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This is NOT a course on “how to build GPTs you can launch in the GPT Store” and “become a GPT Millionaire!!1”

Nothing in this training is geared towards GPTs as a “business opportunity” or a way for you to “Make Money Online!”

I don’t teach those things. Those are not markets I’m involved in.

There are thousands of those offers everywhere you look on the internet.

This training is NOT THAT.

Instead, I’m laser-focused on helping you build GPTs for your marketing and inside your business…

So you can leverage GPTs and Automations to improve your marketing workflows, processes, quality of work, results, clicks, conversions, speed things up, and increase your margins.

Can you take what you learn and apply it to other areas in your business, like sales and operations? Yes, of course.

You’ll learn things like why you should NOT use PDFs as knowledge files (and what to do instead)…

The best way to structure your instructions (what to include, what not to include, how to play with language, how to use persuasion ON your GPTs, how to construct them as games, etc.)…

What kind of data is critical for you to include in the GPT, as opposed to in a conversation with your GPT…

And a lot more. It’s…

In this training, You’ll learn how to build your own: 

The Marketing Mentor

A GPT that knows your marketing, inside and out, and who can guide your decision-making, strategic planning, and help you solve problems. This lesson will show you what information and data to include (and what NOT to include), how to construct the configuration, the instructions, and more.

The Ad Copywriter

This GPT can spin up infinite ads (for any platform of your choice), in your style of copywriting, with a ton of hooks, for your market and offers. It’s a powerhouse of a little thing, whose only reason for existing is cranking out ads that convert. You MUST construct your knowledge files, instructions, and formatting a certain to make this work-I’ll show you how

… And much more

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