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Instant Access To Templates And Training From A Copywriter Responsible For $170 Million In Online Sales, Helping You Master Writing 3 Types Of Email That Clients Around The World Happily Pay £500+ An Hour For…

Copywriters have never been more in-demand. I can’t serve all the clients who want my help – which is why I’m sharing my work and templates.

This free download will show you how to quickly and easily craft 3 simple emails that clients love, and that will kick-start your career as a highly-paid ‘coffee shop copywriter.’

Inside, you’ll discover:

• The exact same step-by-step templates that have kick-started the journey for 140+ men and women into the world of highly-paid copywriting.

• A simple solution anyone can use to craft compelling email copy that businesses love, and will get them to say – “These are great, how can you do even more work for us?”

• The real reason why companies are crying out for copywriters right now … Even ones who don’t have any formal experience… And why this presents a massive opportunity for anyone with the skillset and templates I’m letting you access

• Why copywriting is the key to a truly bulletproof business, and how to deliver great results, FAST, even if you’re not a natural writer.

• And how to do all this (plus a whole lot more,) without using any sleazy sales tactics, or shady marketing hacks.

Mike Samuels

Mike Samuels is known as ‘The Coffee Shop Copywriter.’ To date his words have brought clients in excess of $170 million. He’s worked with the likes of Organifi, New Market Health, Clients on Demand, and many more. These days he specialises in helping freedom-focused individuals kick-start their careers as in-demand copywriters, even if they don’t consider themselves natural writers, and hate selling.

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