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A targeted and pragmatic program for hypnotherapists to help their clients sleep

The Problem

  • Many clients have chronic or complex sleep disorders that seem resistant to treatment
  • These sleep challenges interfere with therapy
  • There are many hypnotic scripts and protocols for simple insomnia, but few for other sleep disorders
  • Most therapists have little training in normal sleep or sleep disorders, and do not know how to evaluate sleep disturbances

What If …

… you had a better understanding of sleep and sleep disorders

… you had a structured protocol to evaluate sleep disruptions

… you knew how to use hypnosis in a more targeted way to help people sleep

… you understood how to use hypnotic scripts to improve sleep hygiene

… you had the confidence to write personalized scripts for specific sleep problems

… you learned to use a hypnotic sleep story

… you could help more clients with sleep disturbance

… you could increase your effectiveness, be more successful in your practice … AND feel good because you are increasing your income while you are helping people

I can help you with that!

Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Linda Tilley. I am:

Registered Psychologist in Alberta, Canada
Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapist
Three decades of counseling experience
I was that client, the same kind that you are trying to help, who spent years trying many different methods to improve my sleep, mostly unsuccessfully … until now
I also am the therapist described below – I witness the power of hypnosis, yet I have often struggled with a lack of direction and few resources for complex sleep problems

That’s why I developed the Embedding Sleep program

Embedding Sleep

The Embedding Sleep program is an online program offered via live webinars and pre-recorded videos. In includes:
Seven weeks of focused training via live webinars and pre-recorded videos
Instruction in basic sleep concepts and introduction to different sleep disorders
Techniques to evaluate different kinds of sleep disruptions
Specific hypnotic strategies targeted to specific sleep disorders
Homework to promote confidence in the application of the Embedding Sleep program

Who this Course is For

You are a professional therapist who is trained to use clinical hypnosis in a therapeutic setting
You would like to learn more about normal sleep and sleep disruption
You feel frustrated at a lack of hypnotic protocols to address complex sleep problems
You work hard with clients but are discouraged at the lack of progress when treating sleep disturbances
You feel frustrated when sleep disruption interferes with progress in otherwise motivated clients
You lack the tools to prepare clients for predictable sleep disruptions as a result of therapeutic work, such as with trauma
You are inspired to enhance your therapeutic and clinical hypnosis skills
You are already helpful … but you wish you could do more

What You Get

Module 1: Sleep Basics

  • Introduction to sleep terms
  • Learn about “normal sleep” and understand the origins, nature and impact of sleep problems
  • Introduction to of some common sleep disorders
  • Discussion of sleep hygiene and “Mental Sleep Hygiene”

Module 2: Sleep and Hypnosis

  • General issues with research on sleep and hypnosis
  • Discussion of research in specific disorders
  • Recognize most effective hypnotic tools
  • Learn how to use a Sleep Story to enhance your effectiveness

Module 3: Evaluating Sleep

  • Learn about the E-S Sleep History Questionnaire and receive live practice in administering it

Module 4: Applications 1

  • Learn how to apply hypnotic, sleep hygiene, and practical strategies to a variety of primary sleep disorders

Module 5: Applications 2

  • Learn how to apply hypnotic, sleep hygiene, and practical strategies to sleep disruptions secondary to other disorders (such as depression, trauma, ADHD, etc.)

Module 6: Momentum Planning

  • Integration and application of learning in case studies and planning for moving forward


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