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Unlock Your Potential

How Would You Like To:

  • Explore the potential of Chrome Extensions to tap into this lucrative market as it grows?
  • Earn passive income using your software skills?
  • Reduce the financial risk for yourself and your family that’s associated with relying on a single employer or client for income and build a lifeboat in case anything happens to your primary income?
  • Build up a cash-flowing asset that you could sell one day for a life-changing cash lump sum payment?
  • Work on your own schedule and prioritize the things that matter to you.
  • Have more control of technical decisions?
  • Have more location freedom to travel and work wherever and whenever you like?
  • Achieve a sense of purpose and fulfilment in your work by creating a kickass product that solves problems and adds value to people’s lives
  • Make your family proud and leave a lasting digital legacy for future generations?


If you’re a software developer looking to leverage your coding skills to earn some extra income, I suggest you take a good look at the world of Chrome Extensions!

As I’m sure you know, Chrome Extensions are small plug-ins for the Google Chrome browser that can enhance any website on the internet. Furthermore, you can expand the reach of your extension to all the other major browsers from the same codebase!

Chrome Extensions are an excellent way for software developers to reach a vast audience of users.

Here are some of the high-level benefits of developing Chrome Extensions:

1. Potential Profits

Many Chrome Extension developers are earning a full-time living, and some are earning a disproportionate income as a solo developer 💰

Personally, I’ve generated over $500,000 from my niche Chrome Extensions for Amazon sellers, demonstrating the huge potential out there that’s just waiting to be discovered.

One of the best things about Chrome Extensions is that you build them once and then sell them to many people. This leveraging of your time shifts your time spent at the keyboard from active income (paid per hour/week/month) to passive income (paid for the quality of the product you produce). You can charge a one-off fee or preferably charge a recurring monthly or annual subscription.

To whet your appetite, here’s a table showing how much you can make even with a small number of users. These subscription fees are very realistic for micro-niche Chrome Extensions, and you can even charge more than $30 if you provide enough value.

Of course, the exact numbers will depend on the pricing strategy, user acquisition tactics, and the specific Chrome Extension being developed.

However, as you can see, even a small user base can generate a significant amount of recurring revenue each month. With the right approach and consistent effort, making good money through Chrome Extensions is definitely achievable.

In terms of an exit, generally, you can expect a 40x-60x monthly net profit multiplier. You will need at least 18 months of development and growth before you can demonstrate to potential investors the user base is stable/growing and that all KPIs are trending in the right direction.

2. A Vast Audience

There are over 3.2 billion Chrome users worldwide! All you need to do is find a niche within this huge user base that you can target with a great Chrome Extension.

If we compare the opportunity on the Chrome store with that of the iOS app store we can see that the Apple App Store has an audience of around 1 billion users, with around 3.6 million apps in the app store.

However, when it comes to Chrome, the contrast is striking. The audience is enormous at 3.2 billion users, but critically, there are only 200,000 Chrome Extensions in the Chrome store 🤯

Therefore, the Chrome web store offers a much greater opportunity than the iPhone app store because there are far fewer apps per user.

If you can create a decent Chrome Extension, you’ll have a far higher chance of standing out in the Chrome Web Store than you do in Apple’s App Store.

3. Portability To Other Browsers

When you develop a Chrome Extension, you’re not just restricted to the Chrome Web Store. You can also submit your extension to other browser stores such as Opera, Edge & Mozilla.

While the number of users on these other browsers is significantly lower than Chrome, it’s still an option worth considering.

Thanks to the browser extension standardisation efforts of the W3C, it’s now possible to write a single extension that can be installed on all major browsers with just a few minor tweaks during publishing.

4. Low Running Costs

Another great benefit of developing Chrome Extensions is that they run locally client-side, meaning there’s very little server maintenance and costs to worry about.

This contrasts with web apps which generally require backend servers to function.

While this doesn’t mean that developing Chrome Extensions is cheap or free, it does mean that the costs are significantly lower than developing apps on other platforms.

In my Chrome Extensions, I hosted the user’s data within their own private Airtable base, which was on the free tier 99% of the time.

Thus, the monthly server costs were negligible compared to the cost of provisioning and maintaining multiple backend servers.

5. Level Up Your Development Skills

Building Chrome Extensions is a great way to improve your technical skills. It requires a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to get started, but you can start off super simple and build up the complexity as you go.

Let’s not forget that if you’re able to develop a popular Chrome Extension, it will definitely look good on your resume.

You can also use Chrome Extensions as a way to learn new development frameworks and libraries. For example, you can build a Chrome Extension using a framework such as React, Vue or Angular to become more familiar with it.

Have You Seen My Free Chrome Extension Training Video?

  • 45+ mins Free Training On The Following 4 Topics:
  • Part 1 – Code Your Way to Cash: The Untapped Potential of Chrome Extensions
  • Part 2 – The Secret Recipe To Build a Chrome Extension Cash Cow
  • Part 3 – How to Find Profitable Chrome Extension Ideas
  • Part 4 – From Zero to Hero: 10 Steps to Profitable Chrome Extensions

Can You Relate to This?

  • You’re too busy and too tired to work on side projects when you get home from a hard day’s work.
  • You’re not clear on how to monetize your coding skills other than paid per hour/day/month work.
  • You’re tired of hearing about multi-million dollar SaaS apps that are completely unrelatable to regular software developers.
  • Perhaps you’ve impulse-bought countless domains, and before you know it, the renewal email is in your mailbox and you’ve done nothing with it! 😲
  • Maybe you’re living in fear of losing your job and not being able to support your family.
  • You’ve heard enough airy fairy theory to last a lifetime. Where’s the actionable advice from regular everyday software developers with successful side projects?
  • Maybe you suffer from idea overwhelm or shiny object syndrome – bouncing from one side project to the next, without seeing them through to fruition.
  • Maybe you don’t have any ideas to work on, and you’re missing that inspiration and motivation to build a successful Chrome Extension.
  • You’ve probably seen countless articles and YouTube videos giving generic advice but you just want an actionable step-by-step framework to tell you exactly what to do in the exact order you need to do it.

Hey, Frustrated Software Developer I Hear You 🙂

You know there’s more to life than working your 9-5 and you want to start a side project (and maybe you like the look of Chrome Extensions) but you’re not sure where to start.

Sure, you can probably hack together something simple but how do you know if anyone will even find it useful, let alone pay for it! After all, who cares about a Chrome Extension that turns the background colour of a webpage to red … nobody’s going to pay for that!?!

You worry about how you would market it. After all, you’re primarily a software developer.

How are you supposed to find a great idea, build the solution, find potential users and market your Chrome Extension? There are only so many hours in a day!

That’s where I want to bridge the gap and show you regular guys and gals (just like me) how to start something small in your spare time. You can then nurture and grow your Chrome Extension into a profitable side hustle that you enjoy working on and that brings in some additional income.

Who knows, one day it could become your full-time gig, just like it did for me and many other regular software developers just like you!

Introducing Cashflowing

Chrome Extensions!

The definitive course on building and monetizing Chrome Extensions, created by a successful Chrome Extension developer that has earned multiple six figures from his Chrome Extensions.

I am confident that this is the best Chrome Extension course on the internet. Not only does it give you the technical chops to develop and test Chrome Extensions, but it also teaches you the business side of things too.

You’ll learn how to find and validate ideas, build, test, release, market and monetise your Chrome Extension effectively. No more guesswork!

I’ll share their tried-and-tested techniques, tips, and strategies with you, giving you insider insights that you won’t find anywhere else online.

Now it’s your turn to transform your passion for coding into a profitable Chrome Extension business within a few short months.

The course runs you through each step of my 10-step end-to-end process in bitesize, actionable lessons to take you from the research phase, through to MVP and beyond to a potential cash exit too.

What You Will Learn

  • How to Find Opportunities to build profitable chrome extensions.
  • How to Build, Debug, Test and Release Chrome Extensions.
  • How to Monetise Your Chrome Extensions.
  • How to Find Users & Scale Up your Chrome Extension’s user base.
  • How to Engineer A Successful Cash Exit when selling your Chrome Extensions.
  • All The Best Practices & Tips I Can Cram In From My Years In The Trenches.

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