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Become a DREAM MAGNET Amplify your Manifesting Practice with Ziva’s Proven Recipe for More Abundance, Purpose and Joy

Let’s be real…

Most of us are spending hours a day worrying about what we don’t want. But imagine if you used just a little bit of that energy toward what you DO want?
In Dream Magnet, you’ll get clear on what you actually want, know deep down that your dreams are possible, and get THE recipe for exactly how to get there.

Together, we’re going to turn your magnet on so
your dreams start to move toward you
easily, elegantly & effortlessly.

Become a Master Manifestor

Dream Magnet is a 3-part masterclass where you will learn:

Part 1

  • Why Meditation & Manifesting are more powerful together
  • What Manifesting is (and what it is not)
  • The science behind why Manifesting works
  • Use the tools appropriate for where you are on your journey

Part 2

  • Ziva’s proven 5-step recipe for Manifesting
  • Why it’s essential to prioritize the What & Why over the How & When

Part 3

  • How to avoid the most common Manifesting pitfalls
  • How to make the most of your curated Reading & Listening List
  • The importance of purging old stories and limiting beliefs

What would you LOVE right now?

This question is SO simple, but most of us find it extremely difficult to answer. And yet, you getting clear on exactly what you want is the key to living the life of your wildest dreams.

In Dream Magnet, we’ll tackle this head-on. Because when you start to uncover your “magic wand scenario” — not just for you, but for also the planet — you will begin to transform into the version of yourself that is capable of bringing that dream to fruition.


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