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This is something you won’t find anywhere else.

New.  Unique.  Powerful.  Practical.  Mind- Expanding.  This is the newest of my new.

Demonstrating…Change…Inside…Trance… of a Lifetime is a dynamic three part series with a cache of new modular change processes based on ground-breaking neuro-science, Yogic traditions, Buddhist principles, psychedelic research along with based on my 44 years of my clinical work, teaching experience, on-going research, and searching… Life.

Each training segment culled from this year’s Trance of a Lifetimes, is filled to the brim with high powered, innovative processes, and information.  All the processes presented are modular, meaning you can use them stand-alone and/or in different combinations depending what comes up in session.   

All about the demos, this is a HOW TO series!

Highlighted, are some pretty amazing demonstrations, teaming-up with amazing people, resulting in amazing outcomes!  In all humility, the demos kick a** BIG TIME.  You’ll see and hear for yourself. They are full-out, engaged, life-changing collaborations, not just your standard cookie- cutter demos at an NLP or Hypnosis training.  Much of what you’ll see is as much art as science.  But this “art” has a structure … structure you can learn!

It will feel like a live training.  Free flowing….Spontaneous… FUN….Deep…Learning!

You’ll flow through the same progression of learning as it happened live.  Also included are manuals with supplementary information for inquiring conscious minds. : )

1. The Tao of NOW

NOW.  The most under-utilized, but unquestionably most powerful resource known to humankind.   But how many coaches and therapists really know how to maximize its power?  And, by the way, how you use some of the same approaches in everyday life?

What are the two greatest gifts we have that we misuse?  What can you do  to change this pattern?

What is the most important finding in recent neuroscience which provide you with important tips for coaching effectively?

What is Default Network & Bayesian Inference?   How are these chiefly responsible for most coaching… and LIFE issues?   How you transcend the limitations they create?

How can you work virtually content-free at the level of structure and process to resolve stuck memories and emotions to end the trance of the past or future and be in Now?

The Tao of NOW is an innovative suite of easy, modular techniques.  Both demos are full-out sessions clearly illustrating how you can use the power of now and work at the level of relationship to produce profound, resilient change.

Here’s sampling of the modular processes included and demonstrated:

  • Moving through Space
  • Conversational Trance Induction to Expand Now
  • Expanded Awareness (Inner and/or Outer)
  • Using the Alpha Sequence to Include more  include more in NOW
  • Changing Relationships Paradigm – how to change the elements in a a system by changing the relationships of the elements
  • Non-linear Language utilizing temporal shifts, Cartesian logic and quantification
    Embodying and Animating Resources

2.  The Sensation Transformation Process

My newest pattern which can be used for unwanted habits, addictions, anxiety, and virtually any unwanted emotional reaction.  And, all the other Tao of Now processes can be easily used with it!  The demonstration deals with a very complex, intricate, long-standing issue and the result is dramatic and very uplifting!

In some ways, this pattern makes many patterns which work with mental processing, such as imagery and self-talk a bit obsolete.  Why? Because this process actually works below the level of mental activity and impacts the sensations which begin much earlier in the strategy.  Based on Buddhist Psychology, Reward-Based Learning, and solid neuroscientific research, it is a very practical application for coaching, therapy, and self-use.  You’ll learn that trying to change a behavior is not the solution to transforming habits.  It is changing the reward hierarchy!

What is the structure of a habit?

What is a  little known, but well-researched paradigm for transforming habits?

How you can work below the level of mental processing to create significant generalization and shift reward hierarchies…SIMPLY!

Also included:

  • The Set-Up:  How to frame an intervention for success!
  • Stalking the Wild Synesthesia with a very intricate issue
  • Precise elicitation of End State Energy to increase generalization
  • Spontaneous and recursive Anchoring of Resources
  • The Sensation Transformation Process
  • Elicitation and Utilization of Hypnotic Phenomena
  • Creative use Metaphor to Activate Deep Structure Resources
  • The Streamlined Swish Pattern

3.  The Rhizome Shape-Shifter

Tried and true “go to” flexible pattern which can be used to transform phobias, trauma,  and entire gestalts of unresolved memories and emotion.  In the words of Superman movies “able to change personal history in a single bound.”  It is an easily-learned technique based on Rhizomatic principles and subtle, elegant use of temporal language that will be an important addition to your skill set.

The demonstration, which deals with performance anxiety, is not only a clear example of the the power of the Shape-shifter, but a seamless stream of hypnotic coaching processes, resulting in some unusual, exotic hypnotic phenomena, to the volunteer’s amazement!

What is the structure of most performance issues?

What is the Rhizome Principle of Cartography and how can you apply it to coaching/therapy and especially everyday Life?

How can you use End State Energy to activate long forgotten, powerful resource states, “ala Erickson”?

Also included:

  • The Set-Up:  how to Frame an intervention for success!
  • Precise, Conversational Elicitation of Presenting Issue Strategy and End State Energy
  • Powerful, repetitive Stacking of Resource Anchors
  • Naturalistic Elicitation and Utilization of Hypnotic Phenomena
  • Elegant use of temporal and spatial language to increase the potency of the Shape-Shifter Pattern
  • Conversational Testing and Generalization of Change

4.  AND just for fun…how about a BIG PHAT BONUS!  

Another four hours of content and processes!

How about a new collection of non-linear language constructions I’ve used, but never taught before which exemplify the “Mysterious Power of “Not”?

How about practical a tour de force on the Five Rhizome principles, creating inductive language patterns using those principles, and a nice induction at the end?

….And there’s all-ways more… inside what’s not the obvious.

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