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Introducing Our UNIQUE Software That Makes This Arbitrage System So Much Easier AND Faster…

Hi I’m Chris Walker and I’m excited to bring you a unique software we’ve designed that makes this so much easier AND faster. Modesty aside, it’s VERY good.
Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of lead tools in our world, right? Most are focused on one thing: VOLUME of leads. They (falsely) assume that the more leads, the better.
If only that were true, but in our long experience we’ve seen the results of Lead Volume over Lead Quality. The larger the NUMBER of leads, the quicker the Quality deteriorates.

Surprised? Here’s Why:

The algorithms and formulas almost all Lead Scapers use, are designed and ‘weighted’ to find the highest number of Leads.

To do that, its usually necessary to include all kinds of leads that fall short of Optimum Lead Quality…

(which is really what you should be shooting for.)

So, for example, inferior software will often gather leads supposedly NEAR where we’re targeting, but not in our actual locale are included…

They will include Leads in RELATED businesses, which will produce poorly. They will ignore all kinds of other parameters to produce more quantity!

We’ve seen cases where…

50% To 75% Of What Other Software Pulls Is WASTED For Various Reasons!

THAT’S why sometimes you’ve probably pulled a list only to find there are few that MATCH your TRUE search parameters.

Then, depending on how you input these search results into your sending software, autoresponder etc, and then customize portions for specific leads, you end up wasting a TON of time.

A major mistake consultants make (new and experienced) is carpet bombing a lead list. Reaching out to 50 or 100 leads a week isn’t even feasible unless you have a big team and infrastructure.

If you’re looking for something that’s just going to pull back a thousand useless leads, then this is NOT your tool.

BUT if you’re looking for something that’s gonna pull high quality leads that truly match your search parameters you have come to the right place.

Like We Always Say, Go For “Quality Over Quantity” And You’ll Get BETTER Results.

Besides, if you’re doing this right, you know, reaching out to 50 or 100 leads a week is a LOT… most consultants wouldn’t even be able to do it anyway, unless you have a big team and a long lead time.

BUT thats not enough. Check out our latest breakthrough…

Our New Software Connects You To FULFILLMENT Automatically!

That’s right, our new software allows you to find immediate fulfillment services and save time and money.

90% of what an agency really does is a part of this software. Its the #1 tool that makes scaling an agency possible.

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