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Financial freedom — at any income level

What if you could…

  • Spend extravagantly on the things you love, guilt-free
  • Pay your bills, save for dream vacations, and invest aggressively for retirement — all on autopilot
  • And use your money to live a bigger, more rewarding life
  • And do all of it without earning more, becoming a financial expert, or stressing about your money 24/7?
  • Today I want to show you how.

Hi, I’m Ramit Sethi

You might know me as the author of the New York Times bestseller I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

Or you might have seen me in a 6-page Fortune profile, featured in Forbes next to Warren Buffett, or as a regular guest on The Tim Ferriss Show.

Maybe you saw me on TikTok ridiculing all the terrible financial advice out there. (There’s so much to mock.)

I’ve been helping people see money differently for over 15 years. That means no more pinching pennies, no more budgets, no more complicated math.

Instead, I teach how to use SYSTEMS and PSYCHOLOGY to live a Rich Life — at any income level.

Each of these things makes my life bigger, richer, happier. For me, financial freedom means being able to spend MORE on these things, every day.

Of course, this is just my vision. Yours will be different. Your Rich Life is YOURS.

Not your parents’ vision. Not your friends’ vision. Not even mine.


So what does your Rich Life look like?

Maybe your Rich Life is…

  • Going on a hike with beautiful views every Saturday morning
  • Staying at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico with your favorite people
  • Shopping at Whole Foods and not worrying about the prices
  • Buying new shoes every month
  • Saving aggressively and retiring a decade early
  • Traveling the country in an RV
  • Being debt-free (at last)
  • Having the freedom to give more — gifts, tips, charity, time
  • Being able to extend your vacation by a few days “just because”
  • Learning a new language with a private tutor
  • Having the freedom to pick up your kids after school every day
  • Buying your dream home

You decide. Your Rich Life should fit you like a handmade glove.

Your Rich Life would probably make NO SENSE to me. And that’s great!

Don’t let people tell you what you should and shouldn’t want. A house with a picket fence? A high-end SUV with a 3rd row? Designer clothes from Italy? You do you. I’m giving you permission.

For example, I’m obsessed with convenience. Few things make me as happy as finding new ways I can use my money to save time and make my life easier. That means I can spend all that time saved on the things I love — like finding new hot sauces, exploring NYC, or just plain taking naps. Oh yeah, and working on growing my business!

This might seem crazy to you — I know! Maybe you’re not obsessed with convenience like I am.

But I bet you’re obsessed with something. And money could help you go deep, really deep, into it.

3 examples of how my friends spend their money:

  • One couple I know loves donating to charity. Each year they set aside time to research charities and decide on their giving plan. Then they visit the charities throughout the year.
  • Another friend has a daily non-negotiable: her yoga class. And each year, she takes a 2-week trip to southern India for intensive yoga training.
  • A third friend runs a business and loves luxury fashion. After each webinar, she takes 3% of sales and splurges on something she loves.
  • If you could double, triple, or even quadruple the amount of money you spend on yourself — and do it responsibly and guilt-free — how would you spend it?
  • And most important of all — what’s stopping you?

Curious money quirks we all have

There are a few quirks about money that have always fascinated me:

  • Why is it that we ALL have big dreams for our Rich Lives…but so few of us actually live it?
  • Why is something as ubiquitous as money so confusing, anxious, and overwhelming? Isn’t there a better way?
  • Why is it that some people with smaller incomes can afford Rich Lives…while others with huge salaries are constantly underwater and frustrated?

And biggest of all: Why is it so NORMAL to stress about money?

We all feel it.

We feel it DAILY. Sometimes hourly.

We go to Target for deodorant and tissues and leave with $197.43 of stuff.
Our car needs surprise repairs, and we have to scramble to pay it.
We hear our friends talk about their investments and wonder how much we’re missing out on. (Btw, that could be hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime if you’re not investing — and investing wisely.)
Here comes another student loan bill. Will these ever end?
End of the month and we get a “low account balance” alert — again.
We’re on vacation but can’t enjoy dinner because the prices feel so high. Wasn’t this trip supposed to be relaxing?


Money stress is one of those things that’s so common that we think it’s normal. We think money HAS to be stressful.

But if you step back and look at what we’re taught about money, it’s not surprising we’re stressed. Most money advice sounds logical but actually ADDS stress to our lives.

“Keep a budget!” (Why? Every time you try it falls apart and you’re back to square one.)

“Cut back on lattes!” (Frankly, I don’t want to. I love my coffee.)

“Disable your oven light and save $0.43. EVERY YEAR!” (OMG, some frugality tips are ridiculous. They don’t work and it’s just depressing.)

“Buy crypto! Everyone’s doing it.”(Why does this feel like you’re getting ripped off…but you just don’t know how?)

Or perhaps my all-time favorite: “If you rent, you’re just throwing your money away.”

Ramit Sethi’s – Money Coaching

In this program, I’ll help you:

FIX the problems in your finances — once and for all. No more stressing over money!
AUTOMATE your bills, savings, investments, and the rest of your finances. Create your own “Rich Life System” to take control of your money.
ANSWER your toughest money questions. You get a live check-in with me every month — that’s 12 group coaching sessions per year — so you’ll know if your money is on track.
DESIGN your Rich Life — and set up your finances to grow it automatically.
ENJOY your money, guilt-free!
Unlike most personal finance programs which focus on financial minutiae and never even think about actually enjoying your money or your life, Money Coaching begins and ends with YOUR Rich Life.


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