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Ecommerce is (by far!) the best business model to build, scale & sell.

I’ve owned all kinds of companies (info, SaaS, services, you name it) and Ecommerce is by far the best way to generate cashflow while building a salable asset — here’s why:

Scalable Products

Have you ever tried creating and maintaining info or SaaS products? It’s an absolute nightmare! Apps and courses are hard to make and need constant updating. With Ecom, it’s easy to source products (which stay the same — hallelujah!) and produce them at scale.

Manageable Support

If your products are always changing (like with SaaS) then you need a large and well-trained support staff to educate customers — and those costs really add up. Meanwhile, you can support most 7-figure ecom brands with a good FAQ page and a couple of CS agents.

High Salability Value

In this industry, real wealth is created by building and selling assets. This is hard to do with some brands — like info, which can rely so heavily on personality, or dropshipping, which essentially grows someone else’s business instead of yours — but ecom brands are practically built to sell!

So even if you haven’t yet reached your ideal level of success, know that you’ve made a great decision to be in this business and you’re on the right track.

Ecommerce can give you financial freedom & lifestyle autonomy.

It’s possible to build a successful and meaningful business that doesn’t require all of your attention or take over your life.

In this course, you won’t just learn how to make your ecom business generate more revenue, and how build a valuable asset that you can hopefully sell one day for a truly life-altering sum of money.

You’ll also learn how to set up your business infrastructure in a way that allows you to live life the way you want to live it: more time to spend with family, to travel, and to do the things in life you really care about.

But if you’re struggling to grow your Ecommerce brand, here’s why.

Ecommerce is great, but if you’re here — and especially if this is your first business — then you already know it’s no cakewalk.

And whether you’re…

  • Struggling to turn a great product into a great business.
  • Struggling to generate consistent sales.
  • Struggling to scale to the next level and finally reach 8 figures.

The problem is likely the same: you’re probably focusing too much on a single channel (like Facebook) without first building a solid Ecommerce infrastructure.

That’s where my Ecommerce System comes in.

In this course, you will learn how to build out the 5 essential pillars of a healthy ecom brand — the same pillars I use in every one of my companies — so you can consistently convert more customers, increase order value and boost repeat purchases.

What Smart Ecommerce Will Teach You


Unlike most of our courses, Smart Ecommerce doesn’t focus on just one channel like Facebook or email.

Instead, it gives you a complete system for setting up and optimizing all the key elements of a successful physical products business.


You get 12 hours of education that combine high-level, real-life examples and step-by-step tutorials to set up my Ecommerce System for your brand.

Combine that with all my top tools, templates and resources, and you’ll have everything you need to build a rock-solid foundation that also suits the lifestyle you want.


Crucial Cornerstones Of Ecommerce


Site Architecture


Crafting Your Offer


Automated Email Systems


Traffic Systems


The Customer Boomerang

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