreds of thousands in sales almost over night…
Yes, this is a HUGE opportunity.
I’m going to break down exactly how you can jump on this while it’s easy and make your pile of money before too much competition rushes in.

Why Now Is The Best Time In History To Start An Online Business

To be frank, the best time to start an online business is when a brand new platform is in its infancy or tons of new money is being flooded into the growth of a new platform.

Today both of these things are true.
Looking at the chart below should certainly convince you. Americans are shopping on TikTok at an alarming rate.
And here is the TikTok Shop revenue in the US alone in the last 7 days…over $75M

Here’s an example of how insane this opportunity is right now…
Look at this simple hair brush, an every day product being sold by an everyday person like you and I.
This detangling hair brush sold $622K worth in the last 7 days alone for $11 each!

What do you think it costs to buy in China? ANSWER: $.60
TikTok Shop is anticipating $20B in revenue for 2023.

That’s a grand goal, especially considering that, according to Insider Intelligence, social commerce will make up only 5.9% of U.S. retail eCommerce sales this year.
TikTok Shop: The Rise of Social Commerce However, TikTok could be on to something
Look at this chart showing the past 30 days of TikTok Shop sales in the USA alone. $285 million dollars and it’s only 5 months old at this point.

It’s not just hairbrushes either. Look at this chart showing the market share growth in categories like beauty, personal care, womenswear, menswear, phones, electronics, baby & maternity in the past 7 days alone!
We’re seeing over 50% growth week over week with no signs of slowing down.

Start Up Or Bolt On A TikTok Shop To ANY Business For Massive Revenue

The creation of an online TikTok Shop can be a lucrative start-up business or an addition to almost any existing business. My own 16 year old son started his first shop and added 8 new products.

He started seeing sales in the very first day without the need of spending a single cent on ads or influencers.

The majority of sales came from organic search on TikTok. A 100% FREE traffic source. More on that in a bit too…
That’s really the point of this letter.
Let me explain.
I have too dang many ideas.
I need partners, and the easiest way to get them is to teach this business model to other people who may want to team up with me to build TikTok Shops together.
Look, I know not everybody will want to partner up and many of you will go it on your own and that’s OK. I just need a handful I can team up with.
Before we get into all that let me start…

Dispelling The 3 Big Lies About The TikTok Shops Business

Let’s get rid of a few myths before we begin…

In the United States, having an online TikTok Shop does not require a special license. Especially not for a physical product. While this can be a bit more difficult in Europe and other countries where you’ll need to have an ITIN (an equivalent to a tax payer ID), for once we have an advantage in the good ol’ US of A.
The vast majority of revenue that comes from TikTok Shops doesn’t come from initial purchases. In fact according to our experience about 38% of sales revenues now come from follow up purchases, this is a real game changer when it comes to building a real brand and that I’ll reveal later in this letter in some detail.
You don’t need a huge investment to start an online business on TikTok. In fact, almost anyone can get started for just a few dollars from their kitchen table.
One of the best parts about a TikTok Shop? TikTok doesn’t charge sellers for opening a shop and only takes a 5% fee from your sales as a commission for their massive exposure to buyers. Compare that to Amazon who charges 15%!
You really just need a logo, a few product images, and a shop that takes only 10 minutes to set up.
Fun Fact: With this business model you’ll never need to invest in inventory until you already know without a doubt that it sells well on TikTok because this model will show you how to test with ZERO risk.
You’ll never need to have inventory in your home because with this model you’ll be using third party fulfillment companies known as 3PLs who will pick pack and ship your orders daily. This means that you’ll NEVER have to touch packing tape. Yay!
Believe this: Almost no online sales opportunities today allow you to work from your kitchen table, with ZERO computer skills, ZERO inventory, and ZERO risk.
You see why I’m so excited about this now right?

Discover The Benefits Of Owning An Online TikTok Shop

#1 Mobility: The TikTok Shop business is probably the best business in the world to operate remotely. It is ideally suited to entrepreneurs, working from home, and flexible schedules. If you have a laptop connected to the internet, you can run a TikTok Shop from almost anywhere in the world with a few cheap communication tools.

If you know how to turn on a computer and open an app on your phone then you are already OVER-qualified for this.
Crazy, right?
You’re a one-man show that can run a multimillion-dollar TikTok Shop in only a few hours a week.
No kidding.
#2 Scaleability: As you can see from my previous examples of the detangling hair brush crossing over $100K dollars per week and growing fast you can scale this business as big as you want.
Or, you can stay low key, running a small business that pays your mortgage, college tuitions or just some random bills.
Or anything in between…

How big you grow is up to you, and since these shops are so inexpensive to start, you can own as many as you like.
#3 Low Risk: Other than rushing to scale, there’s no reason to invest a lot of money into an online TikTok Shop.
Honestly, today, you could spend thousands of dollars a month on paid media in order to increase sales quickly, but you don’t need to do that in the beginning or ever for that matter.
Truth is, after a bit, most shops grow organically.
To begin, you may want to begin to leverage existing “influencers” who are already promoting other products in your category to get new sales. There are so many options. (at least 14 we use) These are easy to find inside special software that we’ll show you how to use.
#4 Low time commitment: You can manage just about any TikTok Shop within 30 minutes a day as opposed to ordinary businesses.
You can grow as fast or as slow as you want. You can take unlimited time off, and vacation for as long as you like and your income will still come in.
Once established you can auto-run the whole thing with a small team of outsourcers and you don’t have to be present at all.
I know this is true because I have done it. I don’t work in my businesses anymore because they are all run by other people with micro-teams that work remotely.
#5 Works with ANY Traffic: If you want to run external traffic to your shop you can use YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, organic SEO, podcasts, social etc. Pretty much every type of traffic works with this.
Remember, TikTok Shops create soft sales that don’t require pressure because they are already looking for your product and/or influencers are pushing the sales with homemade content. All you have to do is provide the vessel for people to buy, and they will buy.
Once you get it off the ground, the business will kind of build itself.
#6 Chillionaire ready: The TikTok Shop business is a great way to live a balanced lifestyle since there is no real staff, no stress, no pressure and you just earn money on a regular basis without any of the rigors of a regular business.
This is what is called “a Chillionaire lifestyle“.
#7 Pride: Unlike some of the other business models, owning an online TikTok Shop gives you a real sense of pride. Regardless of which title you choose, being a president, founder or CEO you’ll feel a certain level of prestige, and you don’t have to be ashamed of what you do to make money. This is a big one for me.
#8 Very Low Risk: With this easy business model you wont need to invest in any product that is not already flying off the shelf because you’ll learn how to test the water with no risk before you ever decide to invest in inventory. It almost feels like cheating, but it’s just good business practice.

How To Start Your Own TikTok Shop

Look, by now, unless you are brain dead, you’re at least thinking about starting your own TokTok Shop, right?

Why Not?
It is a very low risk, high reward kind of business.
There are only a few hurdles you will have to cross to get started..
You’ll need to create your shop. 
​You will need a name.
You will need a brand and logo.
​You will need a product. 
​You will need a proven sales system.
​You will need a way to scale.
That’s all there is to it, then you can just start adding revenue streams.
Let’s be clear, you can do all of this 100% on your own and you don’t need me.
While you may make a few errors along the way, if you’re of average intelligence you will eventually succeed.
I am only offering you a system to help you shorten your learning curve, reduce errors and effort and speed up your success.
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