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The Notion Masterclass By Peter Kell

Optimize Your Life

Erratically bouncing from one thing to the next will get you nowhere. I should know! You need a system for mapping out your life and your vision so you can steer in that direction.

Because let’s face it, you already have a vague idea of what needs to be done, but it doesn’t seem to translate into action – does it?

You need is a structured blueprint, a system that gently nudges you in the right direction and keeps you accountable. Every single day.

Welcome to Peter Kell’s Notion Masterclass

My tried and tested process to create order out of the chaos so that I wake up every morning knowing exactly what I need to do to move the needle. This is the secret to my success.

Carve out your life vision
Set up checkpoints to guide you along the journey.
Line up your daily and weekly to-dos, the stepping stones to your goal.
Organize all your notes
Make sure all your resources and info pop up exactly when you need them. No more forgetting or losing track!
Cultivate the right mindset and habits to mold yourself and your life as you want it.

Organize all the key areas of your life…

🚀The Vision
😴The Morning Routine
🎬The Action Zone
🥰My Relationships
💸My Business Dashboard
🎥Creative Library
💃My Queen
🗣️My Stories & Speeches
🏠The Home Base
👷Executive Assistant
🌍My Adventures
🧳The Travel Document
🧠What Did I Learn?

Why I created this?

This is far from being just an online course — this is me pulling back the curtain on my entire life.

This program is pretty much my life roadmap. It’s the secret sauce I used to pick up the pieces of my life when 95% of my wealth evaporated in the space of a single week due to my shoddy crypto investments. (Fun fact: I was on an Ayahuasca retreat that week, that’s why I couldn’t sell and stop the losses)

When I was floating around without a business, without the wealth I’d just accumulated, and without a purpose… having a structure like this is what pulled me out of that rut. This has helped me claw back my life, career, and my happiness.

This philosophy also led me right to the woman of my dreams, making it possible for me to balance a fulfilling career with a phenomenal relationship.

I’m someone who’s always trying to balance and optimize every area of life, and this is how I do it. It’s how I can be a world-class VSL artist, while also spend time playing music, while also build my Youtube channel, reading books, spending time with the family, hanging with friends, going for dinners, travelling, going to festivals, hitting the gym, eating right… and doing all this without breaking a sweat. (Well, apart from the gym)

This system helped me live a life so rich and so engaged that I’m always connected to my top priorities and my vision.

And that, my friends, is why I’m launching this program. It feels like the perfect way to pass on the lessons I’ve learned, not just in business, but in life. This course is a blend of a lifetime’s worth of experiences and some cool tech.

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