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Introducing: CopyHour

CopyHour is a 90 day copywriting training system that takes you from wherever you are now — complete beginner, experienced copywriter, and everything in-between — and rapidly hard-wires the fundamental skills for writing six and seven figure copy into your head.

It’s not easy, but nothing else delivers the results it does.

When you join, the way it works is very simple:

Daily emails

After you sign up, you’ll begin receiving an email at 6pm (your local time) every night that contains one piece of curated, proven sales copy — and a lesson grounded in copy fundamentals about why that copy works so well.

One hour handwriting

The next day, you’ll set a timer for one hour and write out that copy by hand. (My recommendation is to do it first thing in the morning.)

Rinse and repeat for 90 days

Then just keep doing it every day to hard-wire the rhythms and patterns of the copy into your head.

Don’t be fooled by how simple this system is.

That’s by design.

Over a decade of design, in fact.

The entire point of this system is to force you to not just put in the reps over 90 days, but put in the right reps, and give your brain no choice but to “hard-wire” the fundamentals of winning copy…

So when you sit down to write, you don’t wonder what to say.

Persuasive copy comes out like a fluent language.

Yes, you’ll get your ass kicked over these 90 days.

90 days straight of 1 hour handwriting sessions is draining.

But stick with it and you’ll be rewarded with the fundamental tools and mental models to write six and seven figure letters yourself — either for your own business, or for others.

And I can prove it to you.

CopyHour students have generated more than $500mm+ in sales for businesses in dozens of verticals.

Here’s what you get when you join

Six modules, delivered daily, for 90 days. Each module covers one essential fundamental of six and seven figure copy, along with daily pieces of curated copy that you will hand-write to hard wire the lessons.

Module 1 Research

Learn how to gather all the information you’ll need to write sales copy. This has been updated in 2023 for AI & ChatGPT.

How to start a copywriting project from scratch (including exactly what to do if you don’t have a product or service to write a sales letter or email sequence for right now).

How to apply the research process to different types of products (lead generation, books, courses, physical products, services, coaching, B2B, low-ticket, high-ticket, etc.).

How to research for email copy.

How to build a swipe file & use it ethically & responsibly.

How to use AI to come up with incredible ideas, learn customer pain points and save hours of time in the process.

What is a “Unique Mechanism” & how to find it (AI helps with this).

How to use “Market Sophistication” & “Awareness Levels” to speak directly to your customer’s wants.

How to find find direct and indirect competitors and extract ideas from “holes” in their copy.

Why building a customer avatar slows you down & what to do instead.

Module 2: The Offer

The Offer is not just the product you’re selling… it’s how you describe that product’s benefit to your prospect. Learn how to uncover all the necessary features and benefits (plus: write sales-generating bullets).

Win-in-Advance by making sure your Offer is “correct”. If you get this wrong, no amount of clever copywriting will save you.

What exactly is a feature (including all the different kinds listed out)?

How do you determine the benefit of a feature?

How to cut to your customer’s core by “dimensionalizing” your benefits.

What kinds of bonuses should you add to your Offer.

How do you pitch a bundle of products or a sale?

How to connect your mechanisms.

Module 3: Headlines & Leads

Learn how to start a sales letter with compelling headlines and hooks. Discover the 80/20 of sales copy — the “Lead”.

What exactly is a Lead?

Pick from one of 8 different types of “leads” to start your sales message.

Lead checklist. Make sure each lead has these key components.

The “Seven Figure Sales Message Framework”: All you need is these 4 sections to write a winner.

How to find modern gold in old headlines.

What’s a Big Idea?

What’s a Hook?

How to use a Big Idea, Hook, & Unique Mechanism in each different type of Lead.

The biggest mistake new copywriters make when it comes to opening sentences.

How to use the Neural Networks to capture attention right from the start.

Module 4: Sales Arguments

Learn how to write the “middle” or meat of a sales message.

What exactly is a Sales Argument?

Why are some Sales Arguments so long?

The difference between “pro-level”, seven figure, copy and amateur-level copy is often simply the use (or lack of use) of 9 different types of proof.

How to quickly figure out the “myths” your prospects are clinging to (and the formulas to create “aha” moments).

How to write stories that both entertain and sell.

How to write a Creation Story and where to put it in your sales copy.

How to write transitions.

The difference between a claim and a promise.

Module 5: The Close

Learn positioning, sales tactics, and how to get the sale.

The checklist of everything you need at the very end of a sales letter to knock prospects “off the fence” and get them to buy.

The simplest way to present the price and make the sale.

High-ticket vs lower-ticket positioning secrets.

How to sell but not sound cheesy.

How to write copy for bonuses.

What’s a “Call to Action” and common mistakes to avoid when writing one.

What to include in an FAQ.

How to ethically use Scarcity.

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