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20 months ago, I was unemployed and depressed, living at home with my parents. Had just spent nearly a decade in academia, but despite that I couldn’t land a job. I was exhausted, disappointed and overwhelmed.

Time was ticking and my life wasn’t changing.

I’d always dreamed of being “someone”.

I owe it to myself to become who I dream off” I said.

So I went all in on myself, and built an unforgettable personal brand.

It all started where you are right now.

No audience, no strategy and no consistency.

But I had one thing, knowledge to share.

Months later, I built exactly what I knew I could.

Here, I’ll help you do the same…

The Foundations

From the get-go, I want you to know exactly:

– Where to start
– What the cohort is about
– Where to go to win in the 8-week program
– How to use a community
– How to gamify your experience when growing your personal brand
– Why LinkedIn is the best platform to grow in right now
– Why building your personal brand is so important today.
– Understanding my journey and why I chose LinkedIn as my main platform

I take you through every single one of those questions and this module only takes about 10 minutes to complete.


Here is a massive difference between those people who make it from 0 to 10,000 followers in months or weeks and those who never make it and that one thing isn’t anything technical but mindset.

In this woo-woo-fluff-free module, I’m going to take you through 5 important lessons that I wish I had known before I started growing on LinkedIn.

– From the main lessons that I used to unf**ck my mindset to the strategies I utilized to consistently post on LinkedIn without burning out.

– How to stay consistent

* How to disappear for six months and come back as a brand new person and build a brand of your dreams

– How to avoid shiny object syndrome and stay focused on the main objective (which for you is to build a powerful personal brand that goes beyond your wildest dreams.)

All the strategies used in this module are proven by me and all my students alongside all the top 1% performers and earners that I know to work.

No fluffy meditations, no monk-mode tutorial, just clarity.

Because it takes different mindsets to do different things. Different hard things.

In the end, mindset is what separates the best from the rest.

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